Zoladronic Acid.

Hi all,

can anyone tell me what side effects to expect after a zoladronic acid infusion ?
i’ve already had my first but had it alongside my chemo so didnt really know what se where from what ?? ?‍♀️
thx ladies.    Mini mad xx ??

Hi Minimad

I’ve had two zoledronic infusions and am due my third next month. After the first one I felt a bit achey and tired a few hours later, as though I was coming down with a cold, so I took some paracetamol, but I was fine the next day. The women I spoke to said they found their first infusion caused the most side effects and they were much better with their later ones. For my second infusion I couldn’t detect any side effects but I did feel a bit dizzy during the actual infusion so they laid my chair back and I felt much better (plus they gave me some water and then a cuppa tea, lovely nurses!) - however, I am a wimp with needles so this might have been the real cause! Nevertheless, the nurses like you to be well-hydrated when you have the infusion as it’s excreted via the kidneys, so make sure you’ve been drinking normally. After both occasions I drove myself home but sometimes your hand or arm can be a little sore from the needle so it would be nice to have a lift if its available. The most important thing is to make sure you’ve had a dental check-up recently to avoid jaw problems. Basically, it’s a good idea to plan an easy day or two after the infusions. All the best  

Hi Mini mad


I get a side effect just walking into a pharmacy. My first zometa infusion (don’t you just love that euphemism - it’s acid!), the side effects were disguised by the steroid boost of my EC treatment. I did feel a bit weird during the treatment but it stopped when the treatment stopped. My second treatment, I had no reaction during treatment but I did experience a little fatigue for a couple of days afterwards, nothing worse. After full chemo, it’s refreshingly brief as a treatment so long as you’ve already had your bloods done. Otherwise, it’s the usual long wait… If you’ve got the time, ask for your blood forms and go to your GP first!


Good luck. Let us know how you get on x