Zinc & Vit C Supplements

Hi read a few posts on here re folk taking these supplements to help with healing.
Anyone who has/is taking them, are you just taking in supplement form and are there any particular brands that are better.
Has anyone’s surgeon recommended them or agreed they made a difference to their healing?
How long before op did you start taking them? I have sentinel node biopsy next week, but mastectomy and recon will be a good few weeks yet I think.

I would advice you increase your VitC 

intake(fruit) and drink lots of water,unless your healing is compromised in anyway,you should be OK.Get out in fresh air and do lots of walking,to get blood and oxygen round your system.Best of luck???

Thank you Jillybee.
I have upped my fruit and veg intake for a while now as on Slimming World, although the past 3 weeks haven’t been great as I was on holiday and now still haven’t done a shop since getting back, but will get onto it at weekend. Keep intending going out walking more, but always find stuff I need to do in house (in middle of extension), but will rectify that also and get on with it!!
Water drinking I have always been bad at, getting a bit better, but again I will definitely ensure I drink plenty now.