Zoladex and side effects

I have recently being diagnosed with a local recurrence, had surgery and have started on the hormonal therapy - Zoladex and Arimidex.
Have had x2 injections of Zoladex.
As soon after i have zoladex , i always feel dizzy, sick and faint, and unwell. Does anyone else experience this? i know that as long as the zoladex is doing its job, the side effects should be trivial. just wondering if anyone else is going through this?


Hi Dolph,

I’ve been having Zoladex injections for the past year. I had them with Arimadex but apart from the `hot flushes didn’t have any other side effects.

Hopefully the se will subside or you can tolerate them as time goes by. Do you get the se all the time?

I know the most important thing is that they’re working, but if they carry on perhaps you can have a work with your onc.

Best wishes to you and there are lots of us on Zoladex injections they should have some ideas and experiences of how to cope with se etc.

Take care
Chris xx

Thanks Chris for getting back to me.
Yeah you are right hopefully very soon my body will be able to cope with the Zoladex injection.
love dolph

Hi Dolph
I’ve been on Zoladex for 3 months now. I had some slight side effects which started at about 4 to 6 weeks and lasted a few weeks, and that was waking up feeling hot at night, but only 2 or 3 actual “sweats”. Those have faded over the last few weeks so now I just occasionally feel too warm at night. No hot flushes during the day at all, or any of the other nasties you hear about, even though I’m on Tamoxifen as well. Since I’m getting so few SEs now I decided to go for the 3 monthly injection today rather than the 1 monthly I had for the first 3 months, to save the hassle of having the injections every month. Had a local anaesthetic first and therefore didn’t feel a thing.
My oncologist said that most people settle down on it after a few months, hopefully you will too. Good luck with it!
Sarah x

Hi Sarah,
Yeah i also get the ‘hot flushes’ however these arent as bad as they used to be.
i am actually starting to dread the monthly injection on Zoladex, due to how i felt the last two times. I pray that my body will get used to it, and i will not experience the same symptoms again.
Wow you are very brave having the x3 monthly one, that is excellent!
Thanks for answering this post.

take care
Lv Elvina

Hi Elvina
Are you having a local anaesthetic before the Zoladex injection? I insist on that, then I really don’t feel a thing. I know other people who have it without and they said it hurts a lot. My GP does it and she gives me a shot of lidocaine, which is the stuff that dentists use.
Sarah x

No i rub Emla cream in the area, leave it for an hour or so then i go for the injection, never thought about a local.
Thansks for suggesting that

Forgot to say, my GP prescribed Amitriptyline for me when I was having nerve pain around the armpit from the lymph node removal, and she also said that it might help with hot flushes. In the last few days I thought I’d try reducing the amount of Amitriptyline, just because I don’t like take any drugs if I don’t have to. Although the armpit was fine, I started to get night sweats again, so it’s been helping to kill those although I hadn’t realised. My surgery wounds also became more painful.
I’m taking 20mg at night before going to bed, since it also helps you get to sleep.
Sarah x

Hi all.
Is it ok if i join your thread?
I have been on Tamoxifen for two yrs… Got diagnosed with reoccurance in Dec. Had surgery last week. Seen oncologist today and am stopping Tamoxifen and Will have monthly zoladex and armawhatsisname! lol
can’t the proper name.
I am 38. any tips? should the s/e be roughly the same as Tamoxifen?
Many thanks.
Heidi. X

Hi Heidi
Hate to say this but I’m told that the SEs from Zoladex can tend to be more severe than Tamoxifen, because it stops the production of oestrogen altogether.
Having said that, I’m taking both together and not suffering too much with SEs, but I’m 51 and was peri-menopausal anyway.
Sarah x

have just discovered this thread. I was started on zoladex last January (2010) and had awful side effects after each one - was sick, dizzy, hot and they did not subside. In the summer I asked to have my ovaries out - I was 48, 3 children, no longer needed, and they removed them by keyhole surgery in September. I have felt great since then so for some people zoladex is not pleasant and if the se’s continue then explore other options

Thank you Snowy Owl.


Sorry, and Cheshire Cat too!

Grit my teeth and get on with it and see how it goes…
Am just grateful really that i have some other options to try.

Love to you allxxx