Zolindrome infusion

Hi ladies,


this friday after my Paclitaxel treatment i am having a Zolindrone infusion.  

Apparently its to help with the calcium in the bones …  i think… ??

has anybody had this and how did you feel in the days afterwards ??

hoping i get a reply…  

thxs xx??

Hi minimad

Do you mean Zolendronic acid?, it’s a Bisphosphate used to prevent recurrence in your bones.

If this is it then some people feel a bit achy, headache, fever - a bit like the flu. I don’t experience them but I do feel tired for a few days. I have it every other chemo cycle at the minute. I think the infusion is fairly well tollerated. After chemo I go on a tablet form for 3 yrs but these aren’t as well tolerated so will have to see. If tabs don’t suit then you go back on infusions.

There is a rare side effect where part of your jaw sort of dies, it is difficult to treat. You need to see your dentist first, if you need any treatment you need to do it before you start or it has to be stopped 6 weeks prior to any invasive dental treatment.

Look up Zometa - it’s the same thing just easier to spell?

Joemic x