Younger Women with Secondaries Together 15th and 16th April - London

Breast Cancer Care is now organising the next two day residential event for younger women living with secondary breast cancer.

The event is taking place in central London on the 15th and 16th April  and will bring together around 30 women aged 45 or under who have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. It’s a chance for you to share experiences with other women in a similar position and gain information and support that will be useful now and in the future.

As well as whole-group sessions you’ll be able to choose a number of break-out groups led by experts and specialists. Topics include current research and trials, sexuality and intimacy, palliative care and sessions where you can explore the impact a life-limiting diagnosis has had on different areas of your life. All the information is tailored for younger women with secondary breast cancer and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.



 All meals and Friday night accommodation are provided free of charge and we can also offer Thursday night accommodation to women who have a long journey which could prohibit attendance.


We expect demand for places to be high so to book your place so if you would like more information either call 0345 077 1893 or email



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This is very difficult to read. I have secondary breast cancer but I am 48 and so I’m not eligible for this session. I completely understand that there needs to be a cut off and what ever age that is, some people wil object or be distressed.

I am 48. I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 46. I work full time. I still go scuba diving and have a full life despite having being diagnosed with a spinal met in 2014.

The forum has provided me with support since my diagnosis in 2013 however I do find it tricky that I am not a younger woman with secondaries. At 48 I don’t fit into the older woman section.

I know this is an on line forum but would it not be better to refine the criteria for entry? The current economic climate is such that rather than age we should consider working age.

I fully acknowledge this may be controversial but probably not to the large number of ladies who like me have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer but who have an incredibly fully and useful role to “society” 

I truley dont know what the answer is but I so hope with our collectove intelligence we can make things differnt.



And also spell correctly - I blame it on jet lag as I had an 11+ flight yesterday and a 5 hour time difference. I am soory again for the typos xx

today age 40 i had the blowing news it is in my hip. i wont be going on to t but stay on fec? is this normal not to have t. feel really alone as no famliy and feel rubbish


Hi maybe they are holding taxotere for future .there’s lots of treatments available…love Sharon.x go on bone Mets site and browse through

I was really interested in this too.  A friend told me about it and I looked it up, but I am 47, boo hoo. ??


just wondering if there is anything aimed at women 45 + years.  I still feel younger though, apart from recently after having chemo and rads