Abdominal seroma

Hi ladies
I had a bil mastectomy 3/52 ago and an immediate recon with a siea ( like Diep) flaps. Have had a large abdo seroma since. It’s been drained barbarically twice and now having to have an ultrasound guided drain put in. I look about 5 months pregnant and it’s v uncomfortable. Has anyone else had one and does anyone know how long it takes them to stop? Thank you

Shaun’s 72.my heart goes out to you.Had my DIEP 4/12 ago,seroma twice.First one, 600 Mls drained,then a couple of weeks later a further 400.it came back,but hung on to it as went on holiday.On return to see Dr. 3 weeks ago thought I would have it drained,but no,gone hard and now waiting for CT scan to send if seroma has capsulated or hernia.I too,look and feel about 5 months pregnant…

Just uncomfortable but I wear a binder or a waist reducer from Debenhams.Sleep is difficult,as lying on back is uncomfortable,and still unable to lay on tummy.Hold on in there.They do go eventually…takes some weeks.I hope yours goes though as I am so fed up,as had mastectomy September last year,implants in and out,all went wrong.Elective DIEP July ,and still not right.It WILL pass…gentle hugs for our top half and middle bits.

Hi jillybee
Thank you v much for replying. Gosh you’ve been through the mill. It’s just so uncomfortable isn’t it. Wear support pants in day but too uncomfy at night. Will have a look on the deb website. I do hope u get sorted, so much for the flat tummy I thought I’d get. Otherwise I’m doing really well. Fingers crossed for my results on tu xxx

Am back in to be drained as can’t even stand up properly today. At Nott city. Am a bit low myself but who wouldn’t be with what we have to face. But you’ve had lots more than me to cope with. X

All a **bleep** up, yet again. Couldn’t drain it, still have a 12 inch drain in though not draining. Got to go back in. Didn’t use ultrasound. So fed up. Don’t think anyone at hosp actually gives two hoots. I hate having cancer. Looking forward to being back at gym. Can’t see that for a while yet!! Xx

And you!! X

Ooh! Haven’t seen that. Was in hosp sun and mon. Failed drain. Was so cross. Then had ultrasound guided drain booked tu but cons drained it. Only 100 mls but coming back. Pretty fed up. But had goid news too. Don’t need chemo! Will put drain in if comes back thru said. When u getting ct? How do u private message? Xx

Hi. I had a siea flap 9 weeks ago and had a large seroma for first 6 weeks which was drained every 5 days as I was so uncomfortable and looked 6 months pregnant. The surgeons said it was just disrupted lymphatic a which they dissected the tummy and it normally resolves. I had to complain alot to get mine drained. If they’re not drained or don’t re absorb there’s a risk they’ll capsular like jillybees has.

I wonder at what point we should seek medical attention. I had a mx and immediate Ld reconstruction ten days ago. I am really getting quickly back to normal. I have been taking my son to school and even popped to the supermarket earlier today for one bag of shopping. I wonder if doing too much can cause these swellings. anyway there is fluid filling swellings above and below part of the incision made on my back. It’s appeared in the last 24 hours and is getting bigger. It’s not red or painful as such but is feeling.very tight and uncomfortable. I haven’t taken a pain killer since coming out of hospital but tonight might be the night …

Thank you. I am due to see the nurse again on Monday. Just wasn’t sure if I needed a trip up to the hospital over the weekend.

Did the draining part hurt?

Also I can’t imagine having had both done! I really felt immobile for two days in hospital. I barely got up out of bed until they chucked me out after two days. I am fine now after ten days up and about. How are you feeling?

Did you have one reconstruction so far then?
I have taken painkillers, ibuprofen and have got myself a hot water bottle.

You obviously have a nice hospital. Mine didn’t give me any pain killers! Lucky I haven’t had any pain really. Until today!

Morning everyone! I didn’t need to ask for pain relief on discharge as it was forthcoming but after a bad experience after a hysterectomy last September wouldn’t have left without it! This is major surgery, over the counter pain killers are not sufficient, particularly in the early days. Xx

They offered me paracetamol and Ibuprofen. That’s it. I haven’t really had any pain tho. Just discomfort. But this seroma is getting biggest. I am going to drive over to my mums and see what she thinks but am toying with going to the walk in centre.

When I went back to the hospital it was at the weekend and to be honest they didn’t know what they were doing - they just erred on the side of caution and have me antibiotics. I didn’t get properly assessed until the Monday

Mine is on the increase! Apart from it being very uncomfortable I am not wondering how big it could actually get! I already feel like I am carrying something around on my back and it can be seen through my clothes! It’s getting freaky!

Maybe I should try something that compresses? Take action into my own hands. Could have disastrous consequences tho!

Yes Lavendersblue, I think different hospitals have different methods so hope you have a lovely holiday and manage to get through security without too much trouble!!!
Oh dear Molliana, that’s sounding really uncomfortable now! As you say, how big can it get??? Having have my back drained yesterday it’s been quite sore today which I wasn’t expecting. Am looking forward to my first visit to the physio on Thursday. It’s a group session, anyone attended one of those before? Xxx