Alternative cancer treatments

Has anyone consulted this London Doctor? He is a medical doctor who now focuses on alternative cancer treatments - particularly diet and supplements. I would be interested in hearing your comments about his services.

I would love to hear from anyone who has consulted him too.

Hopefully you meant “complementary” and not actually “alternative”.

If you really mean alternative then I’m worried. Read John Diamond’s “Snake Oil and Other Preoccupations”.

Try anything you safely can but don’t think that there IS an alternative to modern medicine.

I don’t know anything personally, but I met a woman who decided to refuse chemo and consult this doctor. She did this because she met a woman who had been given months to live but is now apparently clear of cancer.
She is convinced he is the answer. I am quite uneasy but must admit I sometimes wonder if she is right.
He is a qualified doctor but the route she has gone down is not easy. She has an unbelievably restricted diet and takes a variety of supplements and other things throughout the day. She is convinced the programme is her best hope but it is expensive, very difficult to follow and seemed to dominate her life.
I met her at the Penny Brohn centre in Bristol who advocate that you shuld treat the whole being rather than just the physical. They made her see that she was, perhaps, a little obsessed by the programe and needed to be alittle more relaxed and flexible when following it.
I do know that it’s a very expensive, life dominating road to go down. I really don’t know whether there is anything in it but I think I might be tempted to give it a go if there was nothing else that medicine could offer me.
I think a consultation costs about £200 and you need to travel to see him. Some of the supplements, which vary from patient to patient, can be very expensive and difficult to source.

I am going to see Dr (edited by moderator) on Wednesday. The first consultation fee is £380 which I understand includes the costs of tests! Will report back - watch this space

I had a quick google and found this link


Hhhmn - a posting with a link to Youtube has been deleted but it’s still worth putting Mitchell & Webb plus “homeopathic ER” into a search engine

Jenny that was a really interesting read, most reassuring that Mr (edited by moderator) is so open-minded and works alongside other, including mainstream, approaches. I am always worried when practitioners
are opposed to the medical approach, seems bizarre to me.
Patricia, feedback would be very interesting! thanks

A friend of mine went to see this guy and he sorted her cancer out in her lymph node in her neck. It is a very strict diet and the supplements can cost £100’s but he is meant to be very very good. She is now cancer-free 2 years on

Hello Patricia

I am very interested to hear how you got on (edited by moderator)…
I could not find his website but found interviews and articles about him. Hopefully you find him helpfull.


Well I had my appointment with Dr (edited by moderator) last Wednesday. He is quite a character, asked me loads of questions and bombarded me with his knowledge. He did some live blood tests, explaining what he could see (my red blood cells were sticking together, my white cells were inactive and my body was acid…). He sent me away with a whole load of tests to be done - they come to nearly £800 pounds - then when he gets the results he will come up with a personal programme. In the meantime he told me to avoid sugar (gloucose is attracted to tumours which is why you are injected with gloucose when you have a PET scan) and also dairy. I did at least feel that I was being treated as an individual whereas to a certain extent I feel that on the NHS I am just being given generic standard treatment and told that it won’t actually help me in the long term.
Will keep you all posted as things progress.


Thank you so much Pat

I agree it sounds like he is treating the individual and not a one size fits all approach. best wishes

Dear Pat
I have been trying to make an appointment with Dr (edited by moderator) without success. I rang the mobile number listed and got as far as an answer message which said ring another number between 9-1. The number given does not work and comes up as a wrong number!Please Pat may I have a contact number to ring? thank you


The phone number I have is (edited by moderator) I think his secretary only works part-time and in the mornings. If you stil can’t get through I have his secretary’s email if you want to PM me. Good luck, let me know how you get on.


Dear Pat

Thank you so much.

This is very helpfull. I have finally managed to speak to her. I arranged for a telephone call with him for tuesday to see what he has to offer me. I also found out that they have moved from Harley street. I live 100 miles from london. Do you travel a long way to see him?

Best wishes to all of us

Dear rivemile

Just wondered how you got on. I have just received my provisional programme and I must admit it is a bit daunting!


Hello Patricia

Hope all is well with you. I have not checked on this site and did not get your message till today. I have not made an appointment with him due to unmitgated circumstances. How are you getting on?

I have been feeling low but manage to keep up appearances at work. I have no family in this country- they also have no idea. I cannot cope with their reaction.I have lived with breast cancer since 1995. It is long story.

I sincerely hope you are well and would appreciate very much if we keep intouch.


Dear Patricia, Have just read your thread and wonder how you are getting on with the regime?
I think we met up in Maidstone last year for lunch with the Kent ladies?
My friend also went to (edited by moderator) and has been cancer free for 3 years now. She said the eating regime is very tough and it costs a lot. But she said it was worth every penny
Best wishes
Leadie x

Since I posted the note yesterday I have made an appointment to see him on the 18th of march. I am very hopeful having read the post from -leadie.

So fingers corssed.

dear rivernile, good luck (edited by moderator), I would love to hear how you get on. He is a very interesting character by all accounts
Best wishes