Zoladex and anastrozole treat before surgery

Hi all, i was diagnosed with IDC breast cancer in August. My cancer is ER+/PR+ only. Ive elected to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction.
My surgeon would like me to do chemo to shrink tumors before surgery to help her have a better chance of clean margins. My oncologist would like me to only do zoladex and anastrozole to shrink my tumors due to my cancer being estrogen positive and my mammaprint test came back that chemo would have little affect. Has anyone else gone through this treatment? I cant find anyone that has and it makes me nervous to do this treatment and not chemo. Does anyone have any experience or advice with this type of treatment before surgery?

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Welcome to the forum . I havent had this myself but I know there are others on the forum who have ,hopefully someone will be along to share their experiences .

Hi Lola123
I had letrozole (which is also an aromatase inhibitor) prescribed prior to surgery and it shrunk my tumours considerably within a couple of months. My cancer wouldn’t have responded to chemotherapy either, which was backed up after my mastectomy by my oncotype DX score. I had ILC which was ER+/PR+ too. Trust in your oncologist, they are the experts :blush: good luck and I wish you well x