Zoladex and joint pains

Am into my 7th month of my 2 years of Zoladex injections and hate it. (Also on tamoxifen.) I have almost constant joint pain but the joints that are in pain vary. And I am generally pretty stiff jointed too. Am 36 but feel like I have the body of a 76 year old. Sometimes the pain is really bad and other times is too not much at all. Wondering if this is common on Zoladex, as not really come across much information about it, and how others deal with it. If it wasn’t for this pain I’d be doing pretty good. Also contemplated asking to come off the Zoladex but not sure how detrimental that is health-wise. I’d like to hear other people’s Zoladex stories.


I am currently taking Zoladex and tamoxifen and I have pain in my pelvis for a couple of weeks. Both Zoladex and tamaxifen have joint pain as a side effect so we have a double dose to take. just noticed that you posted this in 2009. hope others have answered your question?

Hi I have been advised to have zoladex too as well as tamoxifen as cancer 8/8 oestrogen +ve grade 2 don’t really understand why. is it to turn off ovaries to reduce oestrogen production to help prevent recurrence. Not happy that its a monthly injection I know what they look like as have given them myself to a patient whilst in training. Was warned about achy joints. Do others take zoladex?

I have been on Zoladex for 2 years without any side effects. Before Zoladex i had 3 years of Tamoxifen and that gave me joint aches. I have been taking glucosamine tablets for 5 years, it took 6 weeks to start working, I am afraid of stopping them in case the joint pain comes back. I am really not as supple as I used to be and slower than Inwas but then again Zoladex has menopaused me and I am soon 50 years young.
The Zoladex needle is big indeed but I avoid looking at it and put some elma cream 15 minutes before the injection; this really takes the edge off the injection.mgood luck.