Zoledax & Brittle bone's.....;

Hi I was DX in june this yr and with a grade 1 tumor at 9mm and no lymph involvement.

I was put on Zoledax and Tam and went for a routine Dexa scan to find out if ill ever get osteoperosis. It has come back that im on the peak of getting this brittle bone desease in my spine especially. I am only 23 and am very worried that even though i dont have cancer anymore (or at least i hope not) I might be left with this desease for the rest of my life?

I havnt been put on any medication as yet as my GP said that my consultant will decide which im going to see on thurs…has anybody else been put on medication and will my bones get better once i stop Zoledax?

Anybodys input would be appreciated…if its not one thing its another!!


excuse my spelling…i was rushing @ work!