Advise on post operative surgery and treatment IDC grade 2 ER/PR Pos HER 2 negatives. Lymph node? tr

Hi, if you are reading this and have a similar cancer type and experience, could you please give me your take on it! I was confirmed Cancer on 23rd Dec, 15 not the best Xmas present,but no different from all the other ladies in this forum. I’ve had therapeutic breast mammoplasty (reduction) to my left breast, Cancer removed and clear margins, grade stare the same, but I’m now been told there was a trace in my SNLB! My BS and the ‘team’ have suggested Take out nodes? Then final treatment plan, but I’m sceptical of lymphodema and now may face post chemo. I’m ok mentally and have accepted it to a certain degree and I’ve decided moving forward that I must have some Cancer free dats, else it will drive me stir crazy!! 


My my question is has anyone else had a trace of cancer in the nodes and what was the outcome?


thanks Denise x ps good luck to all the women in pink x

Hi I had grade 2 IDC as well with a small amount of DCIS.  I had traces in 2 sentinal nodes and the surgeon suggested I have the next layer of lymph nodes removed to check them and if they had cancer in them I would have to have chemo but if they were clear I wouldn’t.   I was in shock so I didn’t ask many questions just agreed because I was so focussed on avoiding chemo.  Did your team say all the lymph nodes or just the next tier?.  This makes a difference in terms of the risk of lymphoedema and did they give you a reason for removing them? I wish I had asked more questions at the time.   There has been a thread on this board somewhere about the benefits of removing lymph nodes and how in the US apparently they don’t do it anymore and some people have radiotherapy to the armpit instead. There has been a clinical trial going on in this country.   Hopefully the moderator will see this post and point you in the direction of the discussion.  Good luck with it all.  

Hi cjrd
Thank you for the response that’s really good of you!
The information you have provided is useful as I wasn’t aware of micro and macro! So will ask about that! I haven’t seen the path report! Good luck with the results tomorrow, would you mind letting me know what your post final treatment is? I know they go case by case, but it’s useful to generalise! And of course support someone in a similar situation. Thank you so much Dencoat.

Hi cjrd,

Thanks for the response and information! Well, again wishing you the best for tomorrow and the last leg of this journey! What a journey it is!! Back to hospital I go on Wednesday, but in all fairness they have done a great job so far!
I look forward to hearing from you ?? Denise ?

Hi cjrd. Thank you again for the update and prior information you kindly shared with me! As you know I’m in Wednesday, I spoke with my Breast Specialist Nurse today and she confirmed Micro and said that the ‘teams’ decision was an ANC. Take care and I wish you all the best!
We can stay in touch if you feel like it. Denise ?

Hi cjrd
Thank you so much for your response and best wishes! It’s made me feel more at ease! Phew…step by step! It’s been nice to have some dialogue with someone feeling relatively the same! I guess. Not that I would want this for anyone. It’s a good forum full of useful information and offloading stuff! Getting there! I will let you know in a few days time. In the meantime take care ??

Hi, I had 2/3 nodes with micro traces, but then had a full clearance, all 21 clear, but am still being advised to have chemotherapy as I’m 42, and it’s a belt and braces approach to preventing a recurrence. I was gutted as I initially wasn’t expecting chemotherapy, but don’t ever want to go through this again, so if they say I should take the chemo, it looks like that’s what it will have to be. Hope you are well, love Sarah xx

Hi Sarahkears73. Thanks for your note, yes me too! Initially I was told, surgery, radiotherapy…now it’s all bearing on the next set of results? Maybe chemo! In 53 was yours the same type and grade, mine hormone driven HER2 negative!
Thanks for your wishes, Denise ?

Hi, I hope all ladies on this forum are ok. I had my results yesterday, 18 nodes removed all clear, next step is to see the Oncologist. Chemo maybe recommended but not sure if it’s my best option, I’m also having radiotherapy, and hormone tablets. Wait and see now…dreaded drain still in, hope it goes soon, I have a sore arm…denise123

Hi Denise great node results!! I’m set for chemo 6th April not looking forward to it but am told it adds another 10% success rate to no recurrence so will go with it. Drain was a pain! Mine was out after 6 days, hope yours soon gone. My friend named mine Derek!! Love Sarah xx

Ladies, so grateful for your positive responses. Yes…my drain is a pain, it’s been in for 10 days ? but I need to focus on my good result and be grateful for that! Hope you all have a good week, I will post my treatment plan when I get oh, but you girls are younger than me x?

Great news re nodes Denise. Lou x

Happy Mother’s Day all! Let’s try to forget about sodding cancer for today! Xx

And I’ve managed it for most of the day, hope you did too! Xx

Morning ladies! Quick update…my designer bag (not) drain has left the building!!!after 11 days…so relieved!

next step, meeting with oncologist…back to work 21/3/16 until post treatment, in the meantime I’m fundraising as I’m doing race for life in May, hope you’re all ok ishh? Thanks, Denise 123

Hi ladies, just a quick question, ived developed a swollen area under my arm it appears a bit hard! Not sure if it is seroma or scar tissue swelling!! It’s very firm…my arm is feeling quite weird! Painful…seeing oncologist tomorrow and breast specialist nurse…just wondered if any of you had swelling post op of auxiliary clearance! Thanks

Hi Denise I had a seroma, was firm but not hard. Feel weird, was used my arm and around the ANC scar. 100ml was drained off didn’t feel a thing and had no build up since. It’s not damaging, they only drain if for comfort so I wouldn’t worry. I was told 70% of women have to have it drained at least once. Speak to your breast nurse tomorrow I’m sure they will be able to sort it xx

Hi Denise, I have swelling under my arm too post-ANC - I would describe it about the size of two kiwi fruits. Not painful at all but uncomfortable, especially if I have my arm down by my side. BCN saw it on Friday when I had dressings taken off and said it looked okay but to contact her if it looked like the scar was being compromised by the swelling. That seems okay at the moment. Think I’ve just had lots of time to sit around on my own this weekend and dewll on it too much.


Sarah, how long did you have your’s before they drained it for you?


Hope everyone is feeling as well as possible.


Ruth xx

Sarah, thank you so much for your note! Fingers crossed its seroma…they can drain it off! Yes definitely tell them 2mrw?

Thank you! peggycat! I will let you girls know tomorrow! Other than that I feel ok…I’m grateful that we can share this experience! ?