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Dont know how this works. I have secondary breast cancer in my spine. Have had one dose if docetaxel and one phesgo in my thigh. 7 days later i have stiil got chronic diarrhoea, nauseous, weak, no apatite and want to curl up in bed and stay there. Where is my quality of life? Has any one out here thats secondary breast cancer to spine not had the chemo but just kept on with phesgo? Need some help with this one please x

Hi Jane, so sorry you’re having a tough time , maybe let your nursing team know you are struggling with this .My first dose of docetaxel was tough, I developed sepsis and had to be hospitalized to have IV antibiotics. I struggled to eat as my oesophagus was painful. I had a dose reduction from then on. I think the fist dose is the worst.

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Hiya Jane ive got secondary breast cancer in my spine hips ribs shoulder. Just over a year now. I did 6 months on capecitabine and just phesgo and 1 for my bones. My life is just diarrhoea :see_no_evil: I’ve just had epidural and i can’t believe it, its brilliant i can walk again.
I can’t believe ive been so bad for a year and all of sudden im like a new person. Apart from that if i didn’t have my palliative care guy Richard i would be on my own. Its like they have told me im dying and then just left me with no one. If you need to chat im here your not on your own. Sending you a big hug sonia xx
12th April update pain really bad and worse than before to be honest. See what is left for me now ???


I was diagnosed in January 22 with secondary in spine and liver. I had 6 doses of docetexal and then ongoing Phesgo. The chemo was tough and like you I really suffered with diarrhoea. I believe you have to have the combo of both drugs for the chances of it working but definitely speak to your team about the side effects and how miserable you’re feeling. I wish you luck x