Zoladex side effects

Hi I’ve been on hormone therapy for 7 months… I have Zoladex injections and taking anastrozole.  I have a few side effects mainly hot flushes, brain fog, joint aches, low energy… not sure which causes which but I have noticed my hot flushes are worse for a week or so after my Zoladex injection and I was wondering if anyone else finds this.  



Hi. I’m on similar. Zoladex from July and was Tamoxifen, now three months of Exemestane. (Have you had Zometa yet?) I flush every day, especially after caffeine and at night in bed. I can’t say I flush more after Zoladex. It’s about 4 or 5 times a day. Brain fog, saw joints and muscles feel like 91 not 51…but we are ALIVE…and miserable.