zoladex and chemo

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I am wondering if anyone took zoladex at the same time as they were doing chemo? I have read a lot of stories of ladies taking zoladex along side tamoxifen but have yet to read anyones stories where zoladex was happening during chemo…???





I’ll be having Zoladex during chemo - to help preserve my fertility.  The Zoladex will shut down the ovaries and put them into a temporary menopause.  There is no proof that this works in preserving fertility, but I’m happy to try.  I had 6 months of Zoladex in 2010 to help with my endometriosis, and I called it the wonder drug because it gave me my life back after 10 years of pain!  So I’m quite looking forward to going back on it! xx

hi ya i start chemo soon and i have zoladex implant and my surgeon said its fine it can only help more x

Hi hopeful123, I am also on zoladex for the same reason as kittykat7982. Had a month implant & now a 3month implant. Got 3rd chemo out of 6 next wk. My BC nurses & oncologist weren’t that keen but I pushed for it & my fertility specialist actually said it may do some good even if it doesn’t help with fertility as calms everything down. X

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Hi hopeful123. Did you have the Zoladex during your chemo in the end? I strongly advocate using Zoladex during chemo to preserve your fertility. I was diagnosed with aggressive non-hormonal breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 29. I had a lumpectomy to left breast; six cycles of FEC chemotherapy, plus daily radiotherapy for a month, with the treatment plan ending in November 2005. I had a Zoladex implant before my chemo started (the implant lasts three months), then a further one or possibly two. The Zoladex put me into a temporary “early menopause” in that my periods stopped for the duration of the implant. I did not have any unpleasant side effects or “hormonal issues”. I then waited for the last implant to ‘wear off’ naturally, which it did, and my periods returned within about 4 weeks, I recall. My periods came back totally normal, with a regular cycle of 27 days and regular flow with, again, no issues. In January 2005, we started trying for a baby and I am overjoyed to report that I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with our first child, a girl. I believe the Zoladex was vital in protecting my ovaries from the toxicity of the chemo, and advise any woman of childbearing age who wants children in the future to consider this treatment option as part of their oncology battle plan. I am free of cancer for nine years and counting, for which I am blessed, as lost my sistet to same disease in 2005. Hope you are well and happy, be good to hear from you. Best wishes, chewbecca.

P.S. Should have made it clear; first implant was before chemo started, so it was active when chemo commenced. Next implant/s were during chemo, then chemo finished and I waited short while before letting implant wear off naturally (before starting the radiotherapy in November 2005).

Hi chew baca are you still on this site? Xx

I took 1 session of chemo after lumpectomy.in 2001 reason being I had newborn baby. My partner had to work to get paid and I was being sick continuously so I stopped chemo. I did 5 or 6 weeks of radio then tamoxifen. 2003 almost exactly 2 years later to the day around my birthday :frowning: the cancer returned. I had a mastectomy and continued tamoxifen finishing in 2005 when had reconstruction. I cannot remember anyone telling me I would regain my fertility. But I did and in 2011 ten years after my daughter my son was born! :slight_smile: They are now 16 and 6 and I hope this story can give people hope. Lots of love, healing light and hugs to everyone on this very tough path xxx

Great story Angel - thank you for sharing .

Sorry I actually left out the zoladex bit! I was one if the first to be given it some time in the mid 2000s and may be it was this that preserved my fertility.

Thanks Jill x