Any one in or around County Durham / Cleveland Area

Any one in the County Durham / Cleveland Area.
Hi Just found this site a few days ago. Been a very lonely time since diagnosis in Jan 06, at age 38. I was just wondering if any one in my area who has been to any of the support forums such as the younger woman’s or healthy living days. They sound like a good idea but i am a bit apprehensive as I seriously lack confidence right now and don’t know if I would fit in. Would love to here more about them.
Best wishes to everyone & good luck with all that comes your way.
Love Judy X

Hi Judy,

I am not a younger woman :frowning: being 46, but I do live in the area,(just north of Hartlepool) so if you ever fancy a coffee…
As for fitting in to any get together, I am sure you would have no problem. I went on a ‘look good, feel better’ day, feling very nervous and lacking in confidence and it was the best thing I could have done - I discovered that the old me was still in there! The sociable, happy me came out that day and it did me the world of good, so give it a try:)

Good Luck!

Hi Jossie/Judy,

I am actually in Hartlepool - but never heard of any groups or forums apart from a group called Pansies in Hartlepool, however I am sure if you search the net you may find some groups around Durham etc.


Hi Jossie,
You are a younger woman, at least you better be I’m not that far behind you Lol:) Hit 40 this year, I thought life was meant to begin now, Ha, ha I’m still waiting :slight_smile: I’d love a coffee anytime thanks. I’m just North of Hartlepool too. Maybe if there is any more get together’s you fancy going on we could meet up. It would be so nice to meet people who really understand what I’m going through. Not that I’m a right moaner I’m a very good listener too. This site has been great for me so far & only joined in this week. Wish I found out about it when I was first diagnosed. Have you ever been to one of the Pansies meetings Jossie? How far through this awful journey are you? What treatments have you had? Blooming nosey aren’t I Ha, ha.

Hi Lynne,
Yeah I heard about Pansies when I was first diagnosed but with lacking in confidence as much as I do, I never plucked up the courage to go. I just learned to cope on my own. Did quite well too until recently when I found my self getting a bit lower than ever. Not to worry, found this site now & my spirits are being lifted again. Thanks to all the lovely ladies out there, you two included :slight_smile: You never said Lynne but if its not rude do you class your self as a younger woman? Do you go to Pansies? Just wondering what its like that’s all. Are there quite young women there? I might as well go the whole hog & ask you 20 questions too Ha, ha. How far along this road have you came?

Hope this interrogation hasn’t put either of you off & hope you both put entries on this thread again. Ya wouldn’t think it was 3.25 am the way I’m gossiping, i just hope this is a sign of my confidence returning. Stronger than ever too Ha, ha. Ya both must think I’m quite mad, sitting here at this time giggling away to myself Lol:)
Anyway I think I better sign out now or I will turn into a pumpkin.
Take Care,
Love Judy X

Hi Judy,

Ive just turned 31 so I would consider myself pretty young. I dont go to Pansies, however my mums neighbour is a member and shes in her late 60’s however when I do see pictures of the group in the local paper, there are quite a few young looking ladies there. I think if you continue on this site, your confidence will come back, I know I have been at my lowest ebb sometimes and the ladies on here are just wonderful, really are. Do you have friend or neighbour who could possible go with you one day to a group? amybe they could go with you a few sessions and see how you get on. I understand about the confidence thing, but I think because everyone else in the group is on the same road as you I think you would be welcomed with open arem just as you are here.

Im newish to this horrid journey, I was diagnosed in July with grade3 invase, had WLE in which they managed to take a clear margin and they advised they had taken 4 lymph nodes but were all clear so no spread. I am on EC chemo, had my 2nd 9 days ago, due another 4 and then Rads and maybe tamoxifen. I am ER- PR a little possitive and HER2 - but its a journey Im not happy with but trying my damn hardest to stay positive which is hard at times but i have no choice but to roll with it like all here. I cut my hair to a grade 3 last week as its shedding which im still really upset at but again, no choice on this journey and trying to remain upbeat.

And your not interrogating us, were all on the same road so happy to chat about it.
How about you?


The bcpals forum I use has a section for people from the same region to communicate and the NE group are pretty good at getting together.

Hi girls

just noticed your thread, I am also in Hartlepool and I have one chemo left to go (can’t wait) - I haven’t been to Pansies either as I imagined them to be a bit older than myself (I am 44) diagnosed March this year.

Diane x

Hi Diane

You lucky thing!!

I wish I was due my last, just getting over my 2nd - all being well my last one end of Nov, then Rads etc. How about you? Hows your journey been so far?

Jossie/Judy hoping your both well.


Hello all

I am in Hartlepool too. And I haven’t been to Pansies as I am having a problem stopping crying long enough to do anything…bloody Tamoxifen. I am also game for coffee. It would be nice to talk to someone who understands. I was grade 2 invasive, 2cm lump… WLE, rads then Tamoxifen


Hi Judy,
Like Morgaine, I post on the bcpals too and communicate with other women in the NE - we’re a friendly bunch and you’re welcome to chat with us too.
I’m 31 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. I understand your feelings of being lonely. I was desperate to find other younger women, but I found this site and realised I wasn’t alone. I did attend a younger women’s forum in Middlesborough last year and it was extremely helpful - I would definately recommend you go. I was extremely nervous about meeting a group of complete strangers - like you, I lacked confidence and was going through chemo at the time. I nearly chickened out at the last minute too! But, I did go and had a wonderful time. I was great meeting so many other younger women and found the information in the workshops very helpful. I also went on a Healthy Living Day and a “Look Good, Feel Better day”, which were also great fun.
Since finishing my treatment and gaining back my strength I have regained my confidence, as I’m sure you will in time.
Remember that you’re not alone.
Take care,
Tasha x


Hoping your ok - you havent been back and just hoping your ok.

Hi Ladies from Pool.


Hi everyone,
Hope you all well. Lynne I agree you are pretty young, you said your mum’s neighbour is a member of Pansies & is in her late sixties. I like Diane thought that maybe the case. Not sure I would feel that comfortable if nobody a bit closer to my age. Maybe we should all go sometime and add a bit of new blood, after all the amount of younger women with breast cancer is getting beyond a joke. It might do us a power of good to join forces. Oh dear Ive just thought maybe you lot don’t think 40 is a younger woman anymore Ha ha :slight_smile: well I may of turned 40 this year but I don’t feel a day over 25.On a good day that is & not a day over 90 on the rough days. Maybe we should start our own support group in a coffee shop in town, sounds like there is a few of us up for it:) I could supply the paper hankies cos I’m sure most of us would join Debbie & shed a few tears now and again, I know I do quite often. Funny how it always makes me feel a bit better, does nothing for the make up though. Thanks Tasha I feel a bit more positive about attending one of the forums now. I had thought about going to one in Middlesbrough on 6th &7th of Sept but my memory let me down again and I forgot all about it. I am however considering the one in Leeds in Nov, (any one up for it) I think a couple of days away could be just the thing to start building my confidence back up. Its almost a year since I finished my treatment except the tamoxifen that is and my confidence seems to be getting worse instead of better. I may join you & Morgaine on the bcpals forum some time. I think this is great chatting to people of similar ages all in the same boat, maybe that’s not quite the right thing to say but you know what I mean. I wish none of us were in this boat really but we are so at least we have each other. I would love to meet up for a coffee Jossie but I don’t think we allowed to sort things like that on this site. Anyway I wouldn’t be able to before Thursday next week, was so fed up with the re-do of recon being cancelled, (was meant to go in this week) Ive booked a week away for me & my son. Catch you all when I get back, Jossie let me know asap if can work something out for that coffee.
Take care everyone, meet ya all back here soon.
Love Judy X

Hi Judy,

Glad your ok and feeling a bit better. I am up for coffee too along wth all the other ladies…

Enjoy your break away.


Sorry Lynne,
It took me ages to type that last message it was so long Ha ha, hope you can be bothered to read it all. I must of started it before you even logged on :slight_smile: I’m fine just been so busy last couple of days. Hope you ok too. It’s really weird how we all live so close yet we haven’t a clue who the others are, or maybe that’s just my strange way of thinking Ha ha :slight_smile:
Hope you feeling ok after chemo & hope they go quick for you. I know wen I was having mine the time seemed to drag, I dreaded each chemo session & the rads was a drag with all that travelling every day. But looking back it seems as though it flew over really.
Good Luck for your next one
Love Judy X

Cheers Lynne,
I’m sure I will cos no idea when we will get another. I hope there is a way of arranging that coffee cos could be a few of us there. Anyway I better get off here now got another couple of things to check out before I hit the sack.
See ya all soon
Judy X

Hi Lynne and other girls.

I’ve really turned a corner with the last chemo (no 5), certainly not as drained as usual, a bit more energy, OH thinks it is the thought of my last one coming up. Rads start three weeks after last chemo, I’m having 20 so should all be done for christmas, thank the lord ! Can’t wait for hair to grow back, dying to experiment with some new colours as don’t fancy being grey very much ha ha .

I spend most of my time out shopping/walking usually, and drinking coffee (if we can arrange something I’m game) and feeding my face (well you have to keep your strength up don’t you ?)

Love to all
Diane x

Hi Diane,

How come your just having 5 chemo? I thought everyone had to have 6?
I agree about feeding the face, im chomping on marzipan as we speak!

Def will arrange something for cofee when Judy gets back. Im due my 3rd EC next Wed I just want this over with! then ive been told RADS at James Cook, however I have been told your not allowed to drive when you have RADS so not too sure how im gonna work around that one!

May I ask what type of BC did you have?

Hello ladies

Im in the Cleveland area . Just finished my treatment and have returned to work. I had my treatment at North Tees and James Cook. I go to the support group at James Cook …good mix of ages and personalities.

Take care

cally xx

hi judy just been going through the posts and noticed your from the cleveland area im from stockton were are you from? i was diagnosed in june last year and im now on herceptin till end of jan.ive been using this site since i was diagnosed and its been a godsend as you know and ive talked to some great people, i met up with a friend i used to chat with on here and we have met for lunch a few times and we email each other regularly, so if you fancy meeting up with us next time we go your more than welcome to come? if any of the other girls fancy it as well just let me know and we’ll arrange something take care for now xxx suzee

I’m from south west durham. I had ops at Darlington, chemo at Darlington and rads at james cook.
I was dx a year ago this week and luckily found this site straight away. Stopped me from going bonkers! Then like Morgaine I found bcpals and use that site most.
I didn’t go to any of the free days but I know loads of girls who have and have really enjoyed them. I dont drive I lack the confidence to use public transport on my own (wimp) so thats the only reason I didn’t. I’m sure if you go you will be made more than welcome!

Lynne your dx is the same as mine. Started EC 13 dec,shaved my hair all off 2nd jan (had to it looked a mess) last EC 28th march. Now have a full head of hair! In fact put another colour on it tonight. Haven’t had a cut yet but thats coming soon!

I tend to think a group of mixed ages is better, then you see all sides. I’m only saying that coz I’m 51! And am too old for young womans groups, lol

Anyway, take care,

Love Kay