Anyone due to start their chemo July 2014

Hi. I have already had mastectomy on one side with expander implant and ANC. Grade 2b invasive ductal carcinoma, lymph node involvement. Starting in July, I will begin my chemotherapy. Finding the prospect quite daunting, entering the unknown yet again.
What situation is everyone else in starting chemo at this time?



I have just had appointment with oncologist this afternoon.


I will be having first chemo on 30th June, taxotere and cyclophosphamide. Followed by radiotherapy x 15 and herceptin or 1 year.


Feeeling a little daunted by it all, it has been such a long wait to get to this point i just want to get on with it, i had SNB & WLE on 14th April, grade 3 HER2 + ER -, no lymph node involvement but lympho vascular invasion.


Hope we can get through thiss together x

Hi Horseslave and WP23. You have both made a wise choice to start a July thread there are ladies starting on their journey every week. I started my chemo at the end of March but joined the April thread as most of the march ladies were about to have their second round! Most people have surgery first but some of us have chemo first! We all have different experiences and side effects. You should remember that side effect are not live long and some pass within days. Most of us are feeling more normal by week 2. I think the big thing we all struggle with is the tiredness and inability to sleep. But its only temporary. Good luck to both of you and keep posting on your board by the middle of July you will have gathered many members!

Hi Horseslave

Do you know what chemo you are having?
I have seen that many ladies have the taxotere that I am having but not the cyclophosphamide, just wondered if any one else has had it!!?

Great to hear about you!
What have we decided about cold caps? Any thoughts? I hate the cold and hear it means you are in there longer?
I have decided to have a service for my hair when we shave it off and bury it under a new rose and lavender garden.hands up who thinks I am wierd now then?! My kids roll their eyes.

Hi hunnybunny as you have noticed not been on for s while.have just got.out of.hosp was in 8 to day 10 was doing great then wham got a chill but left it till nxt day big mistake.i never felt so ill.i shud have rang them straight my oncologist my bloods ok now but she put my nxt chemo bk 1 wk need the rest.god they really took care of me.and my best news is lump under my arm has gone doc.was amazed. The worst thing for me is the sore mouth cant eat been living on weetabix.had my head shaved wat a sight but have my take care now sheila

Horses lave, just jumping in from april thread! I have 3 cats and 2 border collies, I find my animals a massive comfort over the last few months, particularly when hubby is at work, they certainly pick up on you not being well and are very gentle- my dogs don’t even pull on their leads anymore!! I still really fuss them all , they sit next to me etc , as long as you are sensible with hand washing and be careful with picking up the mess , I find the benefits your animals give to you really helps your moods, but everyone is different- it works for me, but not necessarily everyone else!! Personally through my chemo I have found other human beings to be more of a threat to my health with all the coughing and spluttering and have avoided shopping centres and busy places throughout!! Good luck.

Hi hunnybunny yes I had a very low bloodcount that is why I coulnt fight the infection.hopefully the injections I have to do is to boost my bloodcount.have to do them on day 3 after chemo on fri for 5 body just aches all over trying to do bits but it will take time.had my head shaved god I look like my brother lol only he has more hair.will let you know how it goes fri sheila

Hi ladies, I am due to have 4th chemo on Thursday, on 3 Fec and 3 taxotere, the injections are given to boost white blood cells, I have them on day 5 for 5 days and my husband does them!
Horses lave, I also choose not to use the cold cap for exactly same reasons as you! I was also born ginger with a matching temper, have coloured my hair since I was 18 so not sure what colour it would come back as now( I am 42!). It fell out on day 14 after my first Fec, it was very upsetting when first fell out, but it’s amazing what you get used to, I have a very good wig and some pretty cotton beanies I bought from a company called
All the best to you all.

I am 52 not 42! Think that was wishful thinking or chemo brain!!

Hi everyone. I have been glued to this site since getting my diagnosis. I had wle and snb on 6th June for a grade 3 triple negative cancer. Today I got my date for starting FEC -T. Next Tuesday 1st July, hence my contribution to this thread. I am so worried about first chemo. I can’t decide who to take with me. I have lots of offers from friends, mum, daughters etc as well as husband but I will be so terrified that I don’t want to feel I have to put on a brave face for who ever is with me. I am being really positive with everyone but right from the start chemo was my biggest fear even more so than the actual cancer.

Thanks Wendy for the words of encouragement. Good luck on Monday. Have you got some nice things planned for the weekend ?
Nicky x

Horseslave, so glad to find someone who feels the same. I’m 48 with 3 daughters, youngest and only one at home is 17 and the most sensible one in family. She came to hair appointment with me and kept me from crying when I had my shoulder length hair cut short ready for next week. She also came to see oncologist with me yesterday. She is organised sensible and really excited that I will be letting her do my injections at home. However I do remember that she is only 17, is half way through A levels and needs to be out with her friends. I feel so bad that I have caused all this stress in my family’s lives.

Hi ladies.
I’m jumping in from the march thread and hope you don’t mind me crashing! I just want to offer a few words of reassurance. I too am a control freak and the thought of chemo scared me as I wasn’t in control. The reality is that it’s been about 50:50 between me and the chemo. I listen to my body in week 1 and then I dictate the rest of the time. The chemo is not as scary as you might think and the chemo nurse sits with you and this is entertaining as they usually keep the conversation going. Mother SEs are manageable, but don’t sit and suffer - call the docs and speak to them. You shouldn’t be puking your guts up and unable to move your head from the pillow. If this is you, phone the chemo ward and they’ll adjust your meds or your dose. Try not to overdo it and rest as much as you need. I used to find this frustrating, but now I just go with it. I also found the hairless upsetting mad have a PICC too. Now I have accepted the PICC and have been using the cold cap with success! My hair has thinned and I have a balding patch on the crown of my head but I go out with it and let others stare if they want (they don’t tend to notice really). I try to think that I might raise awareness as I’m only 32. The hair really bothered me at the start, but I try to take it one week at a time and this works for me.
Please don’t over worry about the chemo as it is do-able mad not like you see on the TV!! If you have any questions or just want a chat to get stuff off your chest feel free to PM me.
Best of luck xx

Im putting together a booklet on tips during treatments for breast cancer. There is so much good advice out there but no one place to get it. Once booklet is designed i will contact the charities and ask them to put on their sites. Im just going through chemo so have surgery rads and hormone therapy to come so would be great to have tips and hints ready.
This is such a big job and impossible to do on my own. I have create a facebook group called tip and hints for bc which is a closed group to get all the tips on and then document can be designed. I have too much time on my hands but please let me know if i am trying to create the wheel but as far as i can tell there isn’t an existing document or if someone else trying to do we could join forces.

I also want to do a section on funny stories that have happened to people to give people a laugh and any positive things to cheer people up. I had a bird poo on my hairless head yesterday and it actually really hurt because i had no hair to soften the blow and even though its disgusting it made me laugh after i was having such a crappy day.

Also maybe a page of useful websites and facebook groups as its took me two months to get where i am and still finding new things everyday. Some facebook groups i have come by, by chance and they are so helpful.

If you have anything to contribute or suggestions on a section please reply or pm me, or even if you want to help. Also mention if you are happy to have your name added or if you want to be kept anon.

Please share this with as many people as you can

Hi ladies, jumping in from April thread and due to have chemo 5 tomorrow, I too was beyond terrified whilst sat in waiting room waiting to go in for first chemo and nearly fainted with fright, I can honestly say if was not a bad experience in anyway- atmosphere is very calm, nurses talk to you all of the time, it only takes about 45 mins ( Fec and an hour for Tax) there is no discomfort and I wondered why I got into such a state!!l other ladies have said not everyone gets side effects and if you do they are easily controlled with anti sickness etc
I am working still part time , walk my dogs every day and try to be as normal as possible!!
Good luck with your first one everyone and remember it’s not as bad as you think and certainly not like you see on the t,v ! Xx

Also forgot to say , my husband comes with me to chemo, I think when you feel so vulnerable it’s a personal choice, it’s very reassuring having someone sat next to you whilst having treatment.

Hi hunnybunny how are you not long now before you start your doing much better now mouth getting back to normal eating.loads pineapple to refresh my mouth.been out today to the dentist had my wig on for 1 st time it felt ok.can you remember me saying that I donated my hair to childrens cancer well they sent me a certificate to say thank you was well chuffed. Good luck for your chemo you will be fine they realy look after you got my 2 nd on fri then 4 more 2 go.take care sheila

Hi cath yes the pineapple is great but not if you get ulcers and sore tounge but that passes I drank plenty milk went off tea.they give you loads mouthwash and it helps.i felt realy good in my wig it is nearly same as my own home I just wear a bandana for comfort.just make sure you keep takin your temp and you will be fine.i go fri for my 2 nd cant wait till my 3 rd then I am halfway there.chin up and dont be scared they are great good.luck sheila

Hi Laurelle here, new member on the forum hopefully starting 3rd different type of chemo in July.  Is anyone on Kadcyla?  I believe it’s a new one and just hope it stops the little wretch from spreading further.  Have lost my hair twice and have 2 brilliant NHS wigs that surprise everyone when they find out it’s not my own hair!  I’m also due to have an implantable port as my veins are really bad now so at the moment feel totally fed up but it’s lovely to see how everyone is so supportive of each other on the forum.  Upwards and onwards eh!!