Anyone in Scotland starting chemo in July

Hey ladies,
Im starting chemo in Bonny Glasgow on the 15th July 16 and looking for a chemo buddy! Im getting 4 lots every 3 weeks but dont know much more. Aj xxx

Hi AJ_silver, 

I am sure some of our users will be along to offer their support. You may also want to try posting in the July 2016 Starters thread.

In the meantime if you would like to talk anything through you can always call our helpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to offer you a friendly ear. The opening hours are below. 

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Wednesday 9am-7pm,
Saturday, 9am-1pm

Best wishes, 


I am still to get a date for my Chemo. I think it will be the last week in July or poss 1st week in august.
6 lots every 3 weeks I think. So would be a few weeks behind you.
I live just outside Glasgow . Will look out for your posts.
Hope the side effects are gentle on you.
Hugs x

Hey Vintage,
Im getting my 1st chemo tomorrow. Im getting 4 lots every 3 weeks cos I scored pretty low in my Oncotype test. I started 3 days of steroids today to help stop a allergic reaction tom, they made me feel pretty hyper like too much caffine, i took them in the morn and lunch so I can sleep tonight. Ingot quite a low after the seemed to ware off and felt really shattered. Picked my wig up too which I’m really pleased with.
AJ xxx


Thanks very much Lizzy_BBC.

I picked my wig yesterday too. Got it from Parrucche in town. They were very helpful. It could do with a trim, but I was told to wait till my own hair is going for a better cut.
I think it will be early August start for me now. Longer wait than I expected from after my MX. But I am getting ready for a weekend away with hubby and kids so looking forward to a wee break. As I had to cancel our holiday this year.
V xx

Good luck with today.
Will be thinking about you.
Hugs V x

Hey there,
Thats where I got my wig too, they were fab, so kind and friendly. My 1st chemo was much better than expected, was ghete for about 5 hours but it went in quick and all the nurses were super nice. Just felt really tired when I got home and they gave me lots of medication away to help with any side effects. I’ll take a dip on sunday when my steroids wear off so will be sore and tired but have pain killers.

Thats great your getting away it sucks havin to cancel your holiday. We only just made ours. How old are your kids? I’ve it a wee girls who is 7 and a boy who is 4.

Glad to hear you are coping and doing well so far. The unknown is the hardest thing to deal with I think. And I am Dreading it starting. But want it over and done as soon as possible.
My 2 are older teenagers now. Son is 18 and daughter is 14. But still my baby’s. Lol.

All went so much better than I had expected, nurses super nice and the Beatson is a fab hospital, clean and bright. I was in for 5 hours but didnt feel long at all. Not too bad, they said if i could get through the 1st night with out being sick that its a good sign, so far so good just tired and a groggy. xx

Hello again Ladies,


We’ve spoken before, hope you don’t mind me butting into your thread?


I got my wig at Parruche too. They also shaved my head for me as I had really thick hair and I couldn’t be bothered with it falling out all over the place. I’m only on Day 13 of my first TC (Taxotore and Cyclophosphomide) and it’s grown in loads and so far, no signs of shedding yet.


AJ - So glad your first treatment went well. The nurses at the chemo unit are all really lovely aren’t they, it makes a difference. I was there for nearly 7 hours the first time as I am also having herceptin injections. I don’t think I will be there just as long the next time, it was only because they have to monitor you longer for your first herceptin as it is a “loading” dose apparently. You mentioned before that you are also having four chemo treatments, are you on the same regime as me. Most ladies seem to be on the six FEC/FECT regime.


Vintage - Hope you’re well. Will you be having your chemo at the Beatson as well.?


Best Wishes



Hi Hazel,
Lovely to hear from you, yep im the same as you 4 lots, but no herceptin. Whats the herceptin for if you dont mind me asking?

Im feelin very tired and fuzzy two days in but no sickness which is good. Food tastes a bit bland.

Did u get ur hair shaved before starting treatment? Im gonna defo get mine done when it starts shadding, which will prob be soon as my hair is pretty thin. How did it gi getting it shaved at Parrucche? Aj xx

Wow! Poor you Hazel, you’ve had a tough few days. ?! I’d be exactly the same asking for anywhere but the royal! Thats good they listened to you. I’ve had a little more energy today but was super wired through the night, dunno if it was a come down from the steroids, felt horrid and twitchy. My skin is getting pretty bad, all spotty on my face and chest, gonna call about it tom. Hope your mouth feels better xx

Hi AJ and Hazel,
Just back yesterday from my wee break away in the Peek District. Was lovely and managed to forget all and stop thinking about C for most of the time. CT scan tomorrow. So more waiting on results : (
I will be having my Chemo and herceptin at Hairmyres, easy for me to get to. But I have done my rounds recently in about every hospital in glasgow and south lanarkshire for various injections scans and surgery.

I see you guys are starting to have some different side effects starring. I so hope it is kind to you both.
Have any of you been to a headstrong appointment yet? Just wondered how you got on.
Anyway what a lovey day we are having. Going to have my tea in the garden and make the most of it while it lasts.
V xx

Hey ladies, I’ve had hellish jitters and agitation for days and have finally worked out its not the steroids but these sickness tablets! Really dissapojted my GP
Didnt pick up and just fobbed me off with a sleeping pill that made me worse. So glad to get to the bottom of it, shattered. Thats been my worse symptom, head fuzz was bad the 1st few days and tiredness. I just went to the wig shop Parucche they were super nice, need to go back once i do the big shave next week. I’ve got all my friends to sponsor me to shave my head, made £1300 for the beatson! So so chuffed and everyone was so supportive and kind. Aj xx

Had ct scan today, but the nurse blew my vein in good arm when trying to put the contrast dye in. My arm is swolen up like a balloon. So ended up having the scan done with no contrast dye. Hope it still works.

Hazel I have my first oncologist apt on the 4th . I have had no mention of a heart scan as yet but if it’s standard practice maybe l will.
Hope you are coping with the heat this after noon.

Well done to you AJ on the sponsorship on head shave. That’s really great. ??
So the anti sickness drugs are to blame for your symptoms, how did you work this out? Is it your GP that you contact first for any side effects? I just imagined it would be the bc nurse or oncologist that would make decisions on symptom care. This worries me . As GP not always on top of what would be best to use.


Oh no Vintage thats terrible, must be sore. Think everyone gets the heart echo before chemo. I stupidly went to the GP thinking thats what my cancer nurse would tell me to do, should have called the nurse first cos she knew it was the sickness meds straight away. GP didnt even ask what I was taking! Ajx

Evening ladies,


AJ - That’s a shame about the metaclopromide. I’m fine with it, actually had it on prescription on a “as required” basis long before having cancer as I have a bad stomach and an extreme phobia of vomiting. I spent quite a lot of time reading older posts on here from ladies who are having TC, the same as me, and I stumbled across a few posts where people had some problems with metaclopromide. Did they give you any other anti sickness meds to take? I hope I didn’t mislead you when I said that the Beatson would probably refer you to your GP? Sorry if I did. What I meant was that you should contact them in the first instance for advice and they often refer you to GP. For example, I phoned them today as I have the start of a cold sore, rash on the back of my hand and my period started a week early and has lasted longer and been heavier than usual. The nurse did refer me to my GP for another blood test but faxed the surgery to inform them that I needed an appointment tomorrow. Well done on the sponsorship money, I wish I had done that. I’m losing my hair quite quickly now.


Vintage - oh no! What a shame about your arm, you poor thing. The heart scan with the radioactive dye is for people who are having Herceptin.


Thank goodness it’s cooler now, yesterday was unbearable for me. I don’t cope well with the heat anyway.


Take care.

Hazel. xx

Hi Hazel, dont worry at at all, you didnt misslead me at all, I just assumed the nurse would refer me on which was silly. Still not had any sleep and my mouth is getting really horrid. The sickness meds seem to be taking ages to wear off. I’ve not grt any other ones cos i’ve not felt sick apart from this morn I was a but boaky but actually think its the sheer exhaustion. Gonna call my nurse today cos i’m going crazy and feel awful.

cold sores suck, I’m just waiting to get some sort of bug cos i’m somrun down. Aj xx

Hope your nurse can help you out today. So you will feel a bit better.
I have downloaded that Audable app on my phone . I listen with headphones to books and relaxation / hypnosis to help keep my over thinking mind at bay during the night. I usually find I am sleeping before the end. Just encase it helps you get through.
I am going to see my nurse today. To have my MX side checked. It looks terrible the scar has tightened up and it’s still really puffy all around. But probably normal!
Hazel I only had 3 nodes taken and have been told not to let anyone use that arm. But after yesterday I can see how it will be a problem as min are hard to find at the best of times.
Take care ladies Vxx

Not much help from the nurse, she actually said 'i’m at a bit of a loss for ideas as insimnia is very common! I burst in to tears! She the. Called back and suggested relaxation classes at the Beatson or maggie centre, would love to but the thought of getting there is exhasting. Want to try acupuncture but the nurse said no for infection risk! :frowning: might try reflexology but have heard its sore. Read lots up on insomnia tips today. I love the audible app, I can recommend tonnes of books. The hypno book would be fab, do you kniw its name? Aj xxx ps my sound has changed too, tightened and looks rubbish now! R u getting reconstruction?