Zoladex and periods

Hi! Can anyone who has been on Zoladex tell me how long before they got their periods back after treatment? I am now 44 and was having regular periods when I started the treatments 2 1/2 years ago. I had my last injection in December last year. My periods haven’t returned so far but I have strange PMS like symptoms like mood swings especially. I did not have any menopausal symptoms at all whilst on Zoladex, except lack of periods ! Thank you all from Flowerfairy

Hello flowerfairy
I was dx 3 1/2 years ago aged 47. I was still having regular periods. I had 2 years of zoladex and finished about a year ago - June 07. I haven’t had a period yet. My onc did say it could take up to a year, but nothing so far. I’m rather hoping that because of my age - I’m 51 next month, I’ve been though the menopause whist on zoladex. I did suffer with hot flushes whilst on zoladex, and I still get mild ones now but that could be the tamoxifen.
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Hi Flowerfairy
I had my first Zoladex injection in middle July 07 and last in October. My periods came back middle of April and have been regular since they started again. Whilst on Zoladex (or maybe it was the chemo) I had really hot flushes which stopped when my periods came back.

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Ruby x

Hi was on Zolidax injections for for only about 10 months (they finished in May)… i am 31yrs old and am now on Tamoxifen I have experienced the unbearable hot flushes and all that comes with them both… i have been getting cramps but still nothing … when i spoke to my GP she said some women don’t have periods when of tamoxifen!! i am v worried as i hope that both the zolidax and chemo haven’y made me infertile as i do wan’t more children even though the tumour was horm poss and was advised that it could have been brought on by my pregnancey to my son who is 14 months old now.

can i ask Fantan … how did you know you went throgh the menopause ?


Hmmmm…thanks for all your comments! I have just seen my GP for my FHS test results which is 11 ( ???)…so nowhere near the menopause! Blimey! Better not tell my husband or he will get ideas! I am 44 and women in my family had late menopauses so i wonder …dmkayp, I had regular periods on Tamoxifen! I am still on Tamoxifen, no riods yet but cramps and mood swings ( like PMS)…I have of women who went on to have children after breast cancer with no problems so good luck!

hi all
finished zoladex in feb, which i was for 2 yrs still on tamoxifen havent had a period yet but getting moody and belly aches so who knows whats going on in there. The flushes have seem to have calmed down but still havent lost the weight i had gained
Still got another 2 1/2 years on tamoxifen, has anyone gained weight while on these drugs or is it jst me when asked Oncologist he didnt think it was the drugs just me …

I gained weight weight on Zoladex and Tamoxifen. Finished zoladex in dec 07 but still have 2 more years of tamoxifen. I joined weight watchers 5 weeks ago and Ive lost 10.5 IBS in 5 weeks and on tamoxifen. I am on the Core plan.

hi flowerfairy
How do you feel now that you have finished the zoladex, because i feel alot different but i dont know if that is just me, The reason for me asking is that the Oncologist made me feel that is was just me who had gained weight and had hot flushes, felt like i was making it all up, and know i have finished zoladex i feel quite normal again. Well done on your weight loss you’ve done really well peraps i should rejoin i also followed the core plan x