Zoladex injections - how long for?

Hello ladies,


So how long have those that are having monthly Zoladex injections been told that you will need to have them for please?


Thanks very much! :slight_smile:




That’s a good question!
I’ve been having them for 2 years now. Im assuming that treatment lasts 10years, but ive not been told specifically. At my last oncologist appointment, I was offered ovary removal as an alternative, but I’m not good with surgery so declined. I suppose it will depend on whether we are menopausal, but how would we know?!
Must admit, my stomach is looking like a pin cushion and the last couple of ones have been quite sore.
How are you getting on with them?
Sue xx

Did you see the reply from the nurse?
So a blood test will determine our hormone levels then. I too am 51, so they are making an assumption that we will reach the menopause in a couple of years. Nice to know that we won’t have to do this for too much longer!
Got a huge bruise from this months one!!
Sue xx