Zoladex injections elsewhere than stomach? Due to reconstruction

I am having trans flap DIEP reconstruction in a few months and was told by my surgeon to avoid injections into my stomach as he will be using this area in reconstruction. My gp has said it is only licensed for this area and won’t inject elsewhere. 

Has anyone had this problem? What were the solutions? I rang the drug company and they said it was only licences for the stomach area. Is there another place zoladex can be injected into?


Hi Jrg,

Hopefully, one of the ladies might be able to shed some light on this, but it might also be an idea to post in ‘ask our nurses’ as well. 

ann x

How did this work out for you? I’m scheduled for diep flap reconstruction in 2 weeks and nobody ever talked about implications of zoladex placement until it brought it up today. Now everyone is scrambling. Would love to hear your experience

I had DIEP in August 2017 and started zoladex in December. I’ve had 3 so far in my belly below the scar line. No one told me not to. My tummy is very tight and they like to inject into a fatty bit which I haven’t got so it is painful.

I discussed this with my oncologist last week and theoretically they could inject into the reconstructed boob as that is belly fat (and numb so no pain)! But there is a query over absorption so onc said he’d prescribe a sister drug which goes into the buttock - I don’t know what it’s called and will report back in a few weeks after I’ve had it!

Hi has anyone got an answer re alternative sites for injection? I had not been told not to inject in abdomen so worried now! Operation due on 19th June and zoladex due day before! Hoping someone has an answer x

Did you have the other drug and ok to go in buttock?
Thanks Sue