Hi Ladies,

Mum has just been told as well as her treatment there going to give her Zometa? Anyone else on this as far as i’m aware its a bone strengthening drug. Any side effects?

Love to all Jenna x x x

Hi JenBourne - if you pop into the bone mets thread you will find Zometa comes up quite a lot. It’s an infusion, usually every 3 weeks. Some people have a reaction to the first one - I had flu like symptoms for about 24 hours, but have had no problems since. I don’t think I get any se’s from the Zometa - I do get aches and stiffness but it’s hard to know if they are a hangover from chemo, or the other drug I’m on. There is one serious but rare side effect that your mother needs to be aware of - necrosis of the jaw bone - so good dentistry is essential. She should discuss this with her consultant.

finty xx

Hi Jenna,
Finty is quite right, zometa comes up quite a lot in bone mets threads as most bone mets women are on one form or another of bisphosphonates.
I’ve been on zometa (every 4 weeks)for about 11 months now. I didn’t get any side effects but I know some women do get flu like symptoms for a few days the first couple of treatments. I find that I get a bit more achey just before and just after treatment but otherwise ok.
As suggested, get dental treatment sorted before starting. Another thing to be aware of is that it can cause hypercalcemia (sp?) so you might want to read up on the symptoms ie confusion so you know what to look out for. Having said that, they do normally do blood test at each treatment so usually things are ok.
There is info on the site about bisphosphonates that you can down load.
Hope things go well. Did you get the DLA sorted in the end?
Best wishes to you and your Mum, Julie x


Thank you for this information, I will look under the bisphosponates thread aswell.

Mum started the Zometa last week and its going to be given via IV every three weeks. First one wasn’t too bad although she does have lots of shooting pains all over her body but this could be the trial drug/chemo?!?

They have also prescribed Calcium tablets that she take once a day, think this is pretty common if on Zometa?!?

Love to all

Jenna x x x