anyone fancy joining me on a diet ?

hi there one and all

i have decided (again) that I am going on a diet and am going to weigh myself weekly

am buying the scales this week

anyone else fancy joining me?

love FB xx

I am trying to practice the healthy eating thing as opposed to a diet, but although I manage all day at work, I have to pass the cake shop and buy something, then live with the guilt for the rest of the evening :frowning: Good luck though. xx

I have been dieting since January and lost nearly 2 stone with another 2 to go. I am aiming to lose half a stone by Christmas. So I will join you!


Me too!

Was 11st 8 and my poor little pony was getting a bit squished as I was so heavy. Last weigh-in I was 10st 8 and I want to make it to 10 st. Two reasons: pony and trying to avoid the need for recon! My theory is that I will lose more busty substances from the ‘good’ one than the other side…seems to be something in it so far.

You doing any particular diet? I’m on WW…mind you, I just scoffed 5 squares of chocolate and obliterated my points for today!

I am on WW too and was pleased after weigh in tonight and like PinkyAnn celebrated with chocolate!


I’d happily join you on a diet/ healthy eating plan…I really need to lose about 4 stone,a nd i am worried that the arimidex will make me put on even more than my dodgy thyroid already has.Tips.ideas/plans/recipes all gratefully received!

I will join ya but in Jan, anyone on tamoxifen? I believe its hard to shift the weight when ya on it. I know i have let myself go weight wise with little exercise but MUST do something in Jan. Was thinking of going to a Rosemary Connelly class.I do eat healthily (most of the time)


I’ve been trying to shift the stone that I put on during treatment… aagghh… with no luck! I’m that full stone heavier than I was before bc. I tried the method put forward by Paul McKenna, whose four rules seemed more like common sense to me, than a diet…

  1. Eat whatever you like (liked the sound of that one)
  2. Only eat when you’re hungry (I’m a real grazer and often nibble for the heck of it and out of habit)
  3. Eat slower, and savour each mouthful (OK I’ll give that a go - always nice to taste you food!)
  4. Stop when you’re full (see… common sense, but how many of us keep going til we’re stuffed?!)

Anyway, I stuck to it religiously for a couple of weeks at first and he recommended not weighing yourself in that time… I didn’t, so expected wonders, and hey… I put on a pound! Kind of lost heart, but am trying to stick to the healthy, low fat and only eat when you’re hungry/stop when you’re full principle… I’m open to ideas! I know a stone’s not that much, but I feel uncomfortable with it…
Good luck one and all…


hey - looks like we’ve got team then!

I haven’t got my scales yet but weighed myself when away so I have started

I weighed in at 85kg which is 40lb overweight or 2stone 12lb overweight - I should be 10 and a half stone

though all of this I have put on about 14-18 lbs - though interestingly 1/3 during chemo, 1/3 during radio and 1/3 afterwards!

so I am almost twice as overweight as I used to be

Like most of you I have tried many things - weighwatchers doesn’t do it for me - I hate processed fat reduced food (except crisps and curry!) - all those tables looking up different types of biscuit just isn’t me - but each to our own

I just need a bit of focus and moral support and do less picking in between

Am going to try and do a bit more exercise each day and also try and chew slower and focus on meat and fresh fruit and veg (rather than bread)

am also going to try to eat fewer carbs at night (but still eat some)

will try it for a week and see how it goes

good luck everyone

lots of love FB xx

another thing - am limiting TV - have turned into a couch potato - need to retrain my mind!

I could easily watch TV for 4 hours - I NEVER did that before!
love FB xx

Hi there

Has anyone heard of the go lower diet, it was advertised in the Daily Express, it is meals you buy (horribly expensive) but is meant to really help you loose the weight. I am 2 stone overweight now, put on 2 stone with the Arimidex! I want to be a lot lighter for my holiday to Spain next year in June. I am also veggie but don’t like pasta, yuk!

Best wishes

hi everyone

unfortunately have come down with a horrible flu/cold/sore throat thing … in fact I think it may be a combo-thing

thought I was getting better but now can hardly speak - chewing going well though! - not really - that was a joke!

as a consequence I have not bought any scales yet - hopefully will get a nice surprise when I do

have been good re: food but next to no exercise unless you count sneezing, coughing and breathing

so I may be sort of on track but have no idea … amd sooo too big for any fitted clothes that the odd pound isn;t going to show up

oh yes - delight of delights I started my period today too …

both OH and someone I hardly know said to me today that I looked completely white - that can happen on period day 1 … OH hasn’t seen me that colour in 20 years … must get in the sun more! - perhaps i could show my left boob to imprve the overall colour - can you imagine??

anyway - good luck everyone and will be bck when I’m completely better - with scales

how is everyone else doing ?

love FB XX

I don’t think I have done very well this week and am not looking forward to WW tomorrow!
I hope you feel better soon FB.

how did it go anne?

we´re over in the uk rediscovering fish and chips ’ OMG !!! not good!
love FB xx

I put on two pounds so it was worse than I thought. But I’m determined to get rid of that by next Tuesday!! The next few days will be awful.
I love fish and chips but haven’t had it for quite a long time!
I try to do loads of exercise, but because it’s so cold this is mostly at the gym at the moment, whereas I like to go for long walks as well if I can. The forecast here seems to be reasonably bright but cold this weekend, so maybe I can do some walking with any luck.

Right!!! Just noticed this new thread, good to hear from FizBix again…have put on stone and a half since starting chemo/arimidex. NONE of my winter pants & jeans fit so I have to act. Will check you lot out on a regular basis, and will confess if I fall back as well as telling of success. Not rushing though, that is not a good idea? How about a general challenge to lose at least half a stone by March. I know I put it on through inactivity and by kidding myself that I had to keep my strength/morale up by eating well and eating goodies. Must now go down th efruit and veg rote.
Love and good luck wishes, Zoe x



must just tell you…when the anaesthetist came to see me prior to my op last week, he asked my weight and i mumbled what it was and found myself saying ‘and i know it’s too much,sorry’…he looked me up and down, so i thought, ‘oh oh, here goes!’ and he said, well, you are a very tall lady, of COURSE you will weigh more!, and when i then said, yes, but it’s too much, i know i have to lose it, he simply said, Mrs X, your height makes a difference, don’t worry about it. What a lovely man! Now, i know i do have tolose about 4 stone, but he’s the first person in many years to tell me not to worry about my weight…the last one was a midwife, i think! :slight_smile:

Hi Ladies

I have to sort my weight out but really struggling to get into the mind set at the moment but just wanted to share this with you.

My OH works away all the time, he came home unexpectedly last night after 2 weeks away and I was going on a planned night out [I could have put money on him coming home], anyway I was all dressed up with my newly coloured and highlighted hair looking quite nice [giant leap forward for me to say this] and he looked at me with a huge smile and said “Babe you look stunning” and for the first time since chemo and recovery I could see in his eyes that he really really meant it.

Please don’t attack him and say he should always say that cos he always has, he has been the most supportive person in the world from day 1 but he is truly my “Other Half” and I know him so well and to see his face last night was a complete joy.

Good luck with the weight loss, I need to loose a stone and a half but really can’t see anything happening this side of New Year.

Will check the thread though to see how you are all doing and please post any yummy scrummy low fat / low cal recipes any of you have.


hi all

jackie made me laugh !!!
good idea to try and lose half a stone by Easter - in fact fabulous idea!
I have just bought a pair of scales over here and it looks like i have lost a couple of pounds but no change on shape so I think it´s jsut different scales … either that or my mum´s carpet - will have to wait until the weekend to see how they are on tiled floors
they are the old fashioned sort with the swinging scales so they may just be inaccurate - will have to get OH to test them - he has weighed the same for the last 20 years

fab AJ that your OH thought you looked fab ’ well done that woman! they do say it´s alll about how we well so you obviously did a great job

good luck everyone - only 3 more weeks of choccies to go!..
lotsof love
FB xx