Anyone on weekly taxol/paclitaxel

Anyone else on weekly Taxol as adjuvant treatment after MX. Do SEs escalate over the weeks? Are there any safer days or is the immune system permanently comprimised during treatment? Can only find info about 3 weekly treatment.

I had 4 three weekly FEC treatments which were to be followed by 4 Taxotere. However, 1st taxotere gave me bad itching, sore mouth and raised temperature (only 38.5 so not hospitalised). ONC therefore changed me to weekly Taxol when I went for Taxotere no.2. I have had one taxol and so far only skin flaking off hands but not painful - just avoiding getting hands wet and lathering on hand-cream.

Due no. 2 today if bloods ok. Normal treatment day will be Tuesday but tomorrow is a holiday in Norway so they wanted to try for a day early.

Worried that I am not getting the treatment that was originally planned (presumably as it would have been most likely to prevent recurrence) and that I will not receive the full treatment of Taxol as only getting 9 in total to end at same point as original treatment plan.


Hi Chocy,

I had weekly Taxol, 3 weeks on & a week off, last year. There’s a thread called ‘Paclitaxol/Taxol’ under the Secondary Breast Cancer section that I started when I was on it, which you might find useful re: SEs.

Good luck with it all,
Dugsy x

Hi Chocy,

Like Dugsy, I’m having weekly Taxol for secondary BC (3 weeks on and 1 off). It belongs to the same chemo family as Taxotere that is used more for primary BC. The dose is split so that the SEs are easier to cope with, which I’m sure is why your onc decided to switch you after your reaction to your first dose of Taxotere. Your 9 doses of Taxol will be equivalent to the 3 Taxotere, so when you add them to the first Taxotere you had, you’ll still get the full dose of chemo, so I wouldn’t worry that this will be any less effective than your original tx plan. But if you’re concerned, talk to your onc about it so that s/he can reassure you.

SEs are cumulative, but very do-able. I’ve had 5 doses so far and go for number 6 on Wednesday. I’ve had very mild nausea for a day or two each week, some indigestion, hair loss, spots, some minor mouth issues and am starting to feel fatigue now. I hope your tx goes well and you get all of the benefits with few SEs. Feel free to PM me if I can help. Good luck!

Angelfalls xx

P.S. This thread may help:

Thanks Dugsy, read through the thread and SEs look doable which is what my experience so far indicates.

Hi Angelfalls, onc wasn’t around today but BC nurse said same as you re dosage concerns so think I’m ok with that now. Good luck with Taxol no. 6 on Wednesday

Got Taxol no. 2 today and feeling tired but well enough for a nice meal out with OH. BC nurse said bloods don’t tend to go as far down as on the 3 weekly FEC and Taxotere regimes so we decided to take immediate advantage of that info.

Glad to say ondansetron has held the nausea at bay, I’ve had something in my IV for the indigestion which seems to have worked and I’m already sporting a shiny head after FEC so wig already in place.

Has anyone had the skin peeling off their hands?


Thanks for that link Angelfalls. Again it all looks relatively positive which is good to read.

I just wonder why they don’t use weekly Taxol rather than 3 weekly Taxotere more often when the SEs and the danger of low bloods seems so much less. I guess it could be the added stress and costs of attending 3 times as often.

I’m really lucky that I live about 5 mins. drive from the hospital which makes it very easy for me to drop by for blood tests and treatments.


Hi Chocy, just wondered how things are going for you now you are on the weekly taxol? I need to talk to my Onc about this as I have had awful SE’s from my first taxotere so I thionk they will need to change my treatment plan. I am hoping that you are finding it easier to cope with? Hugs and best wishes, Joan x

Hi Joan

Glad to report that weekly Taxol is proving much more manageable. I’m back to hill walking, yoga and have even managed to play 9 holes of golf a couple of times (first of season and since diagnosis).

Feel more tired but I guess that is just the cumulative effect of chemo treatment. Legs feel a bit leaden so uphill is more of a challenge than normal. Mouth tastes horrid but Dusseldorf mixture is keeping sores at bay. No nausea, only take Ondansetron twice on day of treatment and one next morning just in case. Most meds are given by IV on the day of treatment (steroids, acid reflux prevention and antihistamines). Only other stuff I’m taking is against constipation.

Had 3 Taxol so far so hope this continues for next 6 and that veins continue to behave with such regular use for IV and blood tests.

Hope you manage to get your SEs reduced to a manageable level too.

Take care, Chocy

Hi Chocy

Thanks for your reply, its great to hear that the treatment is going well for you and that you are so active. I have just come out of hospital having had neutropenia, so I have lots to talk over with my Onc before my next treatment. It does sound like the weekly taxol might be an alternative though.

Thank you so much for the info, you have given me food for thought!

All the very best to you

Joan x

I’m afraid Taxol 4 wasn’t so great. I threw up 5 times on Tues night/Wed morning and have been exhausted and a bit nauseous since. Hope it is maybe due to them reducing the steroid dose a bit and that they can tweak things again for next Tues.


Hi Chocy,
Sorry to see that you had some problems after your 4th Taxol. I hope things were adjusted for your 5th one and that you tolerated that better. You are over half way through now, which mentally must give you a boost. I have my Onc appointment this morning, so will know what my future treatment plan is after that. Wishing you all the best for no. 6 this week and for your future treatments.
Joan x

Chocy and Pachit,
I start 7 x weekly taxol tomorrow - will keep you posted…

Hi Joan, hope the onc appointment went well and that you now have a plan that you are happy with.
Hi Clare, hope your first taxol treatment went okay and may your side effects be minimal.
Glad to say that treatment number 5 on Tuesday went fine and so far so good. I got my anti sickness meds by IV to see if it would help.
However, I now suspect that last times fiasco may have been self inflicted. What I thought was a seed lying on the kitchen table for a couple of days turned out to be one of my anti-sickness tablets once I looked at it with my reading glasses on - oops. I can’t be sure whether it was from before I was sick but if it was the one I should have taken an hour before my treatment that might explain things. It also indicates just how powerful some of these meds must be.
It is a very nice thought that I’m now over half way through the Taxol bit. Plus lots of little things are helping me to feel more positive. The weather here has been fabby, I went to a great yoga class this morning and I’m hoping to go hill walking tomorrow if my feet and legs will cooperate. Both big toes are a bit sensitive so walking boots may be a problem.
Take care, Chocy

Hello all!

Chocy - Glad to hear that number 5 went well and got you back on track. Sickness is just so horrible to deal with on top of everything else.

Clare - Hope today went ok for you and that you’ll find the SEs manageable.

I had number 8 today and still feel ok, considering! They had a bit of trouble cannulating me (3rd time lucky… Again!), but I think that’s to do with the lovely weather and having to take on much more water than I realise… Small price to pay for finally having a summer, though! You’re so right, Chocy - it’s much easier to stay positive when the sun’s out!!!

So 1 more to go next week for me, then a CT scan in my week off to see if the Taxol is working… Fingers crossed it is and I can stay on it for another 3 cycles!

Angelfalls xx

Dears Chochy, Pachit and Angelfalls. ("The Taxol Team’ )
I’m pleased to say that I’m doing ok on day 2 after Taxol. It was a bit scary to change meds and I was glad to get into my bed Wednesday night but I an’t say I felt too bad on day 1. just the red face and sort of ‘churning’ feeling that I get with chemo going through my system. No nausea whatsoever. Long may this continue.

Joan - have you got any news about your next course of treatment.

Angelfalls, I haven’t been told about a week off? I have to have 7 x weekly taxol. I’ve already had an MRI and it was very positive, a good reduction in the lump.

Chochy wishing you well - have oyu many more to go?

Angelsfalls really hope the CT scan shows it’s doing the job.

Clare glad to hear the lump is already shrinking for you. No nausea makes life so much easier.

I have 4 more to go then a 3 week break before radiotherapy.

Yesterday’s walk was beautiful but the soles of my feet became really sore as if I was walking on bones that weren’t supposed to be there. I hobbled round the supermarket like a ninety year old afterwards. However, I played 9 holes of golf this morning and feet were fine which seems weird. Big toes are still uncomfortable but nothing I can’t handle.


Thanks, Clare and Chocy.

Clare - Glad to hear your 1st Taxol went ok and hope you’ll continue to do well on it. Great news about your MRI showing good shrinkage, too. Fingers crossed that that also continues!

I’m on a 4 week cycle of 3 weeks on and 1 week off. I think that’s so I get a bit of recovery time, so that I can hopefully stay on it for longer if it’s working. Although I do know of others who are having weekly Taxol with no breaks, even with secondaries. I suppose it just depends on our oncs.

Chocy - You’re putting me to shame with all this exercise and activity! Good for you, but take care of your feet - sounds like you need to give them a bit of a pamper after all the hard work they’ve been doing over the last few days!

Joan - Any news on your next treatment? Hope it’ll be tough on the cancer but gentle on you, whatever it may be.

Have a great weekend, Taxol Team (I love that, Clare!!!)!

Hugs, Angelfalls xx

Good morning ladies

Sorry I haven’t posted before, I have been taking full advantage of feeling well for a few days and been fitting in work and catching up with friends. I had my Onc appointment last Monday and we have decided that I am going back on FEC for another 1 or 2 treats (depending on how it goes). We discussed stopping chemo altogether (very tempting, but not for the best long term, if you know what I mean!) also the possibility of weekly taxol, but my Onc said that I would have the same reaction to it that I had from my first dose of Tax. He also delayed my next treat to next Tuesday, rather than last Thursday, which means that I can have a good weekend this weekend, Bonus!! I don’t really understand how 1 or 2 Fec = 3 Tax, but I am sure they know what they are doing. I suspect that as I have already had an mx, so to all intents and purposes I am cancer free now, any treatment I have is preventative for the future rather than dealing with what I have now.

Clare, I hope you have continued to feel well after your first Taxol. That’s really good news about your MRI scan. Do you have a plan / date for your surgery yet? I am sure you have already posted that on the March chemo thread, so sorry I cant remember!

Chocy, goodness, those anti sick tabs must be strong, as you say! Its good that your sickness wasn’t due to the Taxol then, but what a horrid way to find out! Glad you have been able to get out and about, doing some exercise is good for you, especially with the great weather. We too have lovely weather here this week (at last!). I hope your feet settle down, it must make doing anything difficult. Is there anything you can put on them to make them less painful? Ibuprofen gel maybe?

Angelfalls, that’s great, your 9th Taxol coming up! Must be a great feeling, your poor veins though! I look back to a few months ago, waiting to start chemo and think how far we have all come. At the time it was so scary, but we can give ourselves a big pat on the back at how far we have come! Good luck with your CT scan, I really hope the Taxol is doing its job. Are you going on to surgery after?

I don’t think I can really claim to be part of the ‘Taxol Team’ Now! Maybe I will stay as a Taxol Team Cheerleader?!!

Have a lovely weekend ladies.

Joan xxx

Joan, I know what you mean we have overcome so many fears during these months. I didn’t ‘need’ to learn more about myself but it has shown me I have more resilience than I would have thought possible. I imagine you ladies feel the same. So after the FEC do you have das too?

Angelfalls, I have surgery planned week of 15th July then rads after a period of recovery. I will ask about time off the taxol. I’m studying for an exam 14th June so a week off before that would be great. I’m just not sure it’s on offer. Hey ho. Fingers crossed for your CT scans.

Chocy, you ‘power-on’ through it girl ! I’m so impressed with your energy levels.

Clare, after FEC I am having Rads and Tamoxifen. I had my surgery before chemo, so the other way round to you. This chemo lark has certainly been a learning curve, in more ways than one! Previously I had good health but I guess I kind of took it for granted, I am ashamed to say. That’s one change for me, I will be most grateful to get through this and (hopefully) have an all clear at the end. I realise now how fragile our lives are and how there are some things are out of our hands.

Its such a beautiful day here, hope it is the same with all out lovely ladies

Joan xx