1st Chemo 17th Dec - doing okay so far

Hi All

Just to let you know I did not run from the chemo unit yesterday - thought about it a couple of times but the nurses were brilliant. Balled my eyes out as they went to put the cannula in but the reasurrance was wonderful.

Drugs went in, did not feel anything apart from when the Dexamethesone was added, the nurse just looked at me and smiled as I pulled a face - ‘prickly nether regions’ was not was not what I expected and felt so odd!!:slight_smile: but it didn’t last.

Hubby was stunned by the amount of drugs infused bless him - he hadn’t prepared himself for that and for him it was something of a shock.

Yesterday I felt just unwell like the flu (thanks for that tip Monica - daisyleaf). Came home armed with anti-emetics and did really well until 9.30pm last night when I was sick. Took teeh metoclopramide I was given in addition to the Onandestron and I slept well. Today I’ve woken just feeling achy. Taken all my meds and will wait and see but I have to say I feel so far I’ve been very lucky. The tips regarding drinking loads I think have also helped so will keep on with this.

To anyone not experiencing the same I so feel for you but I just wanted to say for me - so far so good.

Thank you to everyone who has posted advice - oh so right that the apprehension before is so worse than the actual thing and this bit afterwards really is - just see what happens. I feel I’ve been very lucky. The anxiety and the scenarios my brain had got me into believing, and having read some of the posts here had made the apprehension worse, albeit their relevance in some cases, but obviously not all. Each of us are after all so totally unique!

Good Luck to anyone just about to have chemo, my deepest sympathies to anyone suffering as a result of chemo.

Take Care All Leigh xx

Good to hear it went OK. I have had 3 FEC and will have my 4th chemo (taxotere) next week. I agree the anxiety of chemo is worse than the chemo. No everyone has all the side effects, and they can be mild. Keep positive, and drinking water. It is do able. Good luck


I, like you, have had few side effects, none if I’m honest! All I can say is watch out for constipation - ondansetron is a devil for it!

Julia xx

Hi Leigh
Good to hear from you!
Glad you aren’t feeling to bad, you will be fine i know you will…well done on getting through the first one!

Keep drinking water and nibble what ever you facny for the nausea, that’s what they told me…

Well done you! xxxx

I’m so glad you’re doing ok and I agree that the 1st chemo isn’t helped by the fear of the unknown.

I had my 2nd FEC (of 4) yesterday so I’m one cycle ahead of you and I found that it was good to know what to expect although there was the worry that SE’s might be worse the 2nd time around. So far though I feel pretty much the same and possibly even a little better so all is good.

I’ve been lucky that I’ve had very little nausea so just felt off colour for the first couple of days and then tired for about a week. The second two weeks I was pretty much back to normal and even managed to survive my older son having chickenpox and younger son having a cough and cold - both at around day 11 post chemo!! Just as well I was given Neulasta to boost my white cell count I think!

If you are getting sickness and nausea then do mention it next time as they may tweak your meds. I’m having Emend and Kytril (Granisetron) as well as Domperidone as required (not really needed it) and they seem to be doing the job really well.

Hope the next 3 week go well for us all!


glad you’re doing so well. I have my 2nd fec next Wed.

Hi Ladies
I hope you don’t mind me joining your thread. I had my 1st of 6 FEC on the 10th Dec. I was really nervous but it has been much better than i expected. I guess initially I was just a bit more tired than usual and really thirsty! Just over a week on I now feel “normal” again though my taste buds did disappear for a good few days i am now left with a slightly sensitive mouth. I know it is different for everyone and I do feel grateful that my side effects have been minimal. I am still waiting for my hair to go. Keep gently tugging stands to check resistance.lol. I think I am going to find it quite traumatic :frowning: Still needs must and all that. 1 FEC down only 5 to go and a christmas that I can be involved in instead of being sick and unwell as i previously assumed I would be.

Sending you all lots of love and good health

Claire xx

Hi Can I join this thread as well, as I am at the same stage. I had my first FEC of 6 on 7th Dec. Unfortunately the sickness after was bad but have my meeting with the onc on Tuesday to discuss next time. Hopefully things wiil be better. Sickness and nausea have stopped now and also can taste food again, so I feel pretty normal now (except for a bad cold & cough). In fact I went on my works christmas do on Friday night and had a great time. I had so many compliments from people about how well I looked, it really boosted me.
I am glad the first is over, though I am now getting anxious about the next. Still at least with Christmas in between it will be a bit of a distraction.

Good luck to everyone


I had my first FEC on December 7th too.

Boy, was I sick! Nothing seemed to work. I couldn’t eat, or keep water down at all for the first couple of days. They are going to give me different anti-sickness next time (Dec 29th) hopefully these will do the trick.

My temperature was also a bit out of control which meant a couple of late night trips to the doctors and antibiotics. I was so exhausted too. They said I might be tired - they didn’t say I would be velcroed to the sofa for days on end. I really couldn’t lift my head, I’ve never known anything like it.

Not forgetting the constipation and it’s painful aftermath - ouch!

I seemed to escape most of the other side effects and I still have a full head of hair (I used the cold cap), but I guess that’s still early days and I check my head every morning to see if it’s still there.

It’s taken nearly two weeks to get over it and only now am I starting to feel a bit more like myself.

Bring on Christmas and FEC number 2!

Hi there pangapanga

I have the exhaustion too, it’s hard going to say the least!
I am trying to get on with all the usual jobs at home, but with two little one’s, it’s not easy!
I hope they sort out your anti sickness for the next time, that isn’t nice at all…

Leigh, hope you are well today?

Naz (a very tired one!) xx

Hey everyone

Naz and pangapanga - identify with some of your problems - tiredness ooof - get waves of it which is a bit disconcerting but ‘being velcroed’ to the sofa ad hoc with sole control of the remote isn’t proving too bad:)

Not had any sickness fortunately since Thursday evening - little nausea occasionally but finding little snacks every couple of hours working to reduce - drinking copiously however (my bladder has never been exercised so much and I recognise the taste bit - some things are just not tasty anymore - whoever said tea - Yep - get that one. Bit of a furry mouth but hopeful this will pass.

CMW - Caroline - glad you got to Xmas party - something normal in the midst of all this does the world of good.

Linda, Eva and Claire - nice to hear from you ladies, being that much further on and hearing your experiences really does help (not getting the chickenpox/cold was one huge bit of relief Linda!:slight_smile: - will be thinking of you all on your next doses - Eva hope Weds and Xmas are kind to you

Keep smiling ladies, Wigs on and heads held high - we can do this :slight_smile:

Love & Hugs Leigh xx

Really glad to hear it wasn’t too bad for you.

There are quite a few people who don’t really seem to have too many effects, and a few that do, so I really do wonder if the whole way chemo is communicated about should be looked at. I wasn’t really told I might NOT have side effects, so expected to be knocked for six for a week… when in fact, I carry on more or less as normal!!

I appreciate some people do get SE’s, and some severe, but these tales frighten so many people, when actually, many of us have NO SE’s to be concerned about.

I am probably not going to take the ondansetron anti-emetic next time cos it causes the only real SE that I get, constiptation!

Hey ladies

Do you mind if I join you? Never know where to start with these things! And I need a moan!

I have made it through my 5th cycle of FEC and I gotta be honest it’s getting better now they have fixed my drugs, I have had sickness as my side effect but the worst by far has to be my Veins… is anyone else in as much pain as me? They feel sooooo tight, like they are going to snap if I bend my arms!!

Dreading my 6th cycle cos I don’t know which arm to use now…they are using my bad arm cos my veins are hard! Grrrrrrrr! It’s doing my head in! Really worried they will never heal!

Well done on making it to number 5, it’s good to hear they’ve fixed your meds to make it easier.

Sorry to hear that you’re struggling with your veins, lots of sympathy but no advice I’m afraid as I had a portacath fitted before my first chemo so it’s not an issue I’ve had to deal with. I do have a friend who had chemo (though not for BC) and suffered with her veins and they did recover after treatment finished so hopefully you’ll be the same. Is the 6th cycle your last one?

Hi Rosie Jo,

There was a thread on here a little while ago to do with sore veins. I will try to find it for you and bump it up to the latest post list. you might find some of the information on it quite good. I had trouble with my veins too and has since had some physio on it… It has recovered well although still tight at times. It takes quite a while to heal, but do seek help if you feel it very sore…

Best Wishes
Fiona xxx

Hey ladies

Thank you both so much!

Fiona I’m glad I’m not the only one who has suffered with this and I’m glad you’re having Physio, now I know you have it I think i will ask for it to after my 6th! It obviously has a good effect!

1dayatatime, it is my 6th and I can’t wait to have it over and done with! I wish to never have it again! They almost put a picc line into me but I am allergic to seri strips and blister so I couldn’t have it in the end! They have told me I am a challenge! I am ultra sensitive to all drugs as well!! My journey with this cancer has been bonkers! Oh Dear!

How far are you both into treatment or recovery?

You sound like you are doing really well with your 1st chemo, do keep drinking lots of water…it’s the way forward!

I was the same as you with the hair thing, I to started to tug it gently to see if it would stay but I found it started to thin before my 2nd chemo and I had the cold cap. By my 3rd I was pretty bald (everywhere!) and now I’ve had my 5th I am completely bald! I had hair down to my elbows and everyone advised me to cut it all off, which I didn’t want to do. So I understand how traumatic you may feel, but cutting it short really was a wise move as it hurt when it was long, felt like it was going to slide off my head. It is less traumatic when it’s short and you do get used to yourself when and if it goes…be brave sweetheart. You will be ok and It will grow back…I have got to the point where I just think…it’s just hair and I now appreciate what I have got a lot more!

Enough from me for now!

Lots of hugs to you all, keep strong and as positive as you all are xx

Hi everyone,

I’ve done 3 Fec so far, due no4 tomorrow (delayed from last wk, as bloods were too low!) My veins are hurting too, hurts to touch them and if i reach too far with my arm. I did mention it to the nurse and she said - ‘yes it happens’ especially as i’m small and have small hands equaling small veins!! But they recover - I hope so as it’s a horrid feeling.
I’m dreading tomorrow… was all worked up for it last week and totally gutted when they couldn’t do it. Really don’t know how I’m going to get to 6 lots. It’s not so much the side effects with me, just the whole emotional and physcological side too it. Really don’t want it to spoil my Christmas.
I hope you’re all doing well and well done to those who have almost finished…wishing it was me!!!
Sarah x

Hey Slatch

You are doing really well to get this far and I felt the same as you by my 3rd. I thought I will never make it to 6 it’s too hard & I wanted to give up cos I was sooo ill but now I’ve done 5 I know the end is in sight…it really is easier after your 4th…promise. The only thing is you just want to get them all outta the way by then, well I did cos u just get fed up of it all!

I’m totally the same on the vein front to…it’s like noone really understands how sore it is (unless u have it) I can’t stretch that far to reach things either beacuse they ‘pull’ . The only thing consoling me is that they will recover but I am scared for my last chemo because they are soooo painful I may scream.

I know it’s hard waiting for tomorrow, it is easy to work yourself up and I do all the time, I think I have only just managed to stop crying on my 5th one and the way I did that was to mentally go through it in my head before hand and visualise how I will feel knowing it’s another one done, I managed the ones before so I can do it again I kept telling myself. That worked for me.

I’m gutted for you with you having to feel poorly over christmas but just think this time next year you can make up for it…I have mine on new years eve so hope that makes you feel a bit better knowing you’re not alone.

Good luck for tomorrow x

Hi Rosie Jo

Thanks for your post, I know as much as I feel like giving up- I have to go on!! Last week when I walked into the chemo suite I burst in to tears…wanted to run!! But then was gutted that I couldn’t have it done as bloods were too low!! I feel abit more like I just want to get this next one out of the way. I think alot of it is the fact that it’s Christmas and completely unfair of anything to spoil that for us!!
Isn’t it strange how we all feel similar…all with the same worries and thoughts. I’m so glad I found this website. There’s so much that we’re not told before hand that helps us through. I’m almost spending as much time on here as Facebook!!

Take care and good luck on new years eve- is that your last one? Certainly seeing 2009 out with a bang!!

Sarah xx

Hey Sarah

I know what you mean about not knowing enough stuff! It’s like you learn as you go along!

I have only just joined here and I find everyones experiences invaluable, we can all learn from each other it is amazing!

I am also spending far too much time on FB aswell but I am sooooooo bored of being indoors watching TV and stuff that it’s just good to connect to the real world!

I mean there ain’t much else to do when you’re not up to it…is there?! Though I have discovered that when I am well enough I have now become a lady who lunches…I lunch so much more than I ever have that I think I should become a food critic cos of all the places I’ve eaten in over the last few months! I live in Cardiff, it’s rather a big place but seriously…I am running out of places I haven’t been to! Oh and it’s no good for my wasteline!!

New years eve is my last one…also depending on bloods, the last few times have been touch and go for me, though they have all gone ahead. I am keepin everything X’d that my last one is on time so I can enter 2010 feeling a bit relieved. I can understand what emotions you’re feeling every time you enter the chemo suite…think we all do.

I hope you don’t feel to bad on christmas day and you get to enjoy yourself to some degree and although I don’t know you I will be thinkin of u. Show that chemo who’s boss!

Take care chick xx