Zometa and eye problems?

I have just started on Zometa and I got expected side effects of joint pain and flu symptoms. However in addition straight away I also got iritis - inflammation of the iris.  The eye doctor I saw at A&E (yes it was that painful!) said unlikely to be cause by the drugs but just seems a bit coincidental!! 
Has anyone else had eye issues on Zometa?? 


Hello Mouldina 28,

So sorry to hear you are not feeling to great, hopefully better very soon. 
As regards to your eye problem Iritis, unfortunately I had this condition a few years ago, also my son has had it, this was long before my breast cancer so I don’t think this would have anything to do with your present medication. This can be very painful so keep the eye drops up.

Big hug from me, keep safe :rainbow: ??TILI