Zometa, is anyone taking this?

Hi Ladies and Gents

I have recently been discharged from oncology, however my oncologist wants me to take Zometa. I had involved lymph nodes, however the chemo and the surgeon got everything out. 

My oncologist wants me to take safe guarding precautions, which involves taking the zometa. 

Im doing everything to ensure I stay cancer free, and in my mind I really don’t think I need to take it. 

Is anyone taking Zometa? 

Thanks in advance 

I had a mastectomy with axillary lymph node clearance as I had cancer in 8 of the 16 nodes removed. I had chemotherapy followed by radiation and I am also having an intravenous infusion of omega every 6 months for 3 years recommended by my oncologist. I have had 2 so far with minimal side effects.


Predictive text!!! Apologies.

Hi there yes I have had Zometa infusions. My cancer was all removed with lumpectomy but I had osteoporosis too. I had chemo radiotherapy & Herceptin also. My understanding is that the Zometa in some studies has been found to prevent spread of the cancer into the bones. It also helps the osteoporosis. At my most recent Oncology appt I was told the Zometa will  hopefully treat the osteoporosis & I shouldn’t need further treatment if a dexa scan at the end of treatment is ok. Most recent infusion was yesterday & I felt tired & a bit woozy after it but ok. Hope that helps?