youngest married or with partner man affected

youngest married or with partner man affected

youngest married or with partner man affected Hi all,
I have had an enquiry from the press about doing articles about men affected by breast cancer and they are looking for the youngest we know of with a partner or married to be able to feature their story for breast cancer awareness month,my story will be used and also my wife’s if you know of anyone or are interested please post here and I will let you have the contact details .

John at BCc press off ice is aware of this .

Hope this finds you all well.

We hope the fashion show rehersals are going well thinking of you guys as I had such a great time last year looking forward to
" watching " this years from the front!!!


I am 54 Hi Mike - How are you - still well I hope
I am up for an interview, if I fit the bill - I am 54 though (may be a little old) married to Sheila for 32 years - think Brian would fit the age range - hope he sees this - he is busy with work at the moment.
I have been interviewed by ASDA for their Tickled Pink magazine both for the Staff and Public issues - this is for the October awareness month.

We are going on holiday on Saturday 19th August to September 2nd so will be available from Monday the 4th.

John at BCC has my contact details if required

I hope you say hello - when you and your wife come to the fashion show - I will be up there with Brian - looking forward to really - maybe we should meet up with before the show - you can give us some tips.

Thanks for the post - speak again soon - I hope

David W

I’m quite young! Hi

My name is Stuart and i was reading your message about the press.
I am 38 and was 37 when I was diagnosed.
I am am married with two boys.
I have done some things in the press before because of my fight to get Herceptin. (Have had 5 regimes so far)
Would be willing to help if need be.



I’m 42, 41 when diagnosed Mike,
Glad to help with the cause.



My husband is 30 and he has breast cancer so he is very young to have this terrible illness…

Glad to help with the cause. Hi Mike, I will be glad to help with your article I am 49,married ,one son, I was diagnised in March had full masectomy on 18th April and now I am on chemo CMF 1st dose.

After that I have rads, herceptin and tamox( whatever) to follow.
hoping to hear from you.

thks n regards