Anyone up for a Feb meetup in Bristol area?

In response to the suggestions on another thread about an informal meet-up for women with secondaries in the Bristol area in Feb I’m starting this thread to collect names, dates and ideas for venues. I’m in South Wales myself so don’t have any idea of where to meet in Bristol but am happy to get there if someone suggests a suitable place. Do people fancy meeting for lunch or coffee or both?!
The best time for me in Feb is between 13th and 23rd as I won’t be working due to halfterm but am also free on other days (not Mondays and not Wed 11th) in Feb.I’d prefer daytime if poss.
Hope we can fix something up.

Anne x

Having only just been diagnosed (a month ago) I’m still waiting to find out what my next stage of treatment is going to be - I’m currently on Tamoxifen and will be having four-weekly Pamidronate - it would seem unlikely that I’ll be having chemo yet (bone mets) but will see what the onc says next week.

So I’m going to have to ‘play things by ear’ for a couple of weeks until I find out what’s happening to me - also half-term wouldn’t be good for me as that’s when I’ll have to try and be around if possible so probably best to count me out for the time being and if I can fit in with whatever is arranged then I definitely will!

That’s fine Lesley. Thinking about it halfterm is probably bad for anyone with children so I’m quite willing to be flexible.
Let us know how you’re get on with your onc. next week.
How are you coping Lesley? I know I found it such a shock when I was diagnosed with secondaries last Feb - can’t believe it’s almost a year now and my last scan was completely clear so I hope that gives you some hope. I know we’re all different but time really is a healer I find.

Take care

Thanks Anne, I’m coping reasonably well (I think) but the effects of my first Pamidronate have really worn off in the last four or five days so I’m having a lot of pain in my hip - another infusion due on Wednesday though (prior to seeing the onc on the 26th) so hopefully that will kick in again as quickly as the last one did - I’m going to ask if I can have three-weekly infusions if possible.

The oncs have been very upbeat and positive with me so far which gives me a lot of encouragement. It’s also encouraging to hear your last scan was completely clear - I look forward to the time when that may happen for me - at the moment I have mets to the hip/lower spine and ribs but the ribs aren’t causing me any bother at all.

I don’t have young children, and not planning in the immediate future to go away, so anytime - during the daqy is good enough for me. Bristol is good and clifton is nice. So shall we meet there? I know a couple of venues that may be fine for the occasion.

Hi Lesley, Anne,

I would love to meet up with others. I live in Bristol so that would be great for me! Perhaps we could arrange other venues in future… I would suggest Cafe Rouge as a suitable place to meet, I went to a gathering in London at a Cafe Rouge and it worked out well as they are flexible about orders, with people arriving at different times, and it is big enough so you feel you can chat without other tables goggling at what they are hearing! There is a (new) one in Cabot Centre, that is nearest you will get to rail station, but expensive for parking if people intend to drive. There is also a Cafe Rouge up near the university in Park St, but I am not sure how big that is, further from station but cheaper for parking.

I cannot do half term 13-20 Feb, I have booked a week in Centerparcs, b***** expensive but hoping it keeps our teenage daughter happy. I guess it would be quieter for travel etc week-days, though I can do week-ends as well. I am now retired through ill health so finding dates is easier for me. Here are dates in Feb which seem to me available from your posts and are ok for me. Week-ends in brackets.

Feb (31 1) 3 4 5 6 (7 8) 10 12 (21 22) 25 27

I am being treated in Bristol, I have liver and bone mets and evidence of secondaries in meningeal layer. Also numb chin syndrome for good measure! I am on Xeloda and pamidronate. Plus handfuls of painkillers and anti-nausea. I found radiotherapy (single doses) good for hip and shoulder pains, Lesley, if pain persists might be worth thinking about.

Hope we can arrange something, best wishes

Hi Lesley,Celeste,LottieLemon and all,
Cafe Rouge sounds fine to me - somewhere failry cheap and easy to park would be better for me as am aiming to drive. What venues do you have in mind Celeste?
I now have a friend coming to stay from 1st-6th Feb so can’t do that week. Here are all the dates I can do in Feb and if everyone puts their possibles hopefully we’ll be able to find one that suits all! So I could do Feb 7, 8, 10 (but would have to drive back at 3pm),12 (have to leave at 3pm again), 13,14-22nd inclusive totally free at mo,24th (have to leave at 3), 25,26
The best day for me of Lesley’s dates is Wed 25th as I don’t have to be back at a particular time.

Numb chin syndrome sound painful LottieLemon.
I’ve got cronky old woman syndrome at the moment - or feels like it especially in the mornings with very stiff painful joints with Arimidex!

Take care all,

Anne x

Totally dependent on what the onc says next week about what treatment I’ll be having, but all being well I can do Feb 9, 11, 23 or 25 - the latter of which would seem to fit in best with Anne’s plans. I can’t do half-term at all really and it’s difficult on other days for lunch, apart from Mondays and Wednesdays when my younger daughter gets a lift home or does after-school clubs. Cafe Rouge do a really good brunch menu though (tried and tested several times!!) so it might be possible to meet up around 11ish perhaps in which case I could do other weekdays.

Hope the joint pain improves Anne - and the numb chin LottieLemon, sounds nasty - I am going to ask my onc about radiotherapy when I see him next week, I think a single dose would really help.

Lesley xx

I don’t live in Bristol, but I am treated at Bristol, so I know it fairly well now. Those scoffing ideas seem good to me - just let me know dates. The only immediate ones I cannot do in Feb is 5th & 6th. look forward to seeing you all

hiyah ,i live in weston super mare ,so bristol is great for me ,ive been trying to find out a meetup for this area for ages now so so glad it may be happening .can do half term but not the 12 .usually ok for anyother time as dont have young kiddies .are you being treated at the oncology center ? i had my rads there in 2007 s.they were doing a lot of building work then .im now diognosed with liver secs and have my treatments at weston general.looking forward to seein faces instead of names ! lynn x

Hi all,
Just bumping this back up. It looks like Wednesday 25th Feb may be the one that will suit all. Cafe Rouge in Park Street,near the University (apparently)sounds good to me. Is everyone else happy with that? 11 o clockish for brunch sounds good. How does that suit everyone?
Looked at the menu online - looks good! Looking forward to it already - I’ll have my next scan 2 days after it so it will hopefully help my nerves!!

Anyone else interested in coming is more than welcome.

Hope everyone’s having a good week.

Anne x

That sounds very good to me so far - unless anything drastic happens re my treatment in the meantime you can count me in for that!

Yes, the brunch menu is very good, I can guarantee it!

Lesley x

Sounds fine

Good. I hope to be there. 11am on the 25th Feb.

Hi all,
Am bumping up as Marmite hadn’t found this thread and was interested. The more the merrier and anyone with secondaries are welcome. It’s looking like it will be on Wed 25th Feb at 11am onwards for brunch or whatever you fancy at Cafe Rouge, Park Street, Bristol which is near the University apparently.
I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.
I’m not off to the London day for ladies with secondaries Marmite but am off to one in Cardiff on the 11th Feb. Hope you enjoy the London one.

Hi Anne S
Sorry about comment on the sticky a few minutes ago. Have now found this and will be there, unless unwell.


hopefully i will be able to come , looking forward to it ! see you all there .lynn x

Hi AnneS,

This is the first time that I have written on here I was diagnosed with secondaries in Nov '08. I live in Wales just outside Newport and would be interested in the day you mentioned on Feb 11th in Cardiff. I was also trying to send you a private message just to see where abouts in Wales you live and also where you have your treatment. I can’t seem to work out how to do it at the moment.

Hi Sandra,
Have sent you a private message on this thread so hope you find it ok. If not let me know and I’ll send it again!


Hi Anne,
I have no idea how to access the private messages, I’m sorry could you give me some idea how to do it?