39 year old mom ,Would like to chat to people like me !!!!!!

Hi my names Lisa Im 39 years old , happily married with two beautiful children , I found out on Monday that I have invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3 ( 9th March )and had a full mastectomy and removal of the lymph noddes on Wednesday ( 11th March ).

Cant believe im typing this into a brest cancer chat room this is still like a very bad dream ,any advise help or support would be very graetfully recived .

From a very scared mom of two xxxx

Hi Lisa, welcome to the BCC forums,

BCC have published a booklet for those newly diagnosed which may help you to understand more, you can order it via the following link:

breastcancercare.org.uk/serv … ication.82

We also have dedicated ‘younger womens’ services and information which you can read about via this link:


Please also call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm, here you can speak to one of our team who are either specialist breast care nurses or have had an experience of breast cancer themselves and are here to support you and help you through this difficult time.

Best wishes


Sorry to hear of your news.

I too have recently had the news I have BC. I was diagnosed Weds 11th March. I am still waiting for full report.I won’t get this until 25th march as the consultant is on holiday- the waiting is torturous.My cancer is likely to be lobular but not entirely sure of size /grade etc. It feels big to me though and as days go by I’m convincing myself it is even bigger.I can’t wait for them to get on and treat me.

I’m a bit of a newbie so haven’t an awful lot of experience to share but I guess we’re in a similar position.

I too have wonderful children. A four year old boy and an 18 month old girl. For me, it is the children that I’m worried for.

I’ve been chatting on here for a few weeks now and the site is truly wonderful .Already I’ve made so many friends and everyone is so supportive. It does make it a little easier to know and hear of other experiences and reassures me that I’m not alone in these awful feelings.

Keep positive and keep chatting.

Love Freddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi lisa lisa

sorry about your dx. I was dx on March 12th last year with invasive ductal grade 3. I was 39. I think that they need to start screening women when they get their first smear.
I found the lump myself, if i never checked myself then i wouldn’t have found the lump and i don’t like to think of the outcome of that.

I have found this site brilliant and have got alot of support from others either by personal replys or just by reading through all the postings on the different topics. sometimes it makes me feel a bit reassured knowing that others have the same symptoms/worries as me and that i’m not alone, also my minds been put at rest several times.

wish you all the best with your future treatment.

hugs x

Hello Lisa etal

I was 34 when first diog - had lumpectomy, gland sample ( which was clear thank go - the cancer being grade 2) - followed by 6 weeks of radio, 2 years of Zolodex and 5 years on tamoxifen. The double blow for us was we had yet to have children and the menopause at 34 meant the end of that. However - we adopted a lovely little girl last year and life was on the up. I toasted our friends at new year this year to say I had taken my last tamoxifen that day and my 5 years was done - an end to that part of my life. Although we all know it does not go away.

So - everything positive - a clear mammo check up in Oct and my lovely little one to keep me busy.

A visit to the GP with her had me mention twinges in my arm and he sent me to see my doc to be sure. A new lump under the arm was found - a biop 2 weeks ago - gave me the worst news and now following full gland clearance I am just out of hospital and back for my results tomorrow. My doc has said chemo for 6-8 is likely - and life on hormone treatment of some sort - maybe something perm to my ovaries.

Cannot believe I am here again - and so much harder 2nd time around - especially with a little one now - totally devastatated. Dreading hair loss and what my little one will think Lomg hair down myu back for 25 years and so scared of how I will face and deal) - plus taking care of her with illness - when I should be loving life with her now.

I felt alone at 34 last time - and I feel it again now -

I would love to connect with young ladies and mums in my position - to hopefully hold each others hands and hearts through this tough time.

Look forward to hearing from you -

Jo x

hi i am new to this site just looking for a discussion to start with - there is so much i want to discuss! i am 34 and was diagnosed in late jan. I’ve had a lumpetamy but the margins weren’t clear so i will have a masectomy in the summer after chemo. i may have a double if the genetic testing comes back positive. yesterday i had my second dose of chemo - the oncologist has given me an extra anti sickness drug and it’s working a treat - i;m feeling relatively ok - fingers crossed.

i have a beautiful 8 month old called Catrin who is keeping me strong. i went through a very bad time ont he first chemo emotionally but since then have found a place called breast cancer haven in london and also just got lance armstrong’s book which is truly inspirational .


Hi Where do we both start ,

I feel I realy need this as know one around me knows what I am going through ,

Ive had probs with my nipple for over 2 years refered to consultant and scan and managram came back clear 12 months ago . Returned to doc over and over again given cream for cracked nipple and antibiotics for abcess ( now i know it was no abcess )

This went on for over 6 months I even asked to be re refered which doc said was pointless as scan gave all clear , rushed into hospital in acute pain Put on iv drip for 2 weeks had biop which was really painful sent home , re admitted again in loads of pain but back on iv drip ( thought I was dieing ) told results while in hospital ,

as above Ive had full masectomy right side lymp taken also with in 3 days ofr finding out I have the big C , now waiting for results on Tuesday as i have stage 3 fast growing , not sure weather to laugh or cry think im dreaming .

What do I say when people ask how Im feeling ? Do I say Im scared I may die .!!!

Lisa x sorry spelling not a strong point of mine lol


I was 36 yrs old when I was first dx. i had multifocal lobular cancer. I had lumpectomy and node clearance followed by 6 months of chemo and 15 sessions of rediotherapy, then mastectomy.

I went to see the plastic surgeon last aug for my apt to have a bilateral mastectomy and asked about a pain in my chest which he said was nerve damage from my mastectomy.
In Nov 08 I asked my onc about a small hardness in my neck and the pain in my chest I was dx with secondaries in my lymph nodes in the nect and chest wall and lungs.
I am now having chemo for secondaries first chemo didnt work but the chemo i am on now has shrunk the cancer to nearly non existant.
All I can say is there is a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone and stay positive that is what has got me thru this.
I am a mom of 2 children and 2 step children on of which lives with us so I know how you feel with trying to juggle everything around.
Make use of family and friends to try and help you with chores or errands I was too proud first time round but have taken offers very much on bored this time.
Take care
Will pop in again to speak again if you dont mind.
Lisa xx

yes please do and yes i am making the most of friends and family i am very very lucky my mom is the best as are the rest of my family and my friends are queing up to see me , ran out of varses for all the flowers lol …

Posted on behalf of new user Lorraine
Kind regards

Hello Lisa, my name is Lorriane and im also 39.Ihave 3 children and had a right mascetomy on 2nd Jan 09. I only signed up today and your the first person that i`ve contacted.

I hope you are doing well after your surgery. For me the first few days were quite surreal, leaving hospital and facing my family was very confusing for me. I wanted to be with them but i could barely look at myself and felt betrayed by my body and mutilated. My family has been very supportive and patient with me but its my own inner battle to reconnect with the woman who looks at me from the mirror that is the hardest thing.

I also have to still be a mum as you well knowcaring for children is hard enough when you are at you fittest! How old are your children? my eldest is 19 and at uni, then my girl is 13 and at grammar school and the youngest is 4.

Hi Lorraine
Im very new too just want to find out as much as I can about this and so far this site is really helping ,

My son is 11 yrs and my daughters 6 , 7 next week going on 17 !!! found her on sunday with my softie ( I think thats what they call the first one they give you after surgery ) up her top …Husband was horrified , we just fell about laughing …Men
Not sure how long your were in but I got sent to a private hospital ( by the nhs …) which was great as had spent 2 weeks really ill in our local hospital and had a really bad time there ,
So as I was so looked after didnt leave until I was mentally and emotionally ready ( all drains had been removed ) 6 days I think …

Bit of a long story but I had been in so much pain with what I was told was a breast abcess I would of taken it off myself If I could so unless its not hit me yet lossing it was not that bad for me .

Not sure if its helps but apparantley we can have free reconstruction with tattoed nipples !!! and I was told If they use your stomache area for the fat ect you get tummy sorted out …
I know its much to soon but it did make me smile for a little while hope it works for you too xxx
I have posted some thing else on her for ladies just starting treatment Ill find where it is and let yiou know you can join us there I think theres three of us now four including you and were about the same age …
Speak soon lisa …

hi again the new post i put on is New !!! just been told what treatment I need under newley diagnosed …

Hi all

Was diagnosed April 08 age 39 grade 3 and DCIS had right side mastectomy and immediate LD recon. Just wanted to give you girls some support and to let you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I know you won’t feel it now but there is. I/we lived and breathed my cancer until I finished my chemo in November and although it has taken some time I am starting to get my life back it seems to be coming back with my hair lol. My boys 11 and 9 have been my saviour throughout, my biggest concern was to get through it with as little effect on them as possible, which I feel I have achieved. I had a mast on my left side last Wed ( preventative ) and am doing great.

Hope you stay well during your chemo. Stay positive I know we all say it but it does help.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Hi im jackie, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in december,had masectomey and now chemo, are you having chemo or dont you need to have it. Iam 48, married with a 17 year ole daughter, it is a terrible shock to us its a horrible feeling but we have to be strong and do what ever you have to do. I know a few people who have come through it a couple of years on who have started back to work and carrying on with their lives, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel its just tough going through treatment anyway hope you get back in touch jackie

Hi Ladies
My first chemo on Friday ive got 6 sessions on fec-t I think !!!then Rad I think …Lisa

Hi Lisa

Good luck for your chemo tomorrow hope all goes smoothly for you.




Sorry ladies
couldnt of looked at this screen till 2day oh my head !!!
No one said id fell as ruff as a dog that had just got run over , and no one said to move when that fast train came !!!lol ( I DO HOPE ITS NOT THIS BAD FOR EVERYONE ) .
Just tryed to sleep through it and tryed to eat alittle which has been hard as also felt really sick ( AM TAKING LOADS OF SICKNESS TABS )
not sure how ill fell when striods run out 2 day not much energy with them so hope my body starts to find its own …
Any way enough of that mom taken kids away for few days so going to get strong for daugthers 7 th bday party ( hope theres no kids with runny noses!!!)
as it says in the song
Thinks can only get better !!!
Lisa .


How are you doing now. I am slightly down the line… I have just turned 38 single mum. Was diagnoised last september with cancer one side pre-cancer the other…had lumpectomy and gland removal. Then Nov decided to go for the full wammy to get as much as possible out the way.Rather a preventative as have disabled son and time out isnt really an option. Had bi-lateral macectomy with immediate reconstruction. Been blow up (lilo lil ll) (deflated due to pain) blown up again in quite a few stages since january. Other op unfortunately is on the cards as these have not ended up quite how they should be …neer mind. It is a roller coaster of emotions but it does get a little easier…Where abouts are u? I am looking for younger women in te cornwall/devon areas as so far have not met any1 younger really. Any questions get in touch…Huge hugs keep smiling
m xxx

Hi M
Im 39 with 2 children who thankfully have gone away with nan and grandad hope tomorro is a better day . Not from your area im from the West Midlands .