Zoladex - Hormonal PLEASE HELP

Hi Ladies.

I started Zoladex 3 months ago. I was 3 years post dx and all was fine. Was getting over the whole cancer thing and everything was looking up then onc said as I was still having periods Tamoxifen wasn’t working properly and that I needed Zoladex.

Zoladex has been horrible, head aches, joint ache, hair thinning, hot flushes and now seem to be at the bottom of a huge hormonal pit that I can’t climb out of. Having been getting so down lately and feel horrible, I’m 32.

How do you cope ???
Do I stop having the Zoladex injections ???
Do I see doc ???

Going insane, PLEASE HELP,

Thank all Mandy xxx

Sorry you’re having such a hard time. I am also on zoladex and haven’t had any side effects so you must be just unlucky. Having said that I would say three months isn’t long enough to give it a fair go as side effects often settle down after a few months. Whether or not you chose to give up would depend on lots of things, like what stage your cancer was, whether there was nodal involvement, etc, as all these things affect the chances of your cancer coming back. In some cases, without hormonal treatment the chances are as high as one in three, and given those odds, I’d rather put up with the side effects, but that’s me. On the other hand, I had zoladex for three years after my last cancer, but it still came back so it’s no guarantee. I wouldn’t decide anything without discussing it with your oncologist first.

Hi mandy1978. Sorry you are having such a bad time. It sounds like sudden menopause, which I suppose it is. Your doctor may be able to provide help with symptoms.
I’m 53 and on Zoladex and Femara. I have annoying side effects, the worst being fatigue and joint aches, but I think I was almost menopausal before I started, so things aren’t quite as bad for me, although I’ll still be glad when I’ve finished with it.
Maybe some of the younger ladies having Zoladex can advise you better.

hi mandy. ive been on zoladex for a year now. i too was on tamoxifen which did not stop my periods. my side effects seem to be getting worse with the more injections i have. eg night sweats, headache. low mood, mood swings. i can feel like a zombie for two weeks after i have my injection which i have every month. iam 41. i can feel crap but i just keep thinking its doing the job and hopefully wont be like this forever. hope this has helped gaynor x

I’ve come off Zoladex now but felt pretty grim when I was on it. The one thing that really seemed to help was acupuncture…