Zoladex and menopause

Hi everyone. I am nearly six years with bone Mets which I was diagnosed with from the outset in May 2016 at age 48. I’ve been on zoladex, tamoxifen and ibandronic acid all these years. However for about the last year I have started to get very bad menopausal symptoms. Crazy anxiety, panic attacks, feeling unsteady on my feet at times. My mum went through her natural menopause at 55 and as I’m now 54 I’m wondering if I’m going through my natural one too even though for six years I’ve been in an induced one. Sorry to ramble but just wondered any one’s thoughts. My gp is great but just says I can take anti depressants which I don’t want to do.  Obviously can’t take hrt as very strongly oestrogen positive.

Sorry you haven’t had a reply so far . Hormones play such a big part in our lives don’t they and hitting menopause is so much more complicated after breast cancer . Have you been able to discuss your symptoms with your oncologist / team ? 

I struggle with balance too and all things u discribe but I don’t get tearful or emotional ups and downs since starting antidepressants, best thing I did , sod the stigma x