2nd Fec tomorrow

Hi everyone Im new to this site. I live in the country in Sapin and this site has been so useful to me. Although the care and treatment here has been good. The support system isnt like the uk. i can speak a little Spanish which helps. Would love to join your chats and any advice will be well received

Hi Shirley

Before anyone else joins in. I just wanted to say ‘welcome’. There are loads of threads you can join in. Don’t be shy. I’m past chemo now but loads of ladies are at the same stage as you, just join in their threads.

You’ll get loads of support here.


Thank you Mal it was nice to get your message this morning. before my trip to Malaga for more chemo. Do feel a little cut off here at times. Although very lucky I have
good friends out here. My Hubby is also Brillant. But it will me nice to chat to people that are going through the same experience. Hair almost gone now so Im off out for my first trip in my new hat. My new look for a few months ooh so scary so vain. So glad its winter here in Spain and hats are ok. Shirley.

Hi Shirley and welcome!
I too am a ‘newbie’ both to this site and the treatment. I’m so glad I joined this site eventually after dithering for a few weeks! It’s so reasuring to know that other ladies are going through the exact same thing and you can ask, support and even moan on here if it makes you feel better!
Just want to wish you the very best for today, ur 2nd FEC. (How did u find the 1st one. ok I hope)
I’ve had the surgery and my first visit with the onc is 2moro to discuss my chemo treatment so guess I’ll be starting nex week all being well.
I will be going down the ‘hat’ route same as you - rather than wigs and will be having my longish hair cut short ready for the ‘fall out’.
Do let us know how you get on chuck.
Sue x

Hi Sue
thank you for your message. it went ok today. I wasnt too bad with my first Fec just tired no sickness and horrible heartburn. But the Doctors can give you something for that. Good luck tomorrow It will be ok and we new folks can stick together. Like you i have been dithering to join but i think it will be good. I will be thinking about you tomorrow I had my haircut short too and it does help to soften the blow. take care best wishes Shirley.

Hi Shirley
Well done u, thats another one out of the way, you seem to be taking it all in your stride and also not suffering horrendous side effects like some I’ve read on here.
I’ll let you know tomorrow how my visit went. I have a whole list of questions to ask so may be there some time!!!
Night night for now and will post again 2moro
Take care
Sue x

Hi Susie
Hope it went ok today. Your head will be full of stuff,with the info you have been given. But remember we are all different and you wont get all the side effects they have explained to you, and they can also be controlled. My doctor here in Spain told me there is no need to suffer with chemo too much these days, and to always ask for help. Going out in my hat wasnt so awlful and I had a couple of compliments from my fellow spanish patients. Which was really kind and nice.
best wishes shirley
P.s Remember we are already BC survivors because we are here and being treated now!!! XXX

Hi Shirley
Too right about us BC survivors!! and though it’s tough at times, I believe strongly that positivity goes a long way and helps us to beat this.
Well have had a very long but positive day starting with the visit to my onc - who is a lovely quiet spoken chap and very patient - it’s a good job really with the amount of questions I had on my lickle pad :slight_smile:
I have a fantastic BCN who was there too and had a good long chat with her.
I start FEC on 21st Jan as I still have slight swelling from my op and onc wants that gone before chemo. I also have to have a full body scan - have you had one of those?
I just have a bit of a concern about the amount of sessions he wants me to have, he’s suggested 8. Am I right in thinking the usual amount is 6 ? Didn’t think to ask at the time … think I’ve got chemo brain already and not even started blimmin treatment yet !!
Following the hospital visit, we went to my works to see all my colleagues, they made a right old fuss of me and it was really lovely to see them all, what a tonic!
Went and did a ‘big shop’ at Tesco and visited mother-in-law and home to rest - phew I’ll sleep tonight!
What kind of hat have you got chuck?
Hope you still feel ok after ur 2nd FEC, how many do you have to have (I’m obsessed now by how many everyone is having, sorry)
Speak soon and take care
Sue xxx

Hi girls

Mal here. I was diagnosed last May, surgery june and 8 sessions of chemo started July, I’m now one week into radiotherapy so know how you are feeling. Chemo is the pits, but you just have to batten down the hatches until it’s over. Each one is different. Some are lucky and sail tho’ it but I think most of us have some SE. But they don’t last for ever. It’s difficult to see that when you’re going thro’ it.

It’s 8 months since I found my lump and my mum said ‘hasn’t the last 8 months gone quick?’ Maybe for you mum! But really looking back it has flown and I’m glad about that. I’m now looking forward to next year (I couldn’t do that not long ago) and I suppose the message is that - it will soon be over!

We have an apartment in Spain and I’ve booked flights for February - I thought when we left last summer that I might not see it again, but here I am planning!

There is light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it yet.


Hi Mal
Wow so u hav had the 8 chemos then too! I cannot tell u how relieved I am to find someone else who’s had this many! (Sorry not so good for u though having to go through it). I was beginning to think the worst, but think I was just having the eeby jeebies - sorry for sounding mardy :frowning:
How did u find having 8 Mal, was it do-able? I know there’s some great tips on another thread about getting through chemo, but did u find any others? Apologies for bombarding u with questions but still just kinda sinking in and getting my head round it.
I’m sooo please you’ve managed it and come out the other end, although ur journey is going to last a bit longer yet, they reckon chemo is the ‘hump in the road’ and once you’ve got that under ur belt, ur on the right side so to speak.
U enjoy your trip to Spain, u thoroughly deserve it chuck and thanku so much for responding and sharing ur experience - ur a star !!!
Hope ur still feeling ok this morning Shirley, u too are an inspiration!
Keep plodding on friends!
Will speak later
Sue x

Hi Susie glad you are ok and the meeting wasnt too bad. just try and take things as they come and dont worry to much about the what ifs. When a problem or side effect arises just face it then. We are given so much information at times its overwhelming and it can play havoc with our imagination. Its more important to take care of yourself and try and eat well etc. Dont worry about your 8 cycles of Fec, it sounds normal and common to me. I was told that in Spain, 6 cycles is the minimum they give. I have to have radiotheraphy and then some form of hormone theraphy for 5 years. Im not feeling too bad and havent suffered any sickness again which is good. I feel tired and a little fuzzy headed but i can cope with that.
Its a good idea to sort out some headwear before you start. I have some bandanas as it will soon start to get warm here and they are also good for around the house. My daughter got me a lovely beanie with a cap, really funky great for wearing when out walking my doggies. Check out Monsoon accessorise in uk, also a website called Bandanas uk, and a site called Hats4heads.co.uk. They do some lovely hats and have been very helpful. Take care try to enjoy your weekend all the best Shirley X

Hi Mal
Thank you for your comments and experiences, How thoughtful and kind of you to take time to give us girlies some encouragement. Have a good trip to Spain. I hope the weather will improve. Im in Costal del Sol in the hills and its very chilly here at the moment. But hey good for the use of my new hats. Thank you for your reassurance I too had a dark time around Christmas and wondered if it could be my last. but I realise its normal to have these thought now and its a process we all go through.Like you said chemo is the hump in the road and i will get pass it soon. 2 down 4 to go.
many thanks again have a lovely time Shirley

Hi Shirley
Thank you so much for ur support re the chemo sessions and yes it makes perfect sense to cross each bridge as you come to it - u are a very wise lady indeed :slight_smile:
It fills me with confidence when I hear that ladies like yourself have not suffered any sickness, long may it continue for you - and I agree totally, tiredness and fuzzy heads I can deal with, no probs.
I received my date today for the body scan - 16th Jan and they sent a bottle of stuff (dye I think) along with the letter and a list of times and dates for taking it, which I have to take beforehand.
Gosh I can’t believe it’s come through so quick, only saw the onc yesterday. Just cannot wait to have the scan and get the results so I can stop worrying about the spreading issue.
I’m really sorry Shirley - have just looked back over this thread and all I’ve done is worry !!! I think when all the appointments for the treatments and tests kick in following surgery, as you say you feel bombarded until things settle down a bit.
Yes I have been looking for hats but havn’t bought any yet. I found a web site called Buffwear.co.uk which have little video demonstrations showing you the many ways to wear them. They do cater for chemo patients too.
I shall certainly try the ones you have suggested though. I’ve contacted my hairdresser friend to get my hair cropped. I’ve had it mega short before and I’m told I suit it so bring it on :slight_smile:
Well you enjoy the rest of ur week-end too Shirley and get plenty of fresh air walking them doggies of urs
Take care and bye for now
Susie x

Hi susie
Glad you are feeling more upbeat, but you are perfectly normal and we all get low times. You are like me i have a petite face too so im lucky I can get away with short hair too. I am getting more confident and dont mind walking around the house with an uncovered head now. Dont think I would answer the door but my dogs would let me know someone was on the way. I havent been offered a body scan here. Maybe they do things differently, although all my treatment seems the same as many others here on this site. I may mention it to my doctor next time i see him for his opinion. But he told me my ongoing treatment would be as a precauction only and my cancer was the least agressive type. He said if you have to have cancer mine was the best type to have Huh!!!
Im very lucky and I can walk for miles here in the country and not see too many people so thats nice. Our mountains around us are covered in snow today very beautiful. the weather here is very strange at the moment so unusual for this part of Spain.
You take care now
love Shirley X

Hope it is ok with you guys to join your conversations. New to this and going for it!

Your stories are making me realise how good my NHS experience is locally (not at all that yours is not good). I had my diagnosis on 11/11, then 18/11 further biopsies, same day had chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, and two days later my bone scan. All clear to secondaries! Thank God. But no time in such a packed journey to get any stress from thinking about it. Reassurance was there before I even had time to fear anything. My surgeon and breastcare nurse were keen to get on with it, but I delayed them wanting a consult with the oncologist. I then changed my mind and treatment plan, and have chosen chemo before surgery. I have felt in control of the appointments nearly all the way along, and have to say the NHS in England has come a long way to achieve this, but then it had a long way to go. My NHS care is in Newcastle, though I live an hour away. Chemo in small town hospital 15 miles away. Never have to wait, very personalised care. Nurses all know me by name (is that cos I am such a pest perhaps!). Feel like the queen with private clinicians, the NHS really is fantastic.

Susie, my bone scan involved me having a blue dye injected in vein in arm at noon, then went out shopping! 3 hours later I came back to the hosp and laid down on a couch, where the machine then scans along you and back very slowly. You don’t move. It took 15 mins or so, and I just fell asleep. The least invasive of all the tests. Found out straight away that there was no prob, but many people wont find that out as may need specialist to interpret the scan, and that may take some time. If you were sent blue dye, may be your test is different to mine, so best take my experience as just that. And I’ve seen some lovely buffs so can back you up that they are a good buy. Versatile and gorgeous patterns / colours.

Shirley, you are so lucky having a lovely terrain to enjoy, Like you I have lovely hills: Hadrian Wall country in Northumberland and love walking out here. Now the snow has gone and it may warm a little, I will test out the newly naked head in its specially bought headgear along with the boots with special inserts (necessary as can’t have the steroid injections I needed into my foot). That’s another story of “Well done NHS”, as the foot specialist saw me in the same week as diagnosis and changed treatment plan, including special delivery of shoe insert so i could get out during my chemo. Could barely walk with the painful heel. That pain has strangely gone quiet, now I have other parts of the body to concentrate on! Shirley, it was really interesting to hear your onc says your type of cancer is the least aggresive. Are you willing to share what that is? Mine is invasive ductal ca of no special type, but triple neg (not hormone related).

Hi Shirley
Wow ur so lucky to have beautiful views to look at and especially when ur mountains are snow covered. U’ll have no shortage of therapeutic fresh air where u are I bet :slight_smile:
I suppose we are quite lucky here too as we live on the border of Cheshire so only a few minutes from countryside and villages and we have a huge moss at the end of our road too.
I guess ur doc means because u have the least aggressive type of cancer, it’s the best one to have in that respect - but that’s great for you! On this journey any positive info is a step in the right direction and it’s just learning to think as positively as you can under these difficult circumstances.
Hi again Amandajane - think I’ve responded to u on another thread. My hubby and I had such a laugh this morning trying out the different ways to wear buffs (he wears one when riding his motorbike) he just couldn’t get to grips with which way to twist what to end up with a bandana !!!
Well ladies Man United match due to start and need to get my footy head on!!
U look after urselves
Sue x

Hi amandajane
Hope you ok, Thank you for joining us girlys. Im so glad i have joined this forum. Hope you are having a good day? Arent we lucky too have such wonderful surroundings just outside our doors. Still cold here but sunshining and snow on mountains so beautiful. It really lifts the spirits, I hope I never take it for granted. My story is, because I live in Spain. I decided to have a through well women check whilist I was still 50. I was told in when living in Dorset in England I may not get called up until 51+. But I decided to take things in hand and be sensible, not knowing too much about the Spanish systems yet. Well the checks went fine everything fanstastic until my routine mamogram. I didnt even know I had a lump,and it could not be felt by the doctor either. What a bomb shell!!
But the postive thing is its been found, and is being dealt with. I could actually still be walking around with this time bomb ticking and have no idea. The doctors were fanstastic. I had a biospy the same day and had the lump removed in less then a week of lump being found. My feet didnt touch the ground. The lump was 2.6cm in my left breast, the lymph nodes were clear and the name on the doctors report is carcinoma in situ. which is an early non invasive cancer. but cant say more as notes are all in Spanish. I dont have a BC nurse or anything so this site really helps me. Im having 6X FEC, then Radiotheraphy, and some form of Hormonal treatment. Mine is hormone related. well take care,keep in touch, best wishes Shirley

hi Susie
How are you doing? ok I hope? You are a Man Utd fan eh!! so is my Hubby, He watches every match here on Spanish Television and it costs nothing. Bless him he is in heaven!! Hope your hubby is coping ok its really hard for them too. They must feel so helpless at times. Im not feeling too bad today have been doing housework and the washing. Abit dull but great to have some normality again. I have tryed the buffs very good my hubby and daughter both snowboard so they use them too.
Take care keep in touch Shirley XXX

Hi Shirleyspain

My mum lives in Spain and was diagnosed in August 2008. She is being treated at the Costa Del Sol in Marbella. Her treatment so far has been fantastic…Spain is a good place to be in that respect. The only problem we have is the language…she has been there 10 years and still doesnt speak the lingo!!!

I have tried to translate her diagnosis on the internet but it is an absolute nitemare as loads of the medical words dont translate???

It made me chuckle when i read your comment about how cold it is over there at the moment, my Mum keeps saying the same thing. I have to keep telling her it was -8.5 when i drove to work one moring last week!!! Mucho, mucho frio!!!


Hi Shirley
I’m very well thankyou! Yes we are MU fans and try to watch all the matches. We used to go to the local to watch them, but since u know what happened, I can’t drink and weirdly find crowded places too much after a while, so quite happy to watch them at home now.
My hubby has been absolutely brilliant through all of this and just wants to be with me at every hosp visit and he’s a constant support … he’s always reminding me to take my tablets cos I’m terrible at remembering them!! We don’t have children but we have lots of nieces and nephews which is enough :slight_smile: Oh and we have a cat called Jess which I found in a skip at work last year. I am a traffic controller for a waste management company - basically in charge of the drivers and vehicles that empty bins. (till I went off sick that is)
Don’t know if I told u but my tumour was 3cm and grade 3 aggressive, had full left mastectomy and all 18 nodes removed were infected too (I don’t do things by halves me !!)
My hubby and I manage to have a laugh about something or other on most days and we really enjoy each other’s company.
I’ve just been dweebing about all day too, same as you washing etc - like you say making the most of normality, but at least it’s relaxing :slight_smile:
So glad u still feel ok, u seem to be doing really well on ur chemo don’t u ? Long may it continue I say!
Enjoy the rest of ur evening and will speak soon chum
Take care
Sue xxx