Zoladex - every 28 days?

Hi all

I have been seeing 2 different BCN for my zoladex. My first injection was on a fri and one nurse said that the next one had to be exactly 28 days, or 1 day either side. However, the other nurse said it can be a couple of days either side , and even on the monday which is 3 days late.

Just wondered how others are?

Hi Lolly

I have mine every 4 weeks, always on a Monday hadnt given this a lot of thought until I read your post. It will be interesting to see what other ladies say.




I have mine every 4 weeks on a Weds and was told (and I read somewhere I think but chemo brain…) that a few days either way is ok. The first 2 were a day or so out but now the nurse books the next one when I’m leaving this one - if I tried to do it with a receptionist, a major dispute about we can’t book that far in advance would ensue !!

Liz x

Oh Liz I couldnt help but chuckle at the thought of a receptionist being able to booke that far in advance LOL




You obviously have the same set up for appointments in your area !

I’ve had to pull the ’ I’m being treated for cancer and the hospital have told me…’ card a couple of times when I’ve needed an appointment that day for some antibiotics. Bit of an exaggeration but needs must and I’d only be worse if I didn’t get the antibiotics quickly so it’s not really a lie is it ???

Liz x

Hi lolly73
I had 2 years of zoladex and finished July 07. My onc told me I could have them up to a week late if something happened - ie hols or illness. I have to say that I don’t think I ever went that late and most of the time had them every 4 weeks give or take a couple of days. Follow the onc’s advice rather than the BCN. Ring the secretary if necessary to confirm things.
Good luck

Hi lolly73,

This question is one I have struggled with, especially over Xmas hols. Rang my oncology team at the Royal Marsden who said same as Fantan- max,one week early or max. one week late does not make any difference. I opted for a week late and its still working ie still no periods! I think it takes a long time for ovaries to kick back in to action once they are turned off.
I would go by what your oncologist says.
All the best Lipstick