1st Chemo today

1st Chemo today

1st Chemo today Well…I shall be leaving home in the next 20 minutes to go for my first of 4 x FEC (followed by 4 x Taxotere).

I am quaking in my shoes at the prospect of having all these chemicals injected into me and the side effects they will bring. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with me, and yet these treatments are going to make me ill according to the posts on here telling how badly you have all suffered!

I think this treatment is barbaric in the extreme, and am terrified of having it. But I guess it’s too late now to back out.


good luck Hi Dee

You’ll have set off by now, but hope everything goes OK.

Just to let you know you’ll get through it if only by sheer bloody-mindedness. I Had 8 FEC and finished in March. It has been known for me to sit in the waiting room in tears but I got there. My symtoms were not as bad as they could have been, although the surgery felt a doddle compared to the chemo.

I’m going in 10 mins for breast clinic appointment, don’t know what to expect, and am going for Herceptin theis aft. I have to tell them that I,ve ditched the Femara Letrozole due to bad side effects (GP didn’t know how I kept taking it so long - only 2 weeks.

Anyway goodluck. Oh by the way I saved the money I would have spent on hairdos and have splashed out on earrings. They look cool with my 3/4 inch hairdo.

Love Marilyn x

good luck Dee I had my first FEC last thursday
Was in floods of tears before it started but once they got the needle in it was fine and I was glad to get on with it
Side effects have not been bad. Have been sick once and yesterday and today have got galloping indegestion so have gone off and bought huge bottle of gaviscon.
Its that and the tiredness that is affecting me the most but just taking one day at a time
Good luck to you xxx


Hope all went well! Hi Dee,

I guess you’ll be back home by now, 1 chemo down! I went for my first one (I’m on epi-cmf) last month and remember feeling absolutely petrified. By the time I arrrived at the chemo day centre I was a nervous wreck and seriously considered making a bolt for the door! Had a little cry when the epi started but for all of 10 secs then I finally pulled myself together.

How did it go?? I found mine to be not as scary as I had first imagined. The staff were awesome and really kind. I hope your experience of your first chemo was a good one and you are feeling ok.

Let us know how you are,


P.S. You’re right, the treatment IS barbaric!!! LOL

For Dee Hi Dee - Have been thinking about you all day and hope it wasn’t as bad as you feared…I won;t phone tonight in case you are resting but I did send an email but I have computer problems so not sure if you got it.

I did pop by yesterday afternoon but you were out - hope you were enjoying some good food…

I had to chase my wig up from the Welling outfit but I do like the wig, which is just as well as my hair is really thinning now.

I will call you over the next few days and if you are up for a visit, will pop to see you prior to my next chemo on Friday…

Another little step taken - bit nearer our Christmas Party…

Lots of love chickadee…

I survived!! Hi girls,

Well the deed is done 1 down and 7 to go. I’ve peed the red pee – so am officially part of the club!

Haven’t (yet) had any problems, except for a slight light-headed woozy kinda feeling, but I think the nausea kicks in after a day or two doesn’t it?

Marilyn, I hope your clinic appointment went well…I will be having rads, Herceptin and Arimidex eventually, no doubt they all bring their own side-effects! I bet the earrings look great…my ears are pierced but I think the holes are closed up. Haven’t worn earrings for years!

Julie, I sent my husband out for a big bottle of Gaviscon as I did notice a slight discomfort after the egg mayo sarnie I was provided with at the Chemo Unit for lunch. Not sure if it was caused by that, the drugs, or the fact that I am wearing a rather close fitting mastectomy bra to keep my new prosthesis firmly in place as I am a bit paranoid about it slipping!

Kelly, I considered leaving the blinky COUNTRYrather than put my poor battered body through all this, and the Epi was the one I dreaded, cos I know it is that one that will make me lose my hair! The nurse was nice, I had a hot pad provided for my arm, and everyone was very reassuring.

Heather I received your email OK, I was home yesterday, must’ve been out in the garden…really sorry to have missed you. Still haven’t got my wigs from Welling either…will call them tomorrow and chase it up, I have a big dread of being hairless soon, and at my age I won’t look a bit like Sinead O’Connor bald. Am also cackhanded with the scarf tying, so think wigs are my best option.

Thanks all for your good wishes and support, don’t know what I’d do without you. Sorry for waffling on¦on a bit of a high having got over another hurdle!!


1st Chemo today Hi All
Had first chemo today, having 4 x AC, then 4 x taxotere. Have a headache now, so it was comforting from reading other posts that this is pretty normal. Feeling tired too. Also, right at the end of today’s treatment, I suddenly got a blocked nose and a tension headache - went outside for some fresh air and then felt fine - has this happened to anyone else?
My main concerns are looking after my three children, girl aged 4 and twin’s (boy and girl) aged 21 months, doing the washing/ironing/housework, working part time, etc., etc.! Family will help out, but am used to being independent! How does everyone else manage? Any tips?

hi scaredsam I read your post god I dont know how you are doing what you do. You sound like wonder woman. You must try and get some help I had my 6th chemo today and I told the nurse I had visitors here from South Africa and that I had been doing everybodys washing and ironing and all the cooking and she went mad at me told me to stop as I was doing to much. So you must try and get help.I feel I have sailed through all my chemo comlpaired to some ladies on this site but I still dont feel I could go back to work yet. I will be thinking about you You Take Care lOVE lINDA XXXXX

Hi Scaredsam
my best advice - is to try and lose your independance.
with 3 little ones of your ages I would think you would need a little help without any illness. trying to cope with them and BC is going to be highly exhausting. When the family offer help grab it with 2 hands you can get your independance back after your treatments. Life is easier for me as my girls have grown up but there are some days (not often) that I am so tired I can’t do much at all and my husband has to take over everything. I am vey independant like you, I dont like it when my husband takes oves the household chores but I try to grin and bear it as i know I need the help. good luck

Thanks for message, Kelyn Thank you for sending me a reply.
I think that I have been lucky to feel okay after first chemo, but after speaking to friends I understand that it’s on sessions 4-5 where you start to feel poorly. I have noticed today though, that my taste buds may have started being affected - my evening meal tasted totally bland and my mouth feels all ‘smooth’ - that’s the only way I know how to describe it. Plus, where I used to drink squash constantly I am quite happy just drinking plain water now!
Regarding your husband doing the household chores, is he similar to my partner? I have to ask him to move things instead of just hoovering around them, such as the toy boxes, laundry basket, etc.!
How far are you along the treatment route?

Thanks for message, Linda Thank you for sending me a reply.
You sound like you’re trying to be wonder woman too! I think that, while I feel okay to do things, I should - part of keeping life ‘normal’.
I am feeling pretty low tonight - I feel that someone has taken the pleasures of my life away and I don’t know where I am heading anymore. My eldest was talking about Santa and her birthday (in October) tonight, and us all opening the presents together. I told her that we would, but remember reading that you shouldn’t make children promises that you may not be able to keep - who knows, it is the uncertainty of all this which I really hate! I never realised that I have always taken life totally for granted - as a right, not a privilege which it really is! Sorry to be melancholy - hopefully will feel more cheerful tomorrow!
Best wishes to you.

Sorry Dee - seem to have hijacked your post Dee
Am so sorry, but my first message on this website seems to have hijacked your post. I struggled to get the hang of what I was supposed to be doing, and messed up!
Hope you are feeling okay, after first chemo. I expected to feel really poorly (and get all of the side effects!) straightaway, but touch wood, this hasn’t happened yet. Apart from, as in message for Kelyn, I feel that my sense of taste may be being affected.
I went scarf and hat buying yesterday, with friends, but can’t take in that I will soon have to wear them all of the time. I have never worn hats or scarves in the past, but didn’t fancy a wig - friends have told me that they can be really itchy and make your head hot - maybe other ladies have found this not to be the case? Please let me know how you get on with your wig.
Best wishes.

Hi scaredsam,

Hubby is not too bad on the household tasks but either needs to be told what needs doing or he needs a list of jobs - I’m happy as long as things get done as for the majority of the time I’m not having too many side effects so can do loads myself.

I’m on cycle 5 so feel that I’m heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

i have a wig and have worn it approx 5 times - I find it warm,itchy and generally uncomfortable but I think its becasue I haven’t been bothered to try and get used to it. I am happy in scarfes - wear what makes you happy.

It must be hard going through BC with young children, mine are grown up so they are a huge help to me.

Make sure you get plenty of attention from your family on your low days -let them know how you are feeling so they can help you.

For Scared Sam Don’t worry SS, I find it confusing when adding to threads on here too!

Well, I think I have been lucky so far with chemo No. 1. No sickness, just a day or two of tiredness, and fine the rest of the time. As you say, maybe it’s a cumulative effect and I won’t be so lucky next time.

Got my wig, and hated the blimmin thing (too dark). Went to another wig shop and bought a blonde bombshell one this morning which I feel much happier with!

Some felt itchier than others. The one I chose has a monofilament base, which is lighter to wear but costs more than the regular wigs. I think it’s certain that wigs will make your head hotter than your real hair.

I do have a few hats, which look OK, but will probably wear a scarf underneath them - very 1950’s!!

I look like Hilda Ogden in scarves/turbans!

I haven’t started to lose my own hair yet, but I suppose it won’t be long before I do, and like you, I can’t imagine that soon I will be bald!

All this takes a lot of coming to terms with, I have lost a breast, and soon will lose my hair, but, you know what, I’ll get through it…and so will you!!!



Dee’s New Look And how good do you look in the new hair Dee. It is so much easier to come to terms with hair loss when we are happy with our wigs…

Margaret has two new ones and I am off to Thurrock next week…

There are wig shops and there are wig shops…some provide a better service than others…

Scaredsam - Snap! Hi there scaredsam.

I started my first chemo on Friday morning (8th June) - 4 x AC and 4 x Paclitaxel - same as you and we’re only a day apart (with the UK/NZ time difference).

I had a wicked headache on Friday afternoon/evening and managed to throw up a couple of times during the night but have otherwise been pretty ok too. Probably the worst is now a very low grade nausea every now and again. My taste has altered slighty too I think, my usual favourite tipple - diet coke - is pretty ho-hum now and flavoured sports water seems to taste so much better. I’m also finding anything sweet is just too sweet and makes me feel a bit ick.

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or not but I seem to have developed a slight intolerance to heat/stuffiness - and as winter is coming on fast that should save on some heating bills if it lasts! Although, it might bring on complaints from my partner and 21 year old son - maybe they can dress up a bit more warmly???

Sam - I definitely agree with others that you need to offload some of your chores - no matter how hard that might be for you to do. It will be essential for your own wellbeing, and therefore theirs too! I know how hard it is to accept help when you are an independent person but you really must. From what I understand, you’ll feel like you’re managing just fine and wondering what all the fuss was about, then your health and wellbeing will crash. So take care.

I shall ‘look forward’ to sharing this journey with you.
All the very best,

Hi Justme I just replied to scaredsam on your thread but definitely haven’t overlooked your message.

I had my first chemo on Friday - so far pretty good really. It’d be great if this was as bad as its going to get but I’m not under any illusion that I’ll be quite that lucky.

I’ve also struggled with the wig thing. In New Zealand we are provided with a 400 grant by the government to spend on wigs and hats/scarves. We are provided with a list of wig consultants, most of whom come to your home for you, and the one I saw was wonderful, but I didn’t like the look of any of the wigs unfortunately. That was more my state of mind than her wigs I suspect. They were all good quality and we found the perfect colour for me but I didn’t think any of the available styles suited me so I just went for hats.

I’ll still have to go back and revisit the wig situation i think 'cause I’m sure there’ll be situations when i wished I had one but I’m not looking forward to it. I suspect it’ll be mainly hats and scarves for me over the coming months!

I went to watch my hockey team play in the weekend and wore a hat for the first time - it was freezing cold (winter has arrived with a hiss and roar here in NZ) and I figured it was a great opportunity for them to get used to seeing me in a hat, and for me to get used to wearing one - while I still have a choice. I felt pretty self-conscious for a little while but got over it soon enough.

Good luck Dee - life could be better right now couldn’t it, but it could also be a lot worse! I’m thinking a year from now - all this will be done and dusted and life will be getting back to a new kind of normal again.

Superwoman Hi ScaredSam,
Hope your first chemo went well, for me the first one was the worst and after that its crap but you know what you are in for and will have some idea of the help that you need. I have just had my 3rd cycle of 8 (2 weekly) and like you I have small children two boys age 2 and 4. It was awful after the first cycle and I was on my own with the boys and my husband was working 12 hour shifts. We very quickly learned that this was a situation that we couldn’t let happen again. I plotted a calendar of my treatment against my husbands shifts and then booked people in to help me out (just in case) on the days when I thought I might need some help. As it has happened I haven’t really needed to use the just in case help as after the first cycle things have been better. Mostly because I have stopped taking any extra anti nausea meds. I.e. the Dexamethasone and the Maxalon. I think the side effects of these were actually worse than how I was feeling. Also like you I hate asking for help so it was easier to book people in advance and have them ring me to see if I still needed help than actually ask (silly really but there you go)!

Also when you have a good days don’t spend them catching up with the housework. My mother-in- law does my ironing and I figure it’s better for all of us if we go for a bike ride, catch up with friends or play in the park.

It’s really hard, but I think that having the kids is the best motivation for getting through this. Oh and I haven’t said this at home but when I need a rest I go to work!!!

Wishing you the best of luck…like my husband tells me “You’re not Superwoman”


just had my 1st chemo too Hi Scared Sam

I just had my 1st chemo yesterday (like you x4 fec & x4 taxotere).

I was a bit emotional beforehand and trying not to cry when I had the cannula put in my hand. What I hadn’t realised that it was given by injection so that the nurse sat with me the whole time injecting me with 6 different vials of drugs! It only took 40 mins though which was a bonus. I then had a zolodex injection in my tummy which was a bit scary but didn’t hurt at all as the area had been numbed.

I felt a bit sicky last night and a bit peculiar but feel absolutely fine today. I am absolutely starving as well, surely the steroids can’t have had an effect that quickly!

I was joking to my hubbie in the car that my hair would have fallen out by the time we got home from the hospital! Luckily it is still there but now it seems really real that it is actually going to all fall out! I’ve got my final wig fitting next week in preparation.

Anyway I hope you and all the other ladies on here are doing ok.

lots of love