a bit of humour

Had to share this as my friend has had me roaring with laughter. I have been iinvited to a wedding just 10 days after my op (right side lumpectomy) and I said to my friend I wasnt sure if I would feel well enough to make it to the wedding and her response


‘Well you wont be able to throw your arms in the air like you just don’t care and if you do the YMCA you will look dyslexic’


She is just the type of friend I need to keep me laughing x

Love it!!!

Actually, flinging your arms around to music would be great exercise to prepare you for the rads if you are having them…not half as boring as the “walking your hands up the wall” stuff you have to do afterwards. Joking aside, you should be absolutely fine for the wedding ten days after lumpectomy - I was down the pub the next day, (though not drinking, obviously). So long as you aren’t driving yourself there, as I was told not to drive for 2 weeks. I felt that I could have driven before this, but in view of insurance etc i obeyed the instruction just in case. Have a great time! xxx

That’s good news I hope to make the wedding ? Never even thought about telling insurance another task on my to do list x thank you

Brilliant Time warp would be difficult as well I would say as well Hope you enjoyed I had my op yesterday and it’s my grandsons 4th birthday party tomorrow I will go for half an hour and walk with a human guard around me in case I get bundled???

Have a fab time at grandsons party ? Well op is 8 th August got a wedding on 11th and a wedding on 19th so hopefully can make at least 1 minus the time warp ???x

The dances certainly sound a lot more interesting than the exercises !!!I dont think you actually have to tell the insurance company re the op just follow the guidance on not driving for 2 weeks ,if you had an accident if you drove before that you wouldn’t be covered .

Thank you xx

Although I was further post op (4 weeks) I “rocked” at a U2 concert…It was good to try an chuck my arm in the air to wave to Bono! x

I get my karaoke disc on and do my exercises to my beautiful voice…not???Or turn it on when I’m on a downer

If I sang would make peoples ears bleed lol xx

Did you go?
2 weeks after my lumpectomy I went to a 3 course banqueting meal last night and had a glass of wine. Did get tired though with all the chatting which isn’t usually a problem. People usually try to shut me up!
I think I feel better now I have a treatment plan and although I’m scared to see the chemo nurse next week at least I know what’s in store.x

Actually Sue, the exercises they gave me to do are a bit like YMCA, so you should be ok! Actually my daughter says when I do them I look like a mixture of somone giving a blessing and an air traffic controller!

It’s a good idea to have people around you to make you laugh, your friend sounds just the right person!

Thank you very much for your birthday wishes xx

Surgery yesterday wedding Friday so I will see how I feel x

Hope you have a good recovery! I went to work for a few hours on the 4th day after op. Just felt bit tired thats all! See how you feel on the day! Sometimes you don’t feel like doing something but if you go you might feel better.xx

Ck thank you and glad you are on the mend x I will see how I feel ? Work 4 days after gosh that was quick x I have to have 6 months off cause I work in a school and risk of infection x

Jen they said rads is at the moment then 10 years of tablets I work in a secondary school in student services so first port of call for all sick students so will be at risk x also I get full pay for 6 months so planning on having cheap holidays in term time x rads will start 6 to 8 weeks time xx

Thanks Helena x

I didn’t do anything strenuous, just answered the phone for orders and drank guinness! I did get tired after 3 hours though.x

Sue W
I just answered the phone and drank guinness but my chemo will start in next few weeks so not sure how I will feel. We need to take it easy.xx

They did say that it could be subject to change but if lymph nodes come back clear that should be the plan x ck Guinness is supposed to be full of iron so sure it done you some good ?