When I took my anastrazole prescription to the chemists this time, I was given Zolitrat rather than Arimidex. The pharmacist said it was exactly the same as Arimidex.
Has this happened to any else? Grateful for any info.


I suppose it is the same - just under another name. This one is supplied by Goldpharma. I think it has to do with finding cheaper sources for drugs. What I find just a bit disturbing is that back in December there was a bit of a scandal being stirred by the Daily Mail about NHS patients being put at risk because profiteering pharmacists were selling prescription drugs to Europe. The paper said that unscrupulous speculators were cashing in on the weak pound creating a shortage of at least 40 drugs. Amongst that 40 were arimidex (anastrazole). Maybe it was as a result of that shortage that we are now buying in those drugs from cheaper sources in Europe (at least I hope they are cheaper but equal)!!


Thanks for the info Dawn. As long as it’s equal to Arimidex I don’t mind! (I’ll mention it to my GP next time I get my prescription renewed though, just in case she has any additional info.)
Thanks for your help.