Zoladex - can i had it 3 days early?

Hi everybody,
I’m having zoladex injections (I’m on a 28 day cycle). Just wondered if anyone has had their injection earlier, by a few days? My next injection next month will fall during a weeks holiday; i travel on the 9th, injection due on the 11th. Would i be able to have it before i go, so on the 8th?

Hi Elsa77, I haven’t had it earlier myself, but I did once ask my oncologist about this when I was planning a holiday and she said having it earlier was fine.

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Thank you, that’s really reassuring to know.

I’d just get in touch with your centre/team. As has been said, I’m sure it’ll be ok but better to know ahead of things and put your mind at rest.

I get mine every 12 weeks & cant always get an appointment on the exact date needed. Nurse told me i have a week each way to play with & not to worry too much. Next injection will be 4 days “late”