7 years today

Seven years ago today, I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer. At that time, I was so scared. I felt every twinge, creak and groan in my body, and was sure that the cancer had spread. Every visit at the hospital seemed to bring more bad news. I went from a 1.5cm tumour to a 3.7cm one. I went from treatment being a lumpectomy and rads to lumpectomy, another op for clear margins, chemo then rads. I really thought my life was over. I met some very special people on my treatment journey, and have had some fun times and sad times. But here I am, seven years later, loving life and still NED. I found this website such a godsend throughout, so if you’re a newbie, you really are in safe hands here. I don’t think of cancer every day now, and am rarely on this website. But I just wanted to remind any new members reading this that there are loads of us out here who have been through all you are going through now and have come out the other side xxx

Thank you for sharing this positivity, Weeannie1  :revolving_hearts: