Zoladex injections

Hi I’ve recently started having Zoladex injections once a month and Anastrozole tablets once a day to suppress my estrogen levels after going through chemo and radio twice 2019 and then 2021. I was just wondering if anybody has any tips for coping with the mood swings and hot sweats I just feel like I’m always down at the moment and struggle to shake it as I was never like that before and have always been quite a positive person. I’m 36 with two young kids. I know I’m only on my second injection so should probably give it time to settle but i would love to know about other people’s experiences of these drugs? Thanks x

@Fionagowt   Hi, I had my first BC diagnosis in 2013 at the age of 42.  I had zoladex implants and anastrozole for 7 years.  They side effects can be tough to begin with but they do settle over time.  The hot flushes were not too bad for me, but I did get really achy hips but over time both of those side effects settled.  I used to get a disturbed sleep pattern as well for the first year but again that settled down.  

Kind regards

nicola x