Your experience

Hi - just wondering what experiences people have had with fatique on Abemaciclib

Hi. I do get pretty tired, but it’s quite manageable for me (I work part time from home and have an 8 year old and an 11 year old). My husband works quite long hours and is often away with work.

Hi, I’ve been on it for about 8 months and I do get quite tired at times. I’m 52 with an 11 year old. It’s hard to tell what is menopause, after affects of the treatments and an affect of the abemaciclib. It’s manageable, though. I also work part time from home.

Hi, I had last chemo Jan 23, 15 radiotherapy Feb 23, started anastrazole then abemaciclib in April 23 and back to work full-time the next month… hard to know why fatigued-was it one or all of them?
My head was really fuzzy in the morning and lifted only after about two hours of being up. Then I wanted a nap.
It has lifted and I am still on meds so maybe it was chemo/radiotherapy?
I find if I sleep too long I feel worse so force myself to get up in the morning, brought my meds forward a few hours, try to keep a routine… it is better for sure, but maybe that’s just time? Or maybe I’m just better at managing.
Good luck

Like you finished chemo and radiotherapy by mid feb 23. I am on 14th Abecilibab, 50mg twice a day. My fatique has got worse. I am breathless when i exert myself (normal walking) and have dizzy spells. I too are back at work FT. I have had a bond scan, ECGs and Test to check i dont have a clot to ensure its only the Abemaciclib and consultant has agreed it is. Having a break from it and off to see oncologist on monday… should only be on it until Nov 24 but that seems like a long long way off !