Zoladex implants.

Hi Ladies

Anyone here on zoladex implants ? I was wondering how long you have to keep having them? I’ve just had a blood test to say that I’m still pre menopausal, so need to keep having them. I’ve been doing so for 2 and a half years now, and will have to continue until at least the end of this year. Is there anyone here who has been through this process and how long was it until you could stop?


Sue x

Hi Sue

Not sure if I have answers for you but am in the same situation. I have been on them 2.5 years when periods re-started after chemo, so def pre-menopausal. It seems the Zoladex just keeps us in temporary menopause. My Oncologist will not give me a blood test as says that this will show I am menopausal, but then, this is from the Zoladex? I want to be given time scales too. I am 45, diagnosed at 41. I am going to oncologist again in June and will ask the plan and if they will give me a blood test. Also, want to know how often I will have dexa scan. Were you given an timescales? I wonder if anyone else on here has been given this information.