Zometa and toothache

Hi everyone

just wondered if anyone is on Zometa and suffering permanent toothache?  I have bone Mets and have been on Zometa since 2013.  Since then I have had almost permanent throbbing in my jaw.  I’ve seen a dental oncologist twice and had my jaw X-rayed.  The advice is basically “too bad - that’s what happens when you’re on Zometa for so long and here are some painkillers”.  My dentist is very frustrated but we have been told in no uncertain terms that he can’t do anything because the bone won’t heal.  I have them cleaned by the hygienist every month.  


Just wondered if anyone was going through anything similar to compare notes?

Hi, I’ve only been on zometa since January and have noticed re-occurring bleeding gums, soare mouth/ulcers and tender gums. Due to see onc on Monday so will ask him then.