Anyone being treated in Cheltenham?


I’ve recently been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and will be having all my treatment etc at Cheltenham General.

Is anyone else being trated there? What have your experiences been like?

Jen x

Hi Jen,

I’m not being treated in CGH but know I will be. I live in Hereford, have had surgery here (might need Chemo here too) but we haven’t got Radio facility yet, so will have to travel to CGH - just don’t know when yet.
I haven’t got any experiences for you (you’ll be able to update me later - LOL) but wanted to say Hi and wish you all the very best - Chris

Hi Jen,

Saw your post on another thread, but just like to say hi on here, too.

I live in Bristol, but will be having my PET / CT scan in Cheltenham next week. Not in the hospital itself, but it’s the Cheltenham Imagining Centre, which is run by a charity.

Anyway, I wish your treatment will be effective and you won’t have too many side effects. xx

Hi Jen,
Sorry you too have been diagnosed, I was diagnosed with Grade 3 invasive Ductual in Jan 04, had WLE in GRH, followed by chemo. and rads., in Cheltenham…followed by 5yrs of Tamoxifen.

There is a thread for GLOUCESTER on here which you may find interesting.

Karen x

Hi Jen

Sorry to hear your news and that you have had to join our club.

I am being treated in Cheltenham hospital. I am having 6 FEC and have done 4 so far and have 2 more with Rads to follow.

I had a lumpectomy in Sept for a Grade 3 invasive cancer which had not spread to my lymph nodes.

There are many plus points to being treated in Cheltenham - we have a Maggies centre across the road where you can wait for your treatment to be prepared. You can pop in at any time, I do Tai Chi on Wed morning - even doing this whilst sitting down if my energy levels are low and they have many volunteers to chat to. I also attend relaxation and visualisation sessions at the centre. They have nutrition workshops, cookery mornings, scarf tying sessions etc.

The charity “Focus” run a little shop in the oncology centre and here you can book a complimentary therapy session for free (6 for each person) - massage, reflexology, indian head massage, etc. You can also book a Look Good Feel Better session where you receive a goody bag of about £200 of makeup and are shown how to use in a 2 hour workshop. All goods are donated by the big makeup companies and local beauty shop consultants volunteer run the session

One bad point of cheltenham is that they are always behind - usually by a few hours so be prepared with a book, water, lunch. We often have a good chat within the unit and the nurses are great and will talk you through the process. My last session was due at 12.15 and I went in at 4.30 and left just after 6pm

Please let me know how you get on and when you will have treatment.

Janette xxxx

I’m also having FEC chemo at Cheltenham - 4 down, 2 to go - and would agree with everything Janette has said [we may even have met!] Longest wait 3 1/2 hours so far…

Hi Busybee

I am sure we will have met at some point. I am back on monday for onc appt and Wed for FEC 5. Are you having treatment around then?


Gosh sounds like a fair few of you having treatment at same time…do take Jan’s advice regarding visiting Maggies…its a new centre and has alot to offer in non clinical surroundings the Head of Maggies was my BCN at GRH and is brilliant.

Hope the sickness is wearing off Jan’ xx

Karen xx

Hi Karen

Yes feeling better today. I have managed to get out and about today so feel a little more alive!

Surprising how much better you feel when you can venture out.

Did you pop into Maggies today?


Hi everyone,

I am treated in Cheltenham. There can be long waits. The latest I have left is 8.00 p.m. I go to a group at Maggies.


Hi Alex,
How far along this awful journey are you?

Maggies is wonderful and the lady who heads the one in Cheltenham used to be my BCN in Gloucester…she is great!!

Karen x

Hi Karen,

Just got back from the cinema, I went to see The girl that kicked the hornets nest. Its the last one in the Larson trilogy.

My journey is an ongoing one. I’ve been going to Chelt every 3 weeks for 2.5 years. I know the manager at Maggies, she is good fun.


Janette - Oncology this Friday and treatment following Monday if my white cells behave themselves.

Karen - thanks for the “contact” invite. Where will I find the Gloucester thread? BB

Hi Busybee

I am at the oncology centre on Monday afternoon so may see you there.

Karen - do you know when the next contact is for the gloucester group - I think I have just missed one which is a shame.


Hi busybee,
Gloucester thread is on here ‘’ In your area ‘’.

Janette, I think its 16th Feb., 7.30.

Hope yr all ok.
Karen x

Hello Karen,

I’m being treated at Cheltenham, blood test this Tuesday and Zol infusion on Wednesday, what joy!!

I have found all the medical staff, from the Consultant to the lady who takes my blood very friendly. I also understand, and anyone correct me if I am wrong, Cheltenham is a centre of excellence for cancer treatment.

I’ve just got back from a weekend in Cambridge, my OH and myself had a lovely time, trying to take my mind off the PET/CT scan I’m booked to have on the 7th Feb. Seeing my Consultant on the 16th so have decided to go to London the weekend inbetween, stay overnight and see the War Horse at the theatre - thought it best to keep active!

Anyway, looking forward to reading your posts.

Love Myfanwy x

Hi Myfanwy,

Hope you had an enjoyable break. I am also having treatment on Wednesday pamidronate and herceptin. I have to have blood tests on Monday but now having telephone consultations so I don’t need to see the onc.

Hi Alex,

My appointment is at 10.15ish so perhaps I see you in the waiting room. I’ll be wearing a jazzy blue and black coat so you might be able to pick me out!

Perhaps see you on Wednesday.

Myfanwy x

Hi Myfanwy.

I will probably be wearing a black dress with grey trim on the hem. I may also be wearing a black berret.

This is beginning to sound a bit like a blind date in the oncology unit. Weird!!

May see you Weds, hope it goes ok, no long waits.

Hi Alex,

Yes, perhaps see you tomorrow - I thought your reply was very funny. Lets hope all the appointments are on time so we don’t have to take a picnic and have a day out in the oncology ward - can think of a few (almost any) places better to spend the day!