Younger Womens Forum Carnoustie

Younger Womens Forum Carnoustie

Younger Womens Forum Carnoustie Hi There

I have applied to go to the Forum to be held in Carnoustie in May. Was wondering if there was anyone else likely to get a place to go? I have never been on any of these forums and would love some advice. Since my diagnosis and treatment I have found it difficult to get back to my normal, cheery self. Used to be confident and now Im not and more or less reclusive. Thought that going to a Younger Womens Forum would help me a lot.

Would love to hear from anyone who is going to this one.


Liz xxx

Hi Liz

Not going on this weekend but did attend the Exeter one last year and would recommend them.

Met a lovely bunch of girls (we are now the Gobby Gang thread) and found the information and talks useful and informative.

I found most of the woman who attended Exeter were not using this site, so don’t worry too much if you don’t get many replies, it doesn’t mean you will be the only person attending.

Hope you get some replies soon as it is comforting to have some names and a meeting place arranged.

Do you also have a local support group, this may help too.

Hope you have a good weekend


Younger Womens Forum Hi, I would just like to reiterate what Debbie said. I went on the Wrexham forum and found it interesting , informative and also a good laugh. One of the main aims for me going to this forum was to meet people of a similar age as even when I had chemo and rads I was the youngest person there by far (i’m 38) . I also met people I have kept in touch with as there in nothing like speaking to people who know exactly what you are going through, which will hopefully help lift your spirits.

hope you enjoy it.


Younger Women’s Forum Hello

I would like to thank debsy and f1fan for letting me know their experiences of a Younger Women’s Forum meeting. I am really nervous about going to it because I am seriously overweight and have no confidence or self esteem. My husband thinks that this will be a good way for me to mix with people again, who will look at me as the same as them and not just on my size.

I have no support group in my area for BCC although I do attend a local Haven Centre in Blantyre, where I can talk or have therapies, if I am pencilled in to get any. It really relaxes me and helps me to sleep better.

I feel that I have too much going on healthwise for me to go to the Forum however I know that this could be a real help and boost to me.

Thank you so much for your advice ladies and hope you both keep well.

Best wishes

Liz xxx