anyone local

does anyone live in or around nuneaton i dont come from round here so feel a bit cut off
jenny xx

Hi Jenny,

Sorry you have no replies yet, sometimes this happens when the forums are busy. I am nowhere near your area, but am pretty sure there are forum users in Warwickshire and close enought for you to meet up. Just a thoguht - if you put a post on the ‘in your area’ page and title is “anyone near Nuneaton?” you might get more replies. Or itmight be possible for the clever mods. to move it there for you…

I hope you find some local support soon, it certainly makes a difference to chat to people near at hand.

Hi Jenny

If you would like us to move your post as suggested by RevCat just let us know and we’ll do it for you. Email

Very best wishes


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Hi Jenny
I’m not a million miles away in Swindon (and I come from Coventry originally). Think lots of distant rels of mine from Nuneaton and Bedworth area.
Dont feel cut off tho - always plenty of us on the site for a natter or to listen.

cant get the link but i would like you to do that

Hi jenny

I’m in coventry

If you need a chat just send me a message xx

Jenny, I live near Nuneaton. I had all my treatment at George Elliot and UHCW in Coventry. I will send you a direct message (Don’t like to destroy annonimity by posting exact whereabouts on forum as anyone can read it!)

I have sent you a direct message and friend request! Maybe a group of us coild get together? :slight_smile:

Hi Jenny, Gail and JCJ. I am near Nuneaton and am having my treatment in UHCW, Coventry. Happy to chat - just drop me a line.

Hi ladies I have sent you all a message and friend request x

We could have a get together somewhere maybe?

Sounds good to me, love coffee and chat.

I’m up for it be nice to talk to people going through the same thing x

thanks for all your replies but ive had no messages or friends requests
jenny xxx

Hi jenny
It might be easier to chat on here, I’m from the Longford area of Coventry so not far from you at all x

Hi Jenny. Apologies if you have already done this: To read your friend requests, click on My Profile near top of left hand menu bar. Click on the friends tab at the top. Then there are 2 links ‘friend requests’ and ‘friends awaiting approval’. You have to reply to friend request or click accept.

To see your messages, click on the ‘message’ just above ‘my profile’. It should say ‘new’ next to it if you have a new message, but mine’s stopped doing that!

As I said, sorry if you knew all that and it’s not working. :slight_smile: x Chris


Hi Jenny, Gail, Helen!

How’re you all doing? Coping with treatments and side effects OK, I hope?

I just thought I’d check the thread (I have favourited it on my browser - so I don’t lose it under a pile of other posts!) and write a comment to bump it up.

I’ll think of you all when I’m shopping in Nuneaton, later; if I can get out of CBA mode! I’m tired this morning after the first week back at school after Christmas, always a hard week for all of us!

Chris xx


I’m ok thanks, not doing much today, having a lazy day at home.
Hope you’re well x

Hi All,
I am having a lovely, lazy day too. I have now had 14/15 regular rads and start my 5 boosters on Tuesday - active treatment is nearly at an end. Very red, hot breast but no major SEs at the moment. We are going to friends for a meal tonight so OH is making me take it easy so that I can stay awake beyong 9 pm! I’m catching up with recorded TV programmes and knitting so having a very pleasant day.
Recently been feeling very “out of sorts” and frustrated, think it is because my mind is recovering more quickly than my body. This bloody cancer messes with your head. Have sent forms to Occ Health this week to start the process of discussing my return to work possibly in early March. Hope to go into work next week to support a friend who is making a v important presentation - maybe stay for lunch and catch up with my colleague. I’m not planning on staying more than 2 hours as the round trip is 1.5 hours and 3.5 hours is about my limit without a nap at the moment - this makes me feel very weedy but tiredness has increased with the rads.
Hope all is going well for you - take care