Any one in Hampshire/Berkshire/Wiltshire border area?

Hello, I am 46 and was dx June 30th with IDC, grade 3 stage 2, and am having my treatment at Basingstoke hospital then Southampton. I would love to get together and have a chat with others in my area that are going through the same things I am.

Katie x

Hi Katie, I am sorry you have had to join us all on the forum. I was diagnosed with BC in Feb 2008 at 38. I had my chemo at Winchester and my rads at Southampton. Although further on than you in terms of treatment, I don’t mind a chat or a get together. My bc was Grade 3, Stage 2, E++ so had arimidex for a while afterwards until I had to stop due to side effects. I will be trying tamoxefen in a few weeks time to see if it agrees with me ! I had three cycles of Epi chemo and three cycles of xeloda (on the TACT 2 trial) tablets.

Rachy xx

hi Katie - I was dx at end of April - WLE and SNB at Basingstoke in May,rads at Southampton (grade 2 2.4cm idc and associated dcis- no nodes Er +) - if I can be of any help !

Thanks chipper and Rachy.

Chipper did they offer you Chemo? I’m seeing Mr Harris and Miss Tinkler(? spelling) oncologist.

Did you get offered a choice Rachy or was it a given?

It’s nice to know you’re not alone though I’m sorry you’re both in this club.

Take care
Katie x

hi Katie - I’m seeing Mr Harris and Dr Tinkler - and no, not offered chemo - I was wondering maybe because am over the cut off age, whatever that is - but also no node involvement and grade 2 so perhaps not neccessary in my case. Did they offer it to you ?
Which bcn do you see ? I think they are all fab
Whereabouts do you live roughly ? I can recommend the transport to Southampton - It was a great help though I probably could have got myself there, the drivers were all lovely.

Hi Chipper

I believe I am being offered it from my conversation when I was given my results. Apparently they have a team discussion(?). My tumour was aggresive grade 3 and they said that that and the fact that I am 46 with a regular cycle would mean it would probably be right to do. 6 months chemo then radiotherapy and tamoxophin(spelling)with injections or overies removing. I was with Carole-Anne BCN when I got my results and afterwards she talked about me losing hair and wiggs and stuff. I’ll see what happens in 2 weeks.

Aren’t the BC nurses lovely, I’ve seen all of them now and even saw one in Pizza Hut Basingstoke on Monday, she was really lovely and cheery, but not patronising, there aswell!

I live in one of the villages on Basingstoke’s outskirts, we have hardly a bus service and I was wondering if I’d be able to drive myself to Southampton. How do you find out about this service, BC nurse?
Where about’s (roughly) are you? Do you go to the support group meetings? I thought I’d try the next one.

I would think you would get offered chemo for grade 3 aggressive tumour and being 46…seems sensible option. Ask bcn or Dr Tinkler about transport…but they’ll probably tell you more details after chemo…when you get your radiotherapy schedule there’s a thing about booking transport,you ring up and it’s all arranged
for the duration of the rads…I do recommend it,driving would be ok but tiring,plus it’s a huge hospital and parking seemed a bit of a nightmare. The hospital transport takes you right to the Oncology centre and waits for you. I travelled with one other person, sometimes on my own !
The nurses are great - I seem to see Tricia mostly. I live in Alton btw. I don’t go to support meetings, just feel that they seem more geared towards those having chemo, but that’s probably just me !

did you have node involvment too katie ?

Hi Katie,

So sorry that you have had to join us on here. I am 51 and was diagnosed May 2008, grade 3 with 2 lymph nodes involved. Had lumpectomy, chemo, rads and now on tamoxifen. I had op and chemo at Basingstoke under Miss Stebbing and Dr Tinkler, rads at Southampton. I was advised to use patient transport to Southampton which I found was very good as I did get quite tired. I would be happy to chat to you and we could always meet up for lunch or coffee if you like. I live in Four Marks which is just outside of Alton, so very near to Chipper - it’s a small world!!.

Love Julie

hi Julie- it’s nice to find people who have been at same hospitals and have had the same medical staff !
I hope you are doing well a year or so on
chipper xxx

by the way, Julie - can I ask how you are finding tamoxifen ? have yet to start on it and am nervous
Also, can you tell me about follow up appointments ? xxchipperxx

Hello Ladies

Julie I would love to meet up with you and Chipper.

I’m seeing Miss Stebbing on Tuesday as Mr Harris is off, I had to go back this Tuesday for a re excision (margins not good enough) and they are giving me my latest results - hope I’m not in again.

Chipper I was lucky enough to have clear lymph nodes but waiting for confirmation on vascular involvement, another thing for this coming Tuesday, that and HER.

Like Chipper said it’s great having someone else to talk with that knows the hospital and staff aswell as the treatment.

Take care and I’ll catch up later.

Katie x x x

Katie,poor you having to go through re-excision - really hope all is ok- let us know. I wasn’t tested for HER as I think a grade 2 is usually unlikely to be positive. Am very glad your lymph nodes are clear,fingers crossed for everything else.
Am going to see bcn in September as I’m just feeling a bit lost (I have various anxieties which I think are muddling things and am wavering about tamoxifen). But it would be very nice to meet if you’d like !

Hello ladies,

Sorry not to have responded earlier but PC probs over the weekend.

Katie - Hope everything goes OK tomorrow. Do let us know how you get on.

Chipper - I finished all my treatment in December. I then had a follow up appt with the onc in January or February, can’t remember which (having dreadful memory problems). I should then have seen the surgeon again 3 months later, followed by onc another 3 months later. However, I didn’t get an appt to see the surgeon until July and as the appt for the onc was in August it was cancelled as it would have been pointless seeing someone again just a month later. My next appointment will be in January to see the surgical team. Don’t worry about the check ups as it is just literally a feel around to see if all is as it should be, then a chat about how you are feeling, if you have any worries or concerns and also they review any meds you are on to see how you are coping. I have also just had my first mammogram since diagnosis and am waiting for the results - hopefully end of this week, beginning of next.
My experience of Tamoxifen has not been too bad so far. I too was nervous about taking it. I have suffered with hot flushes and some night sweats, but not too bad. I just hope it is working for me. Everybody is different, so you won’t know what side effects you will experience until you actually start taking it. When are you due to start taking it?



hi Julie - thanks for that info about follow ups - I forgot to ask but think my bcn did mention seeing surgeon again and at the end of rads I was told I’d have an appointment in about 6 weeks to see Dr T. Not sure whether being just rads for me whether my follow up is perhaps as frequent ? will ask ! Am planning to start tamoxifen in September,after school hols - new term and all that !
Hope all is fine with mammogram results and Katie too.
Drove through Four Marks on Friday taking my son to Winchester and thought of you !

Hello ladies

got my results and I don’t have to go for another op as margins now clear - hooray! I have lymphovascular invasion which is a pain but was HER2 negative.

They’re going to give me a break for 4 weeks (I confirm with Dr Tinkler next Tuesday what and when etc) so that my body can recover before chemo. Perhaps we could get together for a coffee or something over the next couple of weeks, any suggestions? As Julie and Chipper live so close perhaps it would make sense to meet in Alton or perhaps Winchester as that might be easier for Rachy and there are some lovely coffee shops in Winchester?

Take care


hooray that there’s no further op but very sorry to hear about the lymphovascular invasion -
really hope you can get some rest and relaxation in during the next few weeks.
I wouldn’t be able to meet before September I think - there is a lovely coffee shop in Alton which I can recommend and am sure Winch. is full of nice places…thinking of you xxchipperxx

Hi Katie,

Its great news that you don’t have to have another op, but I am sorry to hear about the lymphovascular invasion. It’s good that you are getting some time to recover before you have chemo. I can meet up for coffee anytime really. I do work, but from home so my days are very flexible. At the moment the only time I can’t make is Tuesday afternoon next week. As Chipper says there are a couple of nice coffee shops in Alton, but if Winchester is easier for Rachy then we could meet there.

Rachy are you the same rachy that belongs to the Stars group. I think I met you at the Christmas meal. I was sitting next to Ruth and Jodie. You are a lovely group of ladies but in the end it was just a bit too far for me to travel.

Love Juliexx

Hi Katie, I live in Jersey but am coming to Southampton for rads at the end of August. I shall have to stay away from home until Oct 2nd so am pleased to read that they seem like a caring team. I was dx on 17th June and have had lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. Few cancer cells in node but have opted to trust my immune system and avoid a level one node clearance. Would be happy to meet you if our treatment windows overlap.
Love Jane (aged 55)

Hello ladies

I’m seeing my Onc on Tuesday to get my dates etc so will have better idea of dates then we can get together. I’d love to see you Jane, it must be even worse having to be away from home, and I’ll pm every one asap.

take care