Anyone here from Kent

I have been on this site for about 6 months now, and know of only about 3 or 4 of us who are from Kent. Now, we either live in a really healthy part of the country, or all of the people I see at the hospital do not have access to a pc!!
Come on everyone, there must be some more of you out there! Feel so alone down here on my own!
hope to hear from some of you
deb x

Hello Deb
I’m from Kent - near Dartford. You’re not alone!
Tracey x

not too far away then, glad to hear from you. I am in Sittingbourne. Do you know it?

I know of it - but haven’t been there. Where are you being treated? What 's your story?

being treated at Maidstone Hospital. Dx in April, Grade 3, 4cm Lump. Had chemo first to reduce lump and save breast. this worked and had WLE and SNB on 8th Oct and breast reduction at the same time. Results a week later showed nodes and margins clear and cancer all gone! Started radiotherapy this wednesday, so only had 3 so far, 20 more left to go. still recovering from op, but getting there slowly and new boobs looking good!
I am 42, have 18 year old twins, one of each and been married 9 years (yes, second hubby!!). tomorrow, we will be booking a long awaited holiday for January, to get away and relax once this is all over!
what about you?

Im at Queen Marys in Sidcup. Was diagnosed July 07 with grade 3, 18mm, and no nodes Had three WLE’s and finally got clear margins! Had chemo and rads and was signed off by the onc in August. Im 43 with two boys 6 and 7.
Hope your rads go ok - I didn’t find them a problem at all. Great to hear you’re booking a holiday - it’ll be just what you need.
I keep meaning to move on from this site - but still pop in now and then to read the threads!
Tracey x

so glad you did, as nice to know there are others from down this way! I think we just cant help but keep coming back, as this site has been such a support and now we may be able to help others who are just joining us.
3 ops is a lot to go through before clear margins, but glad you finally got there.
not to worried about rads, just hope its plain sailing for me and not too much soreness!!
Has your hair all grown back now?
deb x

You’re right it has been a support, it’s still early days and I’m not ready to strike out on my own yet!!
My hair is coming along nicely - I stopped wearing my wig in April, and I’ve been to the hair dressers three times since then.The first two were just for a tiny trim, but I actually had a proper style cut last week. Everyone says how much it suits me short (like everyone said how nice I looked in a scarf…!!) - must be the ‘lovely shaped head’!!! - but I won 't keep it short. It is only short because I had cancer and so I am determined to grow it a bit, and try and get back to how it was before. How is your hair doing?


I’m in Eltham, SE London but about 5 minutes drive from Sidcup - so pretty close. Have 3 boys aged 8, 10 and 13 and I’m 40. Would love to meet up with ladies my age(ish) - went to a support group at the Queen Elizabeth and the ladies there were lovely, but a lot older. Anyone fancy meeting up?

Sally xx

Oh, maybe it was the Queen Mary - only been down here are year and a bit and not having any active treatment - in fact, don’t have a BCN here, which would be nice.

Sally xx

Hi, All

I am am from Shirley, Finished my treatment in April had the full works. I am new to this site but i have already found it really helpful. Single living with my 10 year old Son Connor.


Tracey - hair only just starting to return. eyelashes and eyebrows coming back fast, but hair slow. just getting a dark scalp, so know it is coming through! shaved under arms this week, so peeved thats growing back, but shouldnt complain!

hi all you others, welcome to this thread. when there is enough of us, would love to meet up somewhere with you all. perhaps something could be arranged.

of out now to book a holiday.
deb x

I’m in Bexleyheath and having my treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Had mx and axillary clearance (one node affected), 4FEC 4Tax, 15 rads and have now had 12 of 15 Herceptin. Two adult children (29 and 26), and a bit older than you lot at 58.


Hi all,

I come from kent but now live in Shropshire. All my family and friends are still in Kent though, they live in Sittingbourne and Rochester!!! Step-dad currently going through treatment forbowel cancer at the mo, he goes to the medway for ops and maidstone hosp for all other treatment.

I hope they are treating you well at the maidstone hosp debs, I have friends with cancer who have been treated there and weren’t too happy with their care! My step-dad can’t speak highly enough of 'em though. We’re off to sittingbourne for christmas as it happens!


hi debs.

I’m in Maidstone, had treatment, mastectomy and recon - 2yrs clear!!!

vez xxx

Hi Debs, I am in Kent, Sittingbourne. DIagnosed August and just had mastectomy. Feeling very low as not had results yet. Went into Medway Hospital, out in 24 hours, not by choice really.

Kelly - I know of someone currently being treated for bowell cancer at these hospitals. his name isnt Alan, is it?!!!
Cant speak highly enough of Maidstone hosp. they have been fantastic. had the choice of hospitals and so glad I chose them.

Horsemad, cant believe there is actually someone here who lives in sittingbourne! I hear of people knowing people, but I dont actually know anyone going through all this at the moment. What have you had done so far?

vez - hope all well with you still. Had family in Maidstone, but moved a few years back.

glad so many of you are getting in touch. keep us all updated

speak soon

deb x

Hi Debs66, I have been diagnosed with high grade DCIS, been through the usual scans and two biopsies. Had mastectomy two weeks ago and going for results tomorrow. V scared that they might have found something more, also not looking forward to whatever treatment, even just hormone treatment sounds dreadful, side effects seem to make life very difficult.

I live in the South east - along the coast from Dover. Had Chemo, rads and all my appointments at Canterbury and surgery at the QEQM Margate. DX 21/12/04 with ILC [happy Christmas!] most of 05 being treated and 06 getting prophylactic mast and recon. So far so good oh yes and Tamoxifen then Arimidex.

Horsemad- hang in there xx

I have just moved back to Kent, near Chatham and am being treated for secondaries at Maidstone. Big shock, moved house, changed job then found out that I had a re-occurance. Am pretty happy with the treatment received at Maidstone but feeling a lack of back-up support so would be pleased to hear from anyone else local.