Anyone finding it a bit difficult to adapt to new forums

Maybe I am a creature of habit, but I am finding it quite difficult to adapt and survive the new forums. I would like help if there is any out there. An overview of new messages maybe


Yeah. This is rather difficult but the one trick I’ve learned that seems to be consistent is to click on “newest topics”. Then I peruse as I want.

Hope you’re doing well…


I am a bit worried about toothache in my back molar on the left, as I’m having zoledronic acid and they don’t like you to have invasive dental work. I should just go and see my dentist I suppose. Knowledge is better than no knowledge. My mum is being taken to hospital today with dangerously high sodium levels so that’s not very nice. I think it’s the best place for her though. My poor mum she’s 96 years young

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I’ve been posting but I can’t actually see my reply when I’m writing it which is a pain . Haven’t found a way around yet though there probably is one.

So sorry to hear that your Mum is poorly Seagulls

Yes, I am also finding the new layout challenging. It takes a couple of goes to find all the forums to then read the section I am interested in.
Also some of the lists of topic titles seem to have a random pink dots through the titles. Sometimes it is at the end but most often part way through the title

I’m sorry about your mom, Seagulls. I hope it’s easily corrected and then she can go back home.

I also find this new layout completely confusing and don’t like it at all. The old forum was so much easier and simple to use.
(I know i am much older than most of you, first being diagnosed in 1995 at the age of 50 although secondaries didn’t appear until 2015 so I have been so much more fortunate than most.)


Hi all
I’m sorry to read of challenges navigating the new forum. We updated the Getting Started page with screenshots… only the last 2 screenshots haven’t been updated yet because of features that still need to be enabled.

@scientistamafier, thank you for flagging the pink dot. It’s a marker of a new topic, but it shouldn’t be appearing over text. I have let our team know of this bug.

Please let us know if there are specific issues you’re struggling with and we’ll do our best to help.

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I wonder if it is because I am browsing on an old -ish iPad? Sometimes features don’t work as intended I have found.

Also, for me at least, it isn’t how to post or reply that is a problem. It is how to get to the list of different sections I can browse. The “home” page isn’t easy to find

I had that problem: having to type blind, and another forum member pointed out that there was a little grey bar at the top of the text box that you can drag up the screen to extend it. That worked for me on my tablet but wasn’t there when I tried on my phone. However on my devices, at the top left of the keyboard window, there are up and down arrows. I clicked on them and the keyboard and textbox magically separated. Hurrah! Hope that helps.

There’s a thing about this new forum that I find very upsetting: Several times, I have wanted to reply to a thread but it has been closed because the nurse has answered the question. Surely, this goes against the very essence of a forum? At the very least it seems rather officious - if not rude.

When I was diagnosed, 11 years ago, and found this site (or rather Breast Cancer Care, as it was then), it was a lifeline for me. I got tremendous support and encouragement from hearing from other ladies who were further along the BC “journey”, as well as from those who were at the same stage as me. I still hang around the forum because I’ve made friends here and also to show newly diagnosed members that there is hope. Many of us do get through BC and return to a new kind of “normal” (although, having once been diagnosed with cancer, we are all slightly more nervous about any new symptoms and it’s great to know people here understand that).

When a thread is shut down so abruptly, even if a “correct” answer has been provided, it removes that opportunity for us to share our experiences and support each other through difficult and stressful times, which is such a vital part of what this forum used to be. A professional answer is useful but so too is reassurance from others who have been in the same situation.

By all means, shut down threads if people are giving mis-information or unhelpful replies but please let us support each other!!


I’ve always thought that about the nurses threads. I can see that they might not want to encourage mis-information but getting personal experiences can be useful as well.

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Thanks, Scientistamafier (hope I’ve got that right: can’t see your post while I’m typing: another annoying new development! :angry: I used to love the “view discussion” button!!)

To be fair, if it is in the “ask the nurses” section, I suppose, when a nurse has answered, it is reasonable to close a thread. However, in this new format, I wasn’t aware that the posts to which I wanted to reply were in that section because I just found them in “latest posts”. Perhaps I was a little hasty. Although I still think personal experience is helpful… Along with the old “You don’t get it unless you’ve got it” adage! :blush:

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Hi all , it’s certainly a challenge finding your way around the new forum .As Community Champions we are feeding back as many issues as possible to the moderators and I know they are working on a lot of fixes .
Re Ask the Nurses section , they have closed the thread after a nurse replies for several years now , I think so that they keep the thread very much based on a professional medical response but it can be frustrating if you feel you have something helpful to say . I try to encourage people to post in the relevant other sections of the forum too if I do reply to a post in the Ask the Nurse’s section as I’m aware their conversation can be abruptly cut short and I know the nurses signpost to the relevant sections to chat too .


I have an old iPad too, but to me it’s more a primary age school child at age 5, I prefer old things.



Thank you for that. Weirdly enough I’m not having that problem today and can’t work out what I have done differently to make it work better .


I really dont like thr new forum. Its has some very basic issues that should have been resolved via testing before deployment (work in IT).

2 main issue:

You join the secondary thread and the message are in a random order not newest first. I replied to a message posted in 2018 thinking it was new!

You get bounced out of the secondaries forum back into the main primary forum when you exit a thread.


Yes me too! Everything seems hard work…. So many changes. Like we all haven’t got enough going on :rofl: I haven’t had any notifications either since the ‘big move’ I can’t seem to friend anyone either- HELP!


If it’s any consolation, JS24, the last time the forum had a major makeover, probably 10 years ago, we all struggled with it. Some even set up private Facebook groups! But most of us eventually got used to it. Hang in there.
Click “Watching” below the most helpful threads and then, even if you don’t get email notification - which seems hit and miss - when you log in, you can click on your avatar (top right of screen) and any replies, likes etc will be there. Good luck with “all you’re going through” xx


I’m sure it will get easier the more I try!
Thanks for your reply. I wish you well. Keep smiling :sparkling_heart: