Zarzio experiences please!

Hi everyone


Has anybody had the zarzio injections? I had my first one last night and today have been experiencing an increasingly sore lower back. At first I thought I must’ve pulled it but have since read that it can be a side effect of the zarzio - has anyone else experienced this? and does it mean it’s going to get worse the more I have (I have to have 5 this round).

It’s so difficult working out what might be a side effect of what medication.

Hope someone has some experiences to share.


Joemic x 

Hi Joemic   Sorry you’re having a rough time

Cycle 1 I had /zarzio inj 30MU for days 4 to 8 so 5 injections, apart from a mild lower back ache across the pelvis area I was ok.  Downed a couple of paracetamol - (probably wouldn’t under normal circumstances but i had a rough ride with reactions to two  drugs so sometimes enough is enough).  Cycle 2 starts for me tomorrow.  Getting the same targeted therapies but a different chemo drug this time time round.  Hope your pain decreases…   I’m so glad this treatment is available even though it’s brutal to be honest.  Even so I don’t see the point of being a martyr, I take the painkillers rather quicker than i normally would than add to the side effect misery.  

cycle 1 for me  = herceptin, pertuzumab and docetaxol   HER2+

let us know how you’re doing

ps were you brave enough to inject yourself   ‘pinch an inch and pop it’ is the advice here;   glad my OH was around

Wishing you well    Alice