a lump

Last night I was prodding my good breast [as you do] and found a lump beside the areola.I flew into panic mode,vomiting,crying the lot[wimp of the year award for me].This morning I rang bcn who said I would need to see surgeon for proper dx so have an appt for next Wed.I also saw my GP this morning and she was great.I would like to ask you the significance of he comments on the letter she gave me [open].It said:1cm,not fixed,not firm,smooth,some nodularity.She said it did not feel sinister to her and it may be related to a bang on the breast that I got from a doorknob[dont ask!]a couple of weeks ago-it was badly bruised.Any thoughts on what she said?thanks Valxx

Hi Val

Because its not fixed seems a good sign. I know they always look to see if the lump is “tethered” to underlying structures - also not firm implies more fluidy than solid tissue and smooth also is a good sign. Probably very likely to be a bruise from you bang. When I had a core biopsy which left me bruised, I had some horrendous lumps appear and jumped into panic mode straight away. Contrary to all the hype about GP’s not knowing anything, they do know in most cases whats sinister and whats not and given your history, she is going to be ultra thorough. I personally wouldnt be too worried - easier said, I know.

Oh horace I am so sorry that you have all this worrying and waiting again. I so hope that it is alright.
Just a comment about lumps relating to banging your breast. A year before I was dx. I went to the doctor’s nurse because the area around and behind my nipple felt different than normal. She asked if I had banged it recently and indeed I had when coming down a slide while swimming with my grandchildren. I was told not to worry.
A year later I went again with exactly the same symptoms and it was diagnosed as cancer.
I feel like a Job’s comforter but wanted to tell you to be very wary of this “have you bumped it?” and don’t allow them to be dismissive because you have.

Thanks,Margaret I volunteered the info about the bump-she didnt mention it.I had quite a bad bruise for a while.What does ‘some nodularity’ mean?The ref to the surgeon is for next Wednesday morning so not too long to wait.

well horace if you will go opening doors with your titties then you are asking for trouble!

seriously tho … try not to worry too much - there are a lot of the points in the letter (and I’m glad I am not the only one to open the letters) do point in a favourable direction.

good luck with the appointment and I hope it’s jsut a result of the knock with the door knob.

Ta lilac.BTW she gave me the letter open so I wasnt being naughty.Mind you I would have looked definitely!!Vx

Hi Horace,
what a stressful time for you…and having to wait until next wednesday too…can imagine exactly how your feeling, I thought I’d found a area of concern a few months ago…rang BCN…was seen that day and consultant did FNA and ultrasound…was a bank holiday weekend so had to wait an extra day for results…but got them 6 days later and all was ok.
Hope its just a battered and bruised boob…and please watch out for door-knobs lol!!!

karen x

I think the second most scary thing is that he will ask for loads of tests and I will be in this awful limbo for ages.Iknow I am pathetic but I dont think I can do it again tax really knocked me for 6 last time.Love Valx

sorry you are going though this and nothing we can say will really help as the head is really clever at caring the s**t out of us after all we know too much after initial diagnosis-and what we dont know we make up!All l can say is sending you hugs and just try not to think too far ahead- plan your days a few hours at a time and it wont feel so long. take care sharonx

hi, i too found a lump in my good boob while on rads in april it started with a red patch and developed into a lump, had mammogram/scan and biopsy which came back clear, still had it in june so they decided to remove it 27th june but had the opp cancelled because it disapeared more or less overnight, they said from the begining that they thought it was inflamation due to an abcess i had over 20yrs ago and the lump was directly over the scar, but i was very worried because my original cancer wasn’t dx until i had wle (july 07) and had been told the lump was a swollen lymph gland and the biopsy was also clear so i was really thinking the worst but it turned out fine…
the main thing is your getting it checked out and i hope everything is ok for you
Good Luck !!! Mizzy xxxxxx

Thanks I will report back after Wednesday-cant stop prodding and poking now so it is a bit sore!

Hi Horace
I was bothered by a number of lumps in opposite breast, I noticed them during rads, turned out they are cysts don’t know how many to be honest. Had ultrasound, no aspirations, still there (wish they were not!). It is worrying I know. Hope your w/e is going ok and STOP PRODDING!!

Loads of tests seem to be the norm with us lot now. As soon as we sneeze, we will be whisked off for a scan or whatnot. We tend to fastforward to the worst possible scenario all the time. We are going to have to get used to having these tests and not get so worked up or else we are never going to have any peace. I think in your situation, you have to stop your mind racing well ahead and your hand prodding an already sore boob. The chances are it will not be cancer and more likely related to the bruising. If it is cancer, it is only 1cm and not fixed so likely will be very small and treatable. You say you couldn’t go through it again, but you could if you had to and you would cope. The waiting for test results is possibly one of the worst things I know connected with cancer. It causes much more anxiety and uncertaintly than the actual disease itself.

Hi Val

I went through the same not long ago

I found two lumps in my other good boobie. I was sent for a ultrasound and it turned out to be cyst thank goodness!!

I had it aspirated but I know how you feel sheer panic sets in!!!

Take care and good luck

Kay x

Hi Horace
When I found something for the second time I told the nurses / surgeon that I would go out of my mind if I didn’t get the results back asap…they did listen because my surgeon rang me at home on the Friday evening (I saw her Wednesday) to tell me the biopsy came back ok. So just be honest and tell them how much stress you have been under, if there is anything they can do I am sure they will. GOOD LUCK!
Debbie x

Thank you all.I am now in full terror mode and it is going to be a very long night.I cant eat and keep going to the loo.I cant concentrate on anything and keep snapping at OH who is an absolute saint.

Hi Horace,
Wishing you all the best of luck for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you.


Hello horace

Thinking of you all the best

Just want to let you all know that all is well.I had an ultrasound and they found a cyst.I had FNA and the surgeon was able to confirm that it was benign and there was nothing else worrying in the breast.The relief was something only you,my cyber friends could understand.Thanks for all the support and good wishes.Love Valxxx

Wonderful news Val, I am so thrilled for you. Love Sarah x